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⚽️ Turkish football fans have come up with a tricky way to demoralize the opposing team.

They supported the Fenerbahce club at the Europa League match and came wearing Putin masks. The fans also took the flag of Russia.

Unexpected, but helpful. Fenerbahce beat Dynamo Kiev 2:1.

❌ The government of Latvia has decided to restrict entry into the country for Russians with Schengen visas, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic.

Europe. A 12-year-old boy comes to the store, takes 2 cases of beer and goes to the checkout.
- You're kind of small. Show me your passport!
The kid takes out of the pocket a refrigerator’s technical passport, gives it to the cashier, the cashier looks at the "Date of manufacture - 1980"
The cashier counts and releases the kid. The store manager, seeing all this, approaches the cashier and asks:
- What was it now, why did you sell him beer?
- He was born in 1980.
- Did you really think he was a refrigerator?
- Well, I don't understand this sophisticated gender theory at all...
If you are not tired of the news about the late queen, the doctors noticed that at a meeting with Liz Truss, Elizabeth II's hand turned black.
“Can Liz Truss fix Britain?”: The Economist believes that now the British have no one else to rely on
Colombia destroys stereotypes about itself as a country of cocaine. As part of the Say No to Drugs project, they released a powder that looks and tastes very much like cocaine. But in the composition there are no substances hazardous to health, but only useful bioadditives and vitamins.

By the way, it is proposed to use by rubbing it into the gums. And they pack and pack naked girls - in the best traditions of the cartel.

Non-alcoholic beer has long been invented, and now cocaine-free powder has appeared.
⚡️A number of European Union countries fear that Moscow may retaliate if a cap on Russian gas prices is introduced and, as a reaction, completely stop supplies - Financial Times
Charles III and Ukrainian dance. 1973

People are working
Bundestag Deputy Gregor Gysi: We refused to negotiate with Russia, which I do not understand at all. Because militarily, Russia cannot be defeated. Unless we start World War III. But we cannot afford it. Of course, Ukraine has the right to self-defense, but you still have to… [Don't you want Ukraine to win?] It can't win! [How do you know that?] Yes, because then we would have to fight a nuclear war, or how do you imagine it? The Russian army is very underestimated.
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⚡️🇦🇷🇬🇧Celebration in Argentina after the death of the Queen of England

Santiago Con Verde, host of Argentina's Channel 22, celebrated the death of the Queen of England during the broadcast and said: "Queen Elizabeth is finally dead." The old woman finally went to hell.😀
/#Great Britain/

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The RF Armed Forces strike at Chuguev, the main rear base of the group leading the attack on Balakleya and Kupyansk.
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Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead asked students what they thought was the first sign of civilization. The students expected Mead to talk about fishhooks, clay pots, or worked stones.

But no. Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture is a femur that was broken and then healed. Mead explained that if a living being in the animal kingdom breaks its leg, it dies. With a broken leg, it cannot run away from danger, reach a river to drink, or hunt for food. It becomes prey for predators, since the bone fuses for a long time.

The femur that was broken and then healed is proof that someone took the time to stay with the person who received this injury, dressed the wounds, carried the person to safety and guarded him until he recovered.

Time Machine
Ukraine's current successes on the front come at a very high price.

A Swedish mercenary nicknamed "Ice" posted on his Instagram today that only three of his platoon's 22 men remained in action in recent days.

The rest of the fighters have been killed or seriously wounded. Ice reported that yesterday a Russian tank hit a bunker with four foreign fighters in it, of whom two were killed and two others, whose call signs were "Wachman" and "Messi", were seriously wounded, the latter of whom had his leg blown off.
“From the point of view of youth, life is an infinitely long future; in terms of old age, a very short past"

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

De facto | Enlightenment, history
Armed forces of Ukraine near the administration building of Balakleya.

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Michael Nance is a famous person in the States. Before going to Ukraine, he was a frequent military analyst on MSNBC. Has combat experience, served in the US Navy. His Wikipedia page states that he specialized in naval cryptology.
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