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Books on Stalin and the USSR-

1) Another View of Stalin- A Grover Furr level work quickly refuting all myths surrounding Stalin.

2) Stalin: The Enduring Legacy- A light read by a CODOH author for members of the Right who think of Stalin to be a (((Puppet))) though not much into refuting other myths.

3) Blackshirts and Reds- The Michael Parenti classic giving us a quick run through of all topics about the USSR and refuting harmful myths surrounding it.

4) Fraud, Famine and Fascism- Dives deeper into refuting the Holodomor but is important as it touches upon Brzezinski and the role of Ukraine to destabilise Russia making it easier to understand Putin’s Special Military Operation.

5) Lies Concerning the USSR- 17 page article which quickly refutes the most popular and bizarre myths about the USSR.

6) Socialism Of The Right- excellent work doing the job of removing the aura of fear surrounding the term ‘Socialism’ or ‘Communism’ in the Right Wing. It shows the various successful Socialist movements which were “Right Wing” including Hitler’s Germany.

7) Soros, Western Right Wing and Anti-Communism- A Very Important and very short article explaining how the boogeyman in Right Wing circles- George Soros is the one who continually destabilised and tried to destroy China, the USSR and other “leftist” anti-capitalist movements actively collaborating with the CIA.

8) Stalin’s German Nationalist Party- Another CODOH article explaining how the DDR or Soviet Germany was the true successor of Hitler’s Germany such that even Deputy Hitler- Rudolf Hess was impressed.

9) Brown Bolshevism- You may be surprised as in why did we include an article from the Western bourgeoisie press The Atlantic. It’s an important read as it larps against Hitler’s Germany of 1939 accurately saying how it resembles Stalinist USSR.

10) Imperialism- A timeless classic by V. Lenin which we feel must be included here also due to the pre
sent day geopolitics. Especially good read for the Right wing as Lenin quite explicitly writes against Finance Capital, Wars and Bankers.

Найдено 49 постов