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Are you ready for our fair community launch? 😇

Don't miss this opportunity
Our Group is Officaly open ❤️
🔥Squirrel Insurance ($SQL)🔥
💎 A token that is always growing by nature

Squirrel Insurance is a Deflationary Community Token which Insures to be pretty much always growing regardless of market situation by implementing a genius solution via set of BTC-based Smart Contracts to preserve its value in Bear Markets and increase it on Bull/Range Markets (For Full Info, Read Whitepaper/Website)

⚔️ Specifications of the token ($SQL):

- Max Token Supply is only 250 million
- 100% Locked Liquidity Pool
- Smart Supply Burn Implementation
- Numerous Holders Rewards
- Listing on CMC in this Week
- Listing on large exchanges in the upcoming days

🏷 Contract address ( click to copy )

* Fair Launch on June 29th 17:00 GMT [No token pre-sale (ICO)]

🧺 Buy on PancakeSwap : Click Here !
💹 Live Chart : Click Here !

🕊Twitter | 📄Whitepaper | 🌍 Website | 🗣Group
Hello Dear Squirrel Fans ❤️

Squirrel Insurance Telegram Group Will Be Opened At Least 24 Hours before our Fair Launch Event at 29th June, 17:00 GMT

You can ask any questions about squirrel that you like, and we will happily answer all of them

We would love to hear from you, please don't be shy & say hello to your new family.

The Squirrel Team
📜 Read Squirrel Whitepaper from our official Website or down below 👇

Whitepaper: Download
⭐️ How to Buy "Squirrel Insurance" at Launch via Pancakeswap

🏷 Contract address ( click to copy )
Видео/гифка, 51 сек, Sequence 01_1.mp4

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