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STRMNFT is an all-in-one marketplace designed to leverage the power of video NFTs.

With our marketplace, users can create, trade, and auction NFTs for their videos and images.

What’s more, STRMNFT will not charge any minting fees from all users until July 2022.

✅ Register today and get an early look at the exclusive Lady Ape Club collection:

👉🏻 Registration Manual: https://youtu.be/f0fsaFb4JXA

👉🏻 Minting Manual: youtu.be/p6iBeAKumSs

#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #NFTCommunity
Have you wondered what your NFT collection is missing? Another bored ape, crypto punk, or something else?

With the Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFTs, you might find what’s missing!

LAC is a collection of 10,000 artistically-illustrated female apes NFTs that are available exclusively on STRMNFT.

Sign up on STRMNFT today and grab the chance to be from the first LAC holders:


#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApeClub #NFTCommunity
A group of 10,000 unique, edgy, charismatic apes gathered together to form the Lady Ape Club (LAC)!

With STRMNFT, you’ll get the chance to explore these marvelous NFTs designed by TNC Group’s artistic team.

Register today and get your hands on our limited-time free minting offer: https://strmnft.com/sign-up

#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApes #NFTCommunity
The Lady Ape Club (LAC) is an NFT collection featuring 10,000 uniquely-crafted female apes by the TNC Group art team!

Become a part of the LAC community when they go on sale in July 2022 and enjoy exclusive benefits and offers.

Not an STRMNFT user yet? Sign up today and enjoy a free minting until July!


#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApes #NFTCommunity
🌈 Sometimes it’s great to be different. Choose to be unique, choose to be weird.

🥳 That’s how TNC Group’s exclusive Lady Apes Club (LAC) brings its exceptional collection to the STRMNFT marketplace this July 2022.

Register now and explore the newest collectibles in the marketplace.

🥳 TNC Group is offering special discounts to whitelisted investors. Hence, to confirm your whitelisting and avail of the offers, sign up with your ICO or STRM Staking email.

#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApes
🎉 Since its inception, our STRMNFT marketplace got covered by many of the most-reliable media channels around the world.

👉 To learn more about STRMNFT, refer to the following press releases and articles:

🗞 Bloomberg | NFT Evening | Nasdaq | Market Watch | Yahoo! News | NFT News Today | NFT Culture | CoinQuora | U Today | Crypto News | Yahoo! Money | Yahoo! Finance | CoinPedia | CryptoMode | Bitcoinist | NewsBTC | Benzinga

Also, keep an eye on our social media, where all the announcements and offers will be shared.

#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApes
🥳 Have fun with the trendy, carefree, and wacky 🦍 Lady Apes starting July 2022!

🥳 Indeed, there’s no time to be bored with TNC Group’s exclusive Lady Apes Club (LAC) collection, which you can explore and will be up for sale at the STRMNFT marketplace.

✅ Register now and be the first to explore the LAC collections. Whitelisted investors get special deals when signing up with their ICO or STRM Staking email.

#STRMNFT #NFTMarketplace #LadyApes
🤩 Follow @STRMNFT official social media accounts to stay updated with all the things NFT!

👉 Stay in the loop with all the updates about our marketplace on:

✅ Twitter

The results of the ❤️ ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge will be exclusively shared on STRMNFT’s Twitter account; stay tuned!

#STRMNFT #STRMNFTMarketplace #LoveSTRMNFT #NFTMarketplace
❤️ 'Love STRMNFT' Challenge: A $10,000 $STRM & $GSTRM Prize Pool up for Grabs!

🙏🏻 We're excited to invite all of our community to the 'Love STRMNFT' challenge, where you can show your love and support for STRMNFT in your own creative way.

👉 Prize pool: $10,000 worth of $STRM & $GSTRM

🥇 1 winner: $5,000 |🥈 5 winners: $500 each | 🥉 25 winners: $100 each

👉 Click here to participate: https://forms.gle/uTiZkR3nEmdPcdG16

👉 Please refer to our blog to view the Terms & Conditions.

#STRMNFT #STRMNFTMarketplace #LoveSTRMNFT #NFTMarketplace
Hello Everyone!

🙏🏻 We would like to welcome everyone to our STRMNFT marketplace and explore, mint, and trade NFTs for images and videos for free.

👉 Sign up today and enjoy our limited-time zero-fee minting offer before July 2022.

#STRMNFT #STRMNFTMarketplace #LoveSTRMNFT #NFTMarketplace

Найдено 10 постов