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TONIGHT - 8pm AEDT on zoom.

A reminder we are holding a COMMUNITY CONNECT meeting every 2 weeks while our groups get organised and form. These meetings are open to anybody who would like more information, would like to start a group, or who would like to bring a friend along so they can see what it’s all about! 💙

Click here to register for the Community Connect meeting - https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkcOqsrzkvHNWXLivG691Ltz3YTtBXonMn
Time for some more namedropping!
Our next 4 speakers for our COMMUNITY ROUND TABLE planned for Thursday 30 March at 8pm AEST have all done incredible work in community for people far and wide across this beautiful country of ours 💛
We hope to see you there too…You can now register here to join the round table discussion and live Q&A.

Our next 4 speakers are;
• Craig Oldroyd - Human Rights Ambassador based in the NT
• Serene Teffaha - CoVision
• Elise Carver - South Coast Conscious Group
• Adam Gibson - Parents with Questions

We hope to see you online on Thursday night to listen to and a engage with these incredible Australians 🙏🏼💛💫
Time for some namedropping for our ROUND TABLE discussion on COMMUNITY planned for Thursday 30 March!
Our first four speakers are all doing incredible things in community, and have formed groups that have helped support and change people’s lives.
We cannot wait to hear them talk about their story at our webinar this Thursday! If you’d like to be at the table with them and ask questions during the live Q&A, click here to join in. We hope to see you there 💛💫

Our first four speakers are;
Dave Oneegs https://www.oneegs.com/
Darren Bergwerf https://myplaceaustralia.org/
Caithlin Meave https://linktr.ee/Caithlinmeave?utm_source=linktree_profile_share<sid=0cbd5658-26b1-4a8f-b6ad-6615657406bd
Monica Smit https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/
Rinat Strahlhofer from WeAreNotSam is the new show host of the brand new started Australian version of Good Morning Children’s Health Defense, where she interviews Australian visionaries and independent thinkers on a monthly basis. Our congratulations, Rinat 👏👏👏

Their “show is dedicated to bringing awareness to the flawed system to inspire change, responsibility, and to reimagine and action a better future”. This along with their “mission to ensure accountability, create harmony and reignite the Aussie spirit” is right up our alley. Hence we want to promote their show here. ☺️

In this first episode Rinat speaks with the inspiring and critically thinking economist Gigi Foster, who approached the Australian Government on the detrimental economic impact of their lockdown measures and got ignored. Gigi has written a book whether these measures really have a benefit or ‘serve the greater good’ as we’ve been told over and over again.

In this interview Rinat and Gigi look at the pandemic policies and their impacts. They explore concepts related to the building of a parallel society and consider the future of the global population.

❤ 2

Nadja was chatting with the lovely Pip about her Perth support group recently. FInd the interview with amazing Pip on rumble or vimeo.

For information about how to g>donate or >support us, subscribe to our newsletter, join a Community Connect Group or our passionate team, please visit our >website or click on the highlighted words.

Thanks for your support 💪 💛

Follow us also on:
Instagram for the latest updates | ng>Vimeo, g>Rumble & Bitchute for interviews & webinars
SUA Website for our news podcasts
This event is shaping up to be AMAZING 💛🌟💫
Our ROUND TABLE discussion on community will include some of the more well known names of community organisations across Australia, and also some of the smaller grass roots names.

Join in the conversation by clicking on the link here. We’ll be listening to our speakers talk about their groups; why they started them, challenges & wins, and what their current focus is.
We’re hoping to learn how we can support each other, collaborate where possible, and raise awareness of each other’s groups.

We’ll start name dropping over the weekend 🙌🏼 Keep an eye on socials as we let you know who will be at the table. We hope to see you there too…You can now register here to join the round table discussion.🙏🏼💛
Many Are Asking, "How Do I Get This [Shot] Out of My Body?"

Dr. Peter McCullough of @TheWellnessCompany speaks on counteracting spike protein through vaccine detoxification with an enzyme called nattokinase.


