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Hit with a cc 🐐
First sell today is going to get 3 free cash app linkables
bal: $2,634.74
Price: $25
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In case y’all ain’t have it

1.) Find A Aged Cashapp - 2019 and lower!
2.) Make Sure The Cashapp Let’s You Add Cash, MAKE SURE IT LETS YOU ADD B4 YOU TRY THIS METHOD!! Ask the person you getting Cashapp login from does it let you add cash with no hesitation
3.) Go On Your Site And Get Your Debit CC
4.) Log Into Cashapp With VPN in there city , if you are near them you don’t need a VPN.
5.) Add The CC Then Add Cash, Try $45-$60 For The First Try. If it adds keep going if not try lower

Sometimes Fresh Phones Let You Add Cash Off Back, So What you Wanna Do Is

1.) Buy A Fullz From Site Or Your CC Vendor

2.) Go On Cashapp And Start Signing Up

3.) Enter Debit Card Info, Then There Name And Cashtag

4.)Next You Want To Have Somebody You 1$ Then Send It Back, It’ll Prompt you with a message to enter SSN Do As Asked.

5.) After That The Acct Is Verified, Try To Add Cash If It Doesn’t let you then follow next steps

6.) Let Cashapp Account Age For 1-2 Weeks Meaning DONT TOUCH IT, you can log out or jus don’t go in the app

7.) After A Week Request 80$ From The Account.

8.) Go to the payment off Cashapp account with CC added and send, Once Payment is completed, Keep Sending Until the card either dies go broke or Cashapp fails payment

After dat you sitchy Shorty Get Paid😈

⁃ Dumps
⁃ CCs
⁃ Fullz
⁃ Track 2 ( By it’s self, with or without pin)
Mb meant to send vouch , I jus brought sum shit 😭
Got everything in jus dont have time to post ts 😂 if u need sum jus pm foe I got everything u need
Apple Pay linkable
Price :$15
(Not holding come money ready)
Half off orders
Showing y’all balance in private messages
First to pm wit $5 get this money off this cash app

Найдено 1448 постов