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admin @woozles and @d_r3m1
selling my collection bcs i made bad financial decisions AHAHAH
and now i do gos ఇ ◝‿◜ ఇ
svt pcs and albums ~~
updates spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a_YFV5Y--9pEgJ-8-XINUnZ23N2_FrPq9jPONP6aPXs/edit?u

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update for yzy a, b and c

essentially she's saying that she's waiting until after cny to send the items from china to her so that they don't get lost and then once she receives them, she forward all of them to my kadd at once

hope this makes sense and sorry that these sets are taking so long but unfortunately when they have to pass through so many hands it can take some time
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#thenamefullsetaladin has been forwarded from kadd today
will update again once it reaches me
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i've sent add checks + booked couriers for all #svtssg2023fullset that have arrived with me (please check ss to see which batch you're in)
as well as for all #s17compactjapan, #svtosakaczsharing pcs #dreampo
(except those who opted for registered mailing - will head to post office tomorrow)
please notify me if you're in any one of the # listed above and you haven't had your add check sent already

and i'm currently packing #svtssg2023sharing, #svtosakaczfs and #dreamalbums3
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