Follow @Daily_Clout
Latest News | Pfizer Documents Book

World Council for Health to Host Second Better Way Conference in Bath, UK

Full press release:

Join inspiring and knowledgeable speakers for solutions-based conversations about health, freedom, and sovereignty.

The World Council for Health is delighted to announce that it will be hosting the groundbreaking Better Way Conference for a second time this summer in the historic city of Bath 2-4 June, 2023.

Attendees will hear from over 50 speakers from around the world including Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Paul Marik, Dr Tina Peers, Mattias Desmet, Vandana Shiva, James Corbett (The Corbett Report), Dan Astin-Gregory (Pandemic Podcast), Richard Vobes (The Bald Explorer), Veronika Kyrylenko (The New American), the WCH Steering Committee, & many more to be announced.

Panel discussions:

● From Big Pharma to Real Health
● From Fake Food to Food as Medicine
● From Climate Change to Nature Nurture
● From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies
● From Transhumanism to Being Human
● From Thought Control to Free Thought
● From One Health to Our Health
● From Scarcity to Abundance

Neil Oliver said he was delighted to be this year's host. “The war for our collective future and freedom is still on. We’re still fighting. We have a long way to go, but to paraphrase the old Churchill quote: all we’ve seen so far is the end of the beginning. I am confident that we will together get to where we need to be and I’m full of hope that we can indeed find a better way. I’ll see you soon.”

Dr Tess Lawrie, Convenor of the Better Way Conference & WCH Committee Member, said: “Last year’s conference gave birth to the Better Way Charter. This year we apply the principles of the Better Way Charter to signpost the way to the Better World we are co-creating for our children. I look forward to seeing you there!”

In-person & virtual passes available:

Watch BWC 2022:

📌 Follow WCH:
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SUNDAY: Wake Up Asia 2 — Seeking Justice for "Pandemic" Crimes Against Humanity

We are pleased to invite you to join us for the 2023 edition of Wake Up Asia with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, James Roguski, Pascal Najadi, Dipali Ojha, Dr Atapol, Dr Astrid Stückelberger, Dr Roland and more!!!

While the mandates have eased, do not be fooled! We are not in pre-C19 days. We are now living on the edge of the Post-Covid World where threats to our personal health, national sovereignty, and lives are hanging by a thread.

● How do we stop further harm by the WHO?

● How do we wake up the masses?

🎟 Virtual tickets are still available:

Those with tickets will receive a Zoom link to the event.

Time zones:
3am-6am New York
7am-10am London
3pm-6pm Singapore
8pm-11pm New Zealand

In partnership with Medical Freedom groups in Asia and Healing the Divide, the World Council for Health is excited to bring you Wake Up Asia 2. Please do tune in for important updates on lawsuits around the world and much more!

📌 Follow WCH:
What Pfizer and the FDA Wanted to Keep Hidden for 75 Years Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Paperback Form!

The Pfizer reports, written by the highly-credentialed War Room/DailyClout volunteers, use primary source documents released under court order.


The reports are also available on our website: https://dailyclout.io/category/pfizer-reports/

Follow @Daily_Clout
Latest News | Pfizer Documents Book
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International Health Regulations Require Nations to Report All Information on Excess Deaths Immediately

@COVID19Up: World Council for Health Law and Activism Committee member James Roguski would like to encourage people around the world to submit Freedom of Information requests to obtain the data that their nations have been obligated to report to the WHO, according to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

You see, the IHR already require that nations have the capacity to detect events involving disease or death above expected levels—and to report all available information immediately.

Learn more:👇
That's a very interesting question that Robyn Chuter is asking and discussing in her latest article.

You may also be interested in:

👉 Dr Judy Wilyman's view on this topic "Vaccination: Australia's Loss of Health Freedom" or

👉 Hear on the matter from Dr Palewsky from the US in this interview from Jul-22 or

👉 Hear from Dr Palewsky, Dr Judy Wiyman and Dr Daniel Niemiec in this interview on the Covid childhood vaccines from Jan-22.
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A Live Webinar and Q&A with a number of Community Group Leaders from around Australia is happening at the end of this month to finish our big month of Building Strong Communities off with a BANG.

