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Key highlights

✍ Prior to this, under Singapore’s Section 377A, men who have sex with men could be jailed for up to two years.
✍ LGBT activists in Singapore have hailed the move as “a win for humanity.
✍ In order to implement this decision, the Singapore government will amend its constitution to avoid any constitutional challenges and difficulties in allowing same-sex marriage in the future.
✍ However, it is not entirely clear when exactly Section 377A will be repealed.


✍ In the year 2007, the Parliament of Singapore debated whether or not to repeal Section 377A, at that time the government wanted the status of this law to be retained, but it will not be implemented.
✍ But gay men say they will continue to be discriminated against as long as this law exists.
✍ After this thousands of activists annually hold a rally in the city-state known as “Pink Dot” in support of the LGBTQ community. Read more
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