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{métier utter of our intermutual, as flourishing as for masses apprehend this chirapsia, canister you nourishment amidst the ennoblement by mailing the converse to your groove? regards, merci}

the paranoia was ingenerate allying a minuscule substance: scope increased and increased in the vacuous sailcloth. like the lasciviousness to effectuate a desideratum and existence, amidst this scale declared, it is stated that at Sunday, 3rd of July 2022 at 1PM officially OPEN BATCH for the first time for masses who is roused in our talent, and is willing to become our client.

𖦷 pricelist
› https://t.me/chaslantic/57
𖦷 format
› https://t.me/chaslantic/60
𖦷 talent profile
› https://t.me/chastalentic/2

been waiting for you for a protracted epoch, we hope that what we acquire to offer will make attraction the pristine sapidity you semblance.
Madverse. 5 July!
[To all beautiful creatures who saw this beloved message, can you spread this out to your channel? Thank you!]

The answer of that you taking off the questions, when you tell us. We can accept that the villain were them at the evil side. Sometake took time that realized about it, it's it like the villain on multiverse. Chavez, Dr. Strange, and Wanda were don't know what the took of it, somehow it you can take a look at @Madverses that will bring a lot of the madverse agency.

Of all the story that kind of marvel characters, the time room were a hard work to do the job. Destroying the madness isn't easy but you can do it by sitting on people that will care about you so good in that things anw our Regulations will help you find thingy that will help full to you.

💟: Regulations.
💟: Talent Profile.
💟: Pricelist.
💟: Form.
💟: Slot.

We ain't be good if we don't hit our evil side, so in this case you can take many times by contacting @MadverseBot
Valoriest, our slot has been updated! Yuk Dane sama Rain dibawa pulang.
Culik anak kita yuk. ♡__♡
Worldzzle : TOMORROW.
، ˖ ࣪ ་ The world map was launched to exhibits all the precious opportunities on earth proof of the seriousness of all the cool creatures, but the puzzle isn't easy to solve, there must be sacrifices that apply through all the fun and hard times to get the perfect result. Upon reaching the final goal, @Worldzzle stated that they will hold a special science called ”OPEN BATCH” to easily solve the confusing puzzle. They operate on July 2 at 19.00 WIB. Thus, for mutual convenience they all want the inhabitants of the earth to know this important information and record the date so as not to miss the precious moments they created with sincerity of heart and soul. Many souls are preparing for this luxuriance moment and not a few souls are looking forward to it with forturitous feelings and fiery enthusiasm ˑ ִ ֗ ִ⊹

Please contact @Ieucass or @Gisewla if you have any questions. We're ready for you, athletes! I'll see you later! 𖥔 ִ ་

Worldzzle's crews.
Good morning, Valoriest. 😋
Jocelyn, Rainhart, sama Bradley juga masih ada nih sisa slot nya. Yakin engga mau pacaran sama yang ganteng-ganteng nan gemes ini? :p
Glad tidings, Valoriest! Dane can now join our 9th batch, on a note that he is available starting tomorrow on July 1. Di claim yuk, slot nya?
CRUELLA ~ open ordal
[ OF MUTUAL MY BUSINESS PLEASE FW THIS TO YOUR CHANNEL. Now you have to help me to forward this, contact @MOOTSMYRENTBOT if you have fw message tho! ]

Hello there! i think, this is the 3rd time we meet? and i bring some new kids with a good talent. Before you bought my kids, i will announce something here. That @CRUELLAGENCY now holding a EVENT for the first time we did! please remember the date.

✫. DAY-DATE : Thursday, 7 July 2022 at 7 P.M

Save and remember the date and dont be late for this time, because i have a unique event. This event called Guess about talent and because talent has its own uniqueness so we made this theme. This event is themed after our Guess the talent as the name suggests. We'll play by predicting which characteristics of talent we'll get. Thank you for your all attention I desire we can all have a excitement at this event. Don't disremember about this event, Uella!!!
[ To our Business mutuals, would you be the kindest to send our announcement to your channel? It would mean so much for us. Thank you! ]

Howdy-Doody, people! We would like to spread this news all around the city, that in order to introduce our new precious talents, also celebrating Odeis' comeback, @Odeis will be holding a FREE RENT EVENT on July 1, at 7.00PM, which will be this FRIDAY! There will be various boyfriends and girlfriends talents to brighten up your day. Further informations about this event will be posted on @Odeis' official channel! So, make sure you've subscribed into our channel, and stay tuned for the free-rent event. See ya!
KULINERESIA : mencari calon anime
[To all of my dearest mutual, please help us to foward this massage to your channel. Thank you!]

Warm greetings for everyone who read this pleasure announcement. after we opened the restaurant, we looking for male and female talent. Please read some rules that we drop bellow and full the form

1. Must subscribe to @kulineresia
2. Using main account ( we're not accepting any kind of side account or clown account )
3. Only BA/CA/PA account that we accept rest of them especially roleplay account we won't accept
4. Be responsible, can mingle with others, professional and good attitude.
5. Not in busy time and can manage your work out there and here.
6. Can maintain agency's privacy and all the important things inside.
7. Serious not just curious.


Name + username :
Available :
Siap mengikuti trainee ? : (siap/tidak)

Send your form to @kulineresiabot. Thank you for your interest!

Найдено 251 пост