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Видео/гифка, 150 сек,
So sweet. Look what Love does! ♥️
Видео/гифка, 166 сек, IMG_6935.MP4
4 nights camping, music, healing, ceremonies, talks and workshops
at The Secret Garden Site, Grange Farm, Abbots Ripton, PE28 2PH BUY TICKETS
Many of our artists rarely, if ever play in the UK.
For many it will
Do come and check out the little cafe in the Peace Garden at Healing Waters, Glastonbury. It's got heart.
Видео/гифка, 164 сек, WhatsApp Video 2022-07-29 at 9.50.50 PM.mp4
For those who loved Ravi’s events at my home and at the Buxton Sound and Voice Water Activation here’s a retreat he’s doing in September

Rachel x

A Weekend Retreat with Ravi Freeman, Luna and Lyndz | Fieldofhealing
Experience a two day long holistic retreat immersion with Ravi Freeman, Master Musician, Singer & Voice Event facilitator. With yoga and sound sessions from co hosts Luna and Lyndz Jeanne.
SPIRIT FEST 2022. 11 – 14 AUGUST.
Spirit Fest is a gathering of kindred spirits of all ages to celebrate Life, Love, Community and Unity with ceremony, music, dance, art, workshops and time to chill, heal and bliss out.

Visit the post for more.
Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia Reject Covid Masks and Vaccines Choosing God, Nature & Mantra 🎉


Go parallel systems debate! 🥳

New York Times >reports (July 11):

KANEKES, Indonesia — When their ancestors warned them, through dreams and a bone-bitingly cold wind, to be careful, the community leaders of the Baduy people in Indonesia knew they needed to protect their villages from something bad that was on its way.

So Jaro Nalim, one of the senior leaders in the Baduy hamlet of Cikertawana on the island of Java, began performing the rites meant to keep disease at bay.

Government signs promoting health protocols could be seen around the village: Wash your hands, wear a mask, do not gather in groups. But on a recent visit, there were no masks in sight among the villagers, who knew about the coronavirus but didn’t seem worried about it.

“We are already protected with mantras,” said Jawi, 19, on the terrace outside her home where her toddler slept inside. “The air here is fresh and clean. Why wear a mask and breathe in the dirty air from our breath?”

Inducing people to wear masks is but one challenge. Perhaps an even bigger one, especially in Indigenous communities like the Baduy, is vaccinations.

About 70 million Indonesians are considered Indigenous people, who often live in remote locations that greatly complicate vaccination efforts, with some villages accessible only after hourslong marches. The government has also struggled to communicate to Indigenous groups what vaccines are and why they’re important.

“For Baduy people, vaccine is a violation,” Mr. Nalim said. “It ruins our purity. Why put chemicals into our body when all cures have been provided by nature?”

All Baduy are taught to abide by the principle that the natural world is not to be harmed. While most make their living as farmers, much of the forest that surrounds them is considered sacred, and off-limits to tilling.

The Baduy Luar villagers still deeply respect their traditions. Children playing could be spotted all around. They are prohibited from attending formal schools.

There is no electricity, and no TVs or radios, and houses are veiled in darkness after sunset. Cooking is done over firewood stoves. Families gather to eat dinner under flickering kerosene lanterns.

Despite their stance on vaccinations, the Baduy, who live in one of the provinces hardest hit by Covid, appear to have successfully avoided the worst of the pandemic.

There have been no deaths attributed to Covid in the Baduy area. Through the first year and a half of the pandemic, up to June 2021, there were zero Covid cases reported.

“The only reason why some of Baduy people are willing to be vaccinated is so that they can travel,” Mr. Saija said.

And, he said, villagers who do get vaccinated are obligated to perform purification rituals that included prayer and fasting.

As the old abusive systems collapse, and people look who to follow, we need to envision what type of world do we want, so we can shine the light of that better world for us all.

Share the positivity 💞✊

Where Mantras Trump Medicine, Vaccines Are a ‘Violation’
The Baduy, an Indigenous group in Indonesia, believe that vaccinations are impure, and unnecessary, and that their beliefs protect them. To skeptics, they note their Covid death toll: zero.

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