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📍#Bitcoin Update (Continue)

As I am informing you for the last few days that volume is not coming and we may see a drop in the price. So now the same thing happened. Bitcoin start declining from the $24,500 resistance area and the low was Made a low near $22,830.

Bitcoin need proper volume for the Bullish momentum otherwise we will see more drop in the Bitcoin Price

$22,600 is the area which is acting as good support and bitcoin needs to hold above this area. A break below this area could send the price near $21,700.✅
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📍#Bitcoin Update (Continue)

Bitcoin gives candle closing above the ascending channel and also holding above it. But now it is forming a kind of double top which is a bearish pattern.

You guys need to understand the concept of liquidation. Whales tried to confuse the market VIPCLUB_99 hitting the levels where people take entries and after that manipulate the price for liquidation purposes

Many trades take entries after the breakout of ascending channel and so big players may try to liquidate them VIPCLUB_99 dropping the price and so we need to be very careful. ✅
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Lying above strong demand zone

Bullish harmonic pattern is showing it's reversal zone

MACD crossover is showing bullish momentum

Expecting a big upward move from here 🚀

Targets are mentioned in the chart

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