The line up is HUGE! We're so happy community leaders from all different types of groups have come onboard for this - you'll see some key figures from some of the more well known groups, and also wonderful people who lead smaller community based groups that are working on some really interesting projects.

This is going to be dynamic round table discussion from group leaders and founders from across Australia. Amongst other things we'll be discussing how we can support each other and share valuable resources where possible, and you're invited to be part of the conversation. This incredible event is happening on the 30 March 2023 at 8pm AEDST. You can now register here to join the round table discussion.
👍 1
Continuing on with our theme of BUILDING STRONG COMMUNITIES, we have a fantastic webinar with Serene and Peter planned - Engaging in Community. Two people who have spent the last 3 years building and serving their communities. Working tirelessly to find the best pathways forward in a chaotic time.

A big question for many is how do we actually build community? What does ‘community’ look like? How do we inspire people to build something that at the end of the day, they will benefit from? And how do we keep them engaged?

Serene Teffaha from CoVision, and Peter Harris from Stand Up, will discuss the obstacles of engaging people to build community. How we get people involved in the process of commitment and volunteering to build community. They will drill down to how we can all inspire others to care about food, water, shelter and health. Register here to hear from Peter and Serene and join in the discussion with the live Q&A.
👍 1
There are two things in life for which you pay a very high price: laziness and cowardice.

If you are either of those things you will achieve very little in life and not only that, you will also suffer unnecessarily. I have seen it over and over again with people I have come accross in my life.

Your life is your responsibility and nobody else’s, what you make of it is a reflection of how much you have been prepared to work and risk. It’s as simple as that.

You have to be prepared to work at everything, not just professionally, you have to work hard at being a good parent, a good partner, a good sibling, a good friend, a good child and a good human being. Everything requires time and effort.

Even good health requires hard work; you have to buy organic foods which you may not find in the convenience store around the corner, so you might have to travel further to find it, you have to cook for yourself, you have to research natural alternatives for healing and detoxifying and supplements that will keep you strong, you have to exercise and you have to make the right lifestyle choices: no alcohol, no smoking, no porn, no drugs and no dumbing down reality tv.

The lazy alternative: ready made food, which will be full of toxicity and GMO ingredients, drugs for any health issue, prozac for any emotional or mental issue, alcohol to drown your sorrows, recreational drugs to have a good time, porn as entertainment, and watching crap on tv so as not to think about it all. Well good luck to you with these choices! They all lead to the same place: physical, mental and emotional suffering down the line. Your choice.

Cowardice is just as dangerous, if you don’t have the courage to stand up for yourself, to speak up, to take the less trodden path and to say ‘no’ to the things you know are not good for you, then you are back on the road that leads nowhere good. Your choice.

Every step you take, every choice you make, every thought you have, every word you say, is either leading you in the right, or the wrong direction, so watch yourself very closely and choose wisely, choose ready to work, choose ready to risk, choose ready to evolve, choose ready to become better, healthier, happier.

The good news is that you can change course at any time, it’s never too late, you are never too old, it’s never too far… It is always your choice.

Your life is yours and nobody else’s, so make something of it to be proud of.

❤ 3
👍 2

“Someone must always make the first move. The first doctor. The first politician. Once these first steps are taken, a house build on a foundation of fraud and deceit cannot remain standing for long.”

❤ 1

Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: "The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous"

In case you missed it. Every health authority in the world should be warning the public about this. The paper was published Sept 21, 2022.

👍 2
👏 1


According to the TGA, if people had access to ivermectin they may not get vaccinated…

This is the speech from Queensland GP Dr Melissa McCann who spoke at a recent UAP event - the Covid 19 vaccines and effects tour - where US Dr Kory, Dr McCollough and other National and international speakers spoke on the topic.

Melissa McCann is one of the few Australian Doctors who had the courage to speak up after she has seen an increasing number of negative side effects in patients at her clinic and approached the TGA under the Freedom of information Act and found her worst fears confirmed.

It’s thanks to the courage of people like Dr McCann that the truth comes out. We must never forget that. 👊💛💛💛


Найдено 426 постов