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Asians woke up and listened to me. Nice reaction. Let’s tag the top or breakout. It’ll be nice to see. $BTC #Bitcoin
$GAL is getting ready for a big breakout.
Asians open in this channel and maybe we see a run up. They tend to get bored faster than Americans so we'll see action. I believe if Asians buy and London holds then we'll see a top out before a major downward move. 24,500-24,700 is key up and 23,500 is key down. $BTC #Bitcoin
I reckon we break out of this channel soon.
Closing my shorts. Structure changing on lower time frame for $BTC.
Old fashioned bear flag on $BTC #Bitcoin 1hr TF.
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It’s a good day to open a MARA wallet. All you have to do is click the link and download the app. You get $2 for downloading and yes. You get $1 when you post your link and others download it using your own link. Don’t fade. Same way I just gave you guys a token this is an opportunity for free money.
All it took was 4 classes in the mentorship and this dude is doing so well. Catching tops regularly
Before and After.

Join this group. Send a request to enter. Contract address for the $BRAINS token will be dropped before the public launch. Trust me. You want to be early. It’s an opportunity you don’t wanna miss. Feel free to buy and HODL. There’ll be a burn after launch which will send the price higher. If you flip you miss out on higher levels. As far as you get in early. Be sure to HODL a few or more. You can check the socials for updates on Twitter and Discord. Goodluck. It launches by 2pm WAT. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Brains DAO
Brains_DAO is a Web3 community group that is focused on onboarding young minds into blockchain and giving young people the right web3 skills to thrive.
Looking at this. It looks like breakout earlier. Retest of Trendline from above. Didn’t hold. Dumpbed below Trendline. Now retest of Trendline still London can’t push above it. One FVG attempt to fill below but with a wick. More down from here or reclaim above Trendline. We watch as we hold our shorts. $BTC #Bitcojn.
Oh well
Look who broke out. 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Last stand before blood. Look at those volume bars. Bears just took total control. Even the 25k volume bar was bearish. That’s a proper reversal sign. $BTC #Bitcoin.
Let’s pump him to 1k.

Найдено 611 постов