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🆘 BREAKING: A call between the head of the FBI and Biden has been leaked which proves the raid on Mar-A-Lago was unlawful. Biden is doing everything to make sure this call gets covered up. This Telegram channel is the only place to find it. Subscribe now before it’s deleted.

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Mar-A-Lago Dark Secrets📂
You will not succeed in what you have started!

- The truth has already been published!📄
I need your help. Watching from the side is already becoming risky for all of us, I do not allow this anymore. Great injustices are happening before my eyes. Share this with everyone you know! Everyone needs to hear what I have to say. To all my supporters stay tuned for my telegram get ready tomorrow I will publish very important information that will change everything. Biden Is DONE!

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Видео/гифка, 138 сек, IMG_8089.MP4
Hello dear Americans, I am Robert F. Kennedy Jr. patriot, author, conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine advocate.
As son of Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of President John F. Kennedy, I feel obligated to protect US nation from the most dangerous act currently- COVID-19 vaccination!

I decided to join Telegram as only here I won’t be banned!

I was removed from instagram and Facebook, in order to keep me silent!

This is my only validated account where I am not restricted to share the ugly truth about all consequences post vaccination!

In the next 3 days I will share with you proven theories about the famous vaccine that links to autism,neurological disorders and sterility!

Share and gather more of your people!
We are all responsible to save our nation!

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