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Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead asked students what they thought was the first sign of civilization. The students expected Mead to talk about fishhooks, clay pots, or worked stones.

But no. Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture is a femur that was broken and then healed. Mead explained that if a living being in the animal kingdom breaks its leg, it dies. With a broken leg, it cannot run away from danger, reach a river to drink, or hunt for food. It becomes prey for predators, since the bone fuses for a long time.

The femur that was broken and then healed is proof that someone took the time to stay with the person who received this injury, dressed the wounds, carried the person to safety and guarded him until he recovered.

Time Machine

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Tik-Tok (eng. Tik-Tok) is a mechanical man, a character from a series of books by L. Baum about the fabulous land of Oz. Literary critics rank it among the "prototypes of the robot" and one of the first images of the robot in fiction.

Tik-Tok (or Tiktok) is a spherical brass man whose life depends on a mechanical winding, like a watch or a child's toy. Because of this feature, he often loses the ability to move at the most inopportune moment.
Police found 50 kilograms of cocaine from Ecuador in the port of St. Petersburg

Briquettes with white powder were found in the refrigerator of the wholesale distribution center. The recipient of the batch is a company specializing in the wholesale of fruits.

Investigators of the department for the control of illegal drug trafficking opened a criminal case. Persons involved in the trade in prohibited substances are wanted.

📹 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Northwestern Federal District
Видео/гифка, 71 сек, Ирина_Волк_В_Санкт_Петербурге_полицейскими_пресечена_контрабанда.mp4
A reunion of a sloth mother and her baby separated during a rescue from a wildfire zone in Bolivia.
Видео/гифка, 38 сек,
We do not agree that the decisive battle of this war is now taking place.

the decisive battle will begin when and where Ukraine throws its main reserve into battle - those 10,000 people who complete their studies in the UK.
London ad
❗️Massive air transfer of reinforcements near Kupyansk and Izyum. "Cows" land almost at the line of contact. Several landing points have been prepared. Mi-26 helicopters deliver armored vehicles and personnel. The fighters are sent into battle to push the enemy back and prevent further breakthroughs.

Видео/гифка, 66 сек, IMG_3612.MOV
Memorial "Saur-Mogila"
Видео/гифка, 208 сек,
A poster on a French city bus calls to buy an annual pass
And it's good that you don't hide anything anymore.
Sergei Shnurov sums up the statement of the European Commission:

“Europeans, don’t be silent, say how it is: the Russian is the new Jew for you, you would like to burn us all in the oven!”
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