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Wow, thats really cool 😈
I got some feedback from the guys from the Aviator 🚀

Thank you for your feedback, brothers. I am pleased that you have started earning well thanks to my signals 💪

Further success 🔥

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I've created the training channel to receive less direct messages to my personal account and only from those who are really interested in starting to work on the platform. In the channel you will find:

- answers to frequently asked questions;

- a video where I will introduce you to the platform and the game;

- a link to register on the platform and a promo code to receive a bonus for the first deposit;

You can go to this wonderful channel by clicking on this button 🔻
Guys, I'm glad that you ask questions, I'm happy to answer them. This means that you are interested, you have already started doing something and this is your first step! Do not hesitate, if something is not clear, I am responsible for each partner and will help with a big pleasure.
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Friends, attention❗️ ️I will write straightly and clearly:

1) This is not fraud;
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3) I share a mathematical algorithm just to make money later on. How do I get them?
👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
4) You pay me a percentage of your net income. Next, you may purchase my Paid Services to increase your earnings.

Example of operation:
Bhavin has registered on the platform, and has deposited, say, 1,000 rupees to his gaming account.
We start working with him, I teach him my strategy and try to bring him to the first profit - Bhavin works further.

The average income of beginners who top up balance with a deposit of 1000 rupees is 1500-2000 rupees a day, with a deposit of 2000, the income will be 4000, and so on.
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More detailed information is available in our channel.
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As soon as you read everything and perform the simplest steps to start training, then write to me with the note "Registered and ready to learn".
We will immediately provide you with a personal training and you will start working.👌🏻
Hi guys, this is a new channel that I created, because recently a lot of people have been writing and it is really difficult to answer everyone, we sit until night to sort out messages. This channel will have everything to get started on the platform, the material that I gave in the personal account. There you can now ask questions if you suddenly do not understand something in the process of studying this channel.
Also, please do not forget to read the article below, listen carefully, everything will be as short and clear as possible.
Ребята, вчера немного был занят и много диалогов пропустил. Сейчас всем отвечаю. Очень много тех, кто хотел начать работать, но я не ответил. Диалоги потерял и вам ждать ответ по очереди теперь. Либо напишите мне с пометкой «Я за обучением» и я вам в первую очередь отпишу.
Ребят, всем доброе утро!
В ближайшие 3 часа готов поработать с новичками, выделяю 50 мест!
Изучайте канал по кнопке ниже, регистрируйтесь и пишите мне! ❗❗👇
Это было сложно, но я справился. Если вдруг кого-то пропустил - повторите свое сообщение, только без спама.

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