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TLDR: Curve finance frontend is compromised. Do not approve anything!


@CurveFinance frontend is compromised, do not use it until further notice!
I'm dead😂
So, considering it was a rug 😂 Hope you didn't buy the top
So, smth named OOF launched a couple of minutes ago. IDK what is it, but definitely some insidoooor stuff. Sell tax is 100% right now, so I STRONGLY recommend NOT to buy now.

Once sell tax is lowered there will be a HUGE NUKE! Maybe buying the bottom of it may be a good idea. In case if it's not a rug of course.
Always remember to pay attention to this metric!
$INNIT new website and webapp UI looks just insanely amazing!
500k current market cap is so damn undervalued IMO.
Appreciate the hard working team! Looking forward to further upgrades!

Видео/гифка, 25 сек, INNIT_WEB_Launch.mp4
That's what I am talking about. Just check Rekt's last posts. Nuff said

DEGEN GEMS! REKT’S Crypto Journey
All degenerates come together to print $ETH and fuck the ruggers!!!

DM me @wavycrypt2
Another copper lol Amazes me how these people are still able to raise this amount of money and say fuck you to investors. List on Uni and token is unsellable too good fucking job. $PRT

Raise $414K
List with $136K
Keep $277K

When will you guys learn????
Never EVER ape ANY copper launch. You will lose your money.
Will announce another trial giveaway later. Stay tuned.
Wow lol. All spots are taken for now.
So announcement took more time haha. procrastination is a bitch.

So far, I'm giving 5 free trials (10 days length) of my PocketSniper service.
Please be aware that only Windows version will be available for the trial.
First 5 people DMing me will receive a copy. ( Will take some time to configure)
me making relax removed from the world of memecoins, logging into tg now and then just to watch everybody on edge fighting for scraps, shitcoiners eating each other up, notorious pump & dumpers calling out other notorious p&d'ers

lmk when it's safe to come back ☺️
Видео/гифка, 17 сек, IMG_5488.MP4
Been fighting those assholes for the last 10 days. No result. Another reason NOT to hold any significant amount of money on ANY cex.

So now I guess it's official! @ex_markets is a SCAM! Any project related to it may a scam as well! First one that comes to my mind is @adax_pro Please be aware!

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