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"Bill Gates Get Out of India"

Anti-coronavirus protests took place yesterday in Mumbai with a clear message to the WHO and Bill Gates - "Get out of India".

The anti-vaccination march took place on Tuesday, organized by a group that sees the coronavirus as a Western conspiracy to restrict freedoms. Also, small demonstrations were held in other cities of the country.
Mercedes has confirmed plans to get rid of manual transmissions by the end of 2023. Volkswagen spoke about the same intentions and pushed the deadline a little further. It is obvious that other manufacturers will follow the leaders
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The destruction of the Crimean bridge is a necessary measure, - Major General Dmitry Marchenko.

“We will liberate Crimea by military means. Crimea is Ukraine, it is our land, our people are there. No one gave Russia the right to come, take a piece of land and say that "this is mine." We will retake Crimea, just as we will retake Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk.”

TRUKHA⚡️Ukraine | Send news
The new president of Colombia called for the legalization of drugs and the abandonment of hydrocarbon production

Gustavo Petro, in his inaugural speech, promised to start the transition to a green economy and suggested that the world should legalize drugs because the war on them "has failed".

Italians are tired of this circus.
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Russian cellular communication covers 90% of the Kherson region - work to improve its quality is carried out daily

To date, almost 600 base stations of Russian cellular communications have been installed.

Assessing the quality of services, you need to understand that it is simply impossible to do everything at once. Over time, the connection will definitely get better.

Now communications are being moved from the risk zone and backup channels are being built to ensure uninterrupted communication.

"We can predict that by mid-September this year the quality of telecommunications services will be better," said Ekaterina Gubareva.
New Charlie Hebdo cover. On it, a dowser is looking for underground water supplies in the French government. The fact is that record heat in the country has led to an unprecedented shortage of water. In this regard, an anti-crisis headquarters was formed in Paris, which deals with the distribution of liquid across the regions. The editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo believes that it is time to turn to dowsers - "witchers", who, with the help of a vine, a special frame, a pendulum and other devices, allegedly search for water sources underground. The practice is considered pseudoscientific, of course.
💣 The United States may not have enough weapons in the event of a conflict with China, says American colonel and former adviser to the Secretary of Defense Douglas McGregor.

He stated that due to the constant consumption of ammunition and precision-guided weapons systems of all kinds in Ukraine, current stocks will quickly run out.

The Russian hacker group Killnet announced a hacking of the website of the American corporation Lockheed Martin, which, in particular, manufactures and supplies HIMARS MLRS and Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine.
❗Finnish parliament was hacked by Russian hackers NoName057

The DDoS attack began around 2:30 pm local time on Tuesday, and the Parliament website has been down since then.

Hacker group NoName057 claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they "decided to make a friendly visit to neighboring Finland, whose authorities are so eager to join NATO."

The same group has previously carried out cyberattacks on government institutions in Poland, Lithuania and Norway.
Bloomberg: The G20 is divided
🇩🇪🇺🇦 The head of the German Interior Ministry apologized for the photo with the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko

German Federal Interior Minister Nancy Feather said she regrets the photo with Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko and German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil, in which they laugh and drink champagne during their visit to the Ukrainian capital.

Social media users criticized the politicians for the photo, where they "drink at the expense of the taxpayers, while fighting is going on nearby," and the trip was called "military tourism."
Our special correspondents were the first to get into the Mariupol Philharmonic, which is now being prepared for an international tribunal against the Azov people. We show you everything in detail in our exclusive video

This building was chosen because during the hostilities it was the least damaged. Four cells for the defendants were arranged in the basement. The trial of prisoners of war will take place in the main hall. The surrendered members of the National Battalion will be led into it along the iron corridor.

Work should be completed by September 1st. After the tribunal, the premises will again be converted into a philharmonic.
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Russian hackers from the KILLNET group carried out an attack on the control system of the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin

As a result of the attack, the services that provide the internal work and logistics of the company are "dead":

One of the principal internal systems of Lockheed Martin and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“LM”) and is intended for use by authorized users only;
- Authorization system for Lockheed Martin employees;
— Authorization system using smart card "NASA" Authorization token RSA indicator of the user of the agency;
- System for obtaining agency user ID;

Also, earlier the grouping struck "strikes" on the websites and various resources of Lithuania.
Aye, Your Majesty
The heading "I’ll shit, but not submit!": from today, England and the EU countries have completely stopped buying Russian coal. The embargo was approved as part of the fifth package of sanctions against Russia. However, with this ban, everything works out the same way as with other restrictions. Those who take them suffer first. In England, they are already preparing for massive power outages in the winter, due to a lack of gas, the net energy deficit could be up to 20%. And this is subject to the full provision of power plants with coal. And almost half of it was bought in Russia. But common sense is not about England, is it? Shut up! I will not submit to Putin! It is according to this logic that sanctions against the Russian Federation are adopted in whole packages, returning like a boomerang to those who accepts them!
🐶 "Fluffy theft" occurred in the east of Moscow.

The man made his way into the apartment on the second floor on Mironovskaya through the window. He took out everything of value from the house: gold, wine from the refrigerator and a German Spitz.

The offender was found by the cameras. Immediately after the dirty deed, he decided to walk the streets and the subway with a stolen Spitz in his hands. The 38-year-old burglar was detained, the dog returned to the family.

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