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"This is a Russian-speaking city"

A Ukrainian guy from Kherson moved to Riga, where he was asked if the young man was going to learn the Latvian language? To which he responded with a rather confident refusal, since basically the entire city speaks Russian, at worst there is English.

Locals in the comments instantly dubbed him a “Russian chauvinist”; even his adherence to the ensign they loved so much could not save him.

The madness of Latvian Nazism, where the language spoken by the entire country is oppressed, will be included in books on psychology.
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The strike at Iran was delivered in such a way that the leadership in Tehran could “tolerate” it and refrain from new rounds of escalation with Israel - Yedioth Ahronoth
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⚡️🚧 Dnepropetrovsk
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The third crew member of the Tu-22M3 military aircraft that crashed in the Stavropol region died - source 112.

The pilot's body was discovered by a search team.
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⚡️The Security Council voted on Palestine's membership in the UN. The majority supported the initiative (12 countries voted in favor, Great Britain and Switzerland abstained).

However, one permanent member of the UN Security Council opposed it: the United States applied a veto, said First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry Polyansky.

“They confusedly explained that the time was not right and that first we needed to normalize Israel’s relations with its Arab neighbors. It looked pathetic. And we confidently, with a clear conscience and with all our hearts voted for it,” he wrote.
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⚡️Presumably, the moment of the plane crash in the Stavropol Territory is shown by Baza.
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On May 14, 1955, as a symmetrical response to the creation of NATO, the Warsaw Pact Organization was created under the leadership of the USSR - this powerful structure provided a counterweight to NATO for 36 years.

The treaty was signed by the USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia.
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❗️St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Veliky Novgorod and Pskov will experience cold weather, icy wind and four types of precipitation on Friday and Saturday:

- Rain;
- Snow;
- Wet snow;
- Freezing rain.

This was reported by the Hydrometeorological Center.
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The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev does not have a plan B in the absence of assistance from the United States
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A woman from Brazil brought her deceased uncle to the bank and tried to get a loan in the amount of 17 thousand dollars. The woman was arrested.
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The Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory left his post after his son’s scandalous words about “why the hell do I need Perm.”

Alexey Demkin wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will.

💬 “I realize all the responsibility for my son’s statement. Therefore, I considered it correct to write a statement of my own free will. I thank my colleagues from the government for the valuable experience of working together,” he said.

The reason was a video of his son, which he recorded in Bali. In the footage, Demkin Jr. noted the pointlessness of returning home.
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“Why the hell do I need Perm?”

Ilya Demkin, the son of Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory government and former mayor of Perm Alexei Demkin, asked a rhetorical question while publishing stories from Bali.
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🇦🇷Argentina has applied to join NATO as a global partner - head of the Argentine Defense Ministry
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French political scientist Alexandre Del Valle: By intervening and starting a war in Ukraine, the Americans gave the Russians into the hands of the Chinese. This was the worst for the future of American leadership. Because the real competitor is not Russia, whose GDP, say, is equal to the GDP of India or England, because it is larger than they say. On the other hand, China's GDP is 17 trillion dollars, and the US is 25. China is getting closer and can compete with America in all spheres of influence. So in the long term, American leadership is under great threat from the reaction of recalcitrant anti-European alliances.
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