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The channel of a Stanford's professor about secrets of Space.

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"I'm burning, farewell, comrades!"

This was the phrase Yuri Gagarin said during the final stage of the flight.

In 1961, the year of the first flight into space, no one had a clear idea of how to overcome the dense layers of the atmosphere during the descent.

During his descent, Gagarin saw flames raging in the porthole and concluded the spacecraft was on fire. As a matter of fact, such a phenomenon occurs during every flight when the heat-resistant shell of the spacecraft is rubbing. Now, every astronaut is aware of this and ready for the fiery spectacle.
How Far is the Moon from Earth?

Some sources argue that all the planets in the solar system can be placed between the satellite and Earth. But there is a small caveat to this statement😉

They will only fit when the Moon is the farthest away from Earth. Since the orbits of all celestial bodies are ellipses and the Moon isn't an exception.

It is better to answer this question⤴️ with numbers. The distance from Earth to the Moon amounts to 384,400 kilometers.

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When we hear "solar system," all we imagine is the Sun and the planets...

What everyone forgets is the satellites. Just look at the number of them.
The Giant-Impact Hypothesis

Computer modeling gives us a brilliant opportunity to create a visualization of processes in the cosmos. This visualization, which depicts the theory of the Moon's formation, was created by Dr. Robin Canup.

The theory of the impact formation of the Moon has many advocates. They claim that the satellite was formed as a result of a collision between Earth and a space object about 4.5 billion years ago.
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Solar Protoplanetary Disk

Roughly 4.6 billion years ago, a giant cloud of hydrogen and dust exploded under its own weight and formed the disk called the solar nebula.

Most of the substance concentrated in the center and created the Sun, while the rest of it formed the planets and other objects in the system.
This Object Can Be Seen Even With Powerful Binoculars

That's probably why the M57 Ring has become the most popular observation object for astronomy enthusiasts.

The M57 Ring Nebula has an oval shape, with a star at its center. Its radius reaches about 1/3 of a light-year.
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Another Universe Before the Big Bang

American astrophysicists have used mathematical tools to study the inhomogeneity of relic cosmic radiation.

They believe that it arose immediately after the birth of the universe. Participants of this study are sure of this fact, and there is a confirmation of the Big Bounce theory, whereby the emergence of our Universe was caused by the collapse of some "previous".
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Cloud over Arsia Mons on Mars, stretching for 1,500 kilometers.

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