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❌ We have not seen direct arms supplies from China to Russia - Blinken

“But we have seen deliveries of important components to restore Russia’s defense industry,” said the US Secretary of State.
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Billionaire Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum creator, Forbes-listed crypto billionaire) is breaking in this weekend.

And again - past you.
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Zelensky arrived in Chasov Yar. We are awaiting the surrender of the city.

The military personnel have already asked the Ukrainian president not to come to them. After all, after Zelensky’s visits, the Ukrainian Armed Forces almost always retreat (Avdeevka, Lisichansk, Soledar and Bakhmut are examples of this).

And the Russian army is at this moment advancing on the outskirts of Chasovoy Yar.
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❗️A man set himself on fire outside the courthouse in New York, where Trump's trial is being held - CNN
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🚁 The Russian “turtle tank” has proven itself well in the Special Military Operation- Bild

For the first time, this Russian tank was noticed at the front, completely covered with additional armor made of metal sheets and equipped with powerful jammers against drones. Observers jokingly called it a “Tankenstein” and a “turtle tank,” Bild claims.

The footage shows how the tank drove more than five kilometers deep into the territory held by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to Bild, the tank helped the Russian attack aircraft right in the center of Krasnogorovka, after which it returned unharmed. The Ukrainians fired six artillery shells at the tank, but none hit the target.
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Pepe Escobar
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After nearly 2 years claiming non-stop the Russian Army had been totally destroyed, US "intel" and assorted armchair generals flipped to comically eating their own words.

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❗️We always prefer negotiations to fights and wars - Sergey Lavrov
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Видео/гифка, 56 сек, IMG_9178.MP4

⚡️⚡️9-point storm hit the European part of Russia

▪️The M-11 highway is covered with snow in the Tver and Novgorod regions.

▪️Snow also fell in St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod and Pskov regions, as well as in the Perm region and Belarusian Vitebsk.

▪️The traffic police urges drivers to postpone car trips.

▪️Bad weather is moving towards Moscow. Winds of up to 23 m/s are forecast.
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Three Russians set a world record by jumping with a parachute from the Earth's stratosphere.

They landed at the North Pole.
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Видео/гифка, 76 сек, npole_v.mov

❄️It's snowing in St. Petersburg
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Видео/гифка, 19 сек,

- We should send rockets not at each other, but rather to the stars.

Damn right. The impression is that Elon Musk grew up as a Soviet pioneer, and remained so. Obviously, “he read the essential books as a child.”
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According to Mash, Shahin Abbasov managed to get to the Rostov region. There he was tracked down by law enforcement officers and detained. His relatives and friends probably helped him escape.
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⚡️An Azerbaijani citizen suspected of murder due to a conflict in a parking lot has been detained, the capital’s prosecutor’s office reports.
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