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On the daily we can expect one of these two scenarios :

1. https://www.tradingview.com/x/HdLb7cq5/

Re of the trendline that is making this structure bearish + re of the high volume nodes zone above ( resistance )

2. https://www.tradingview.com/x/JOIc5aDu/

Keep following the bearish market structure and making just like before ( range then down )

I didn't point out the bullish case where we break the trendline and the bearish market structure to turn bullish and start looking for higher res at 40K's. I do estimate that this scenario is not close to be played for now !
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#BTC Update :

Taking the volume profile of the entire move since March 2020 covid crash !

We can clearly see that BTC is filling the inefficiencies that was left in the past on the road from 10k to 60K.

https://www.tradingview.com/x/haAoKRYa/ ( example on this chart )

We're currently on a big psychological support ( 2017 ATH + last re zone before we took off to 60K in December 2020 )

We can expect BTC to fill more inefficiencies below going to a bigger support zone between 12000$ and 8600$.

The problem is when ? No one can tell you, absolutely no one !

The best you can do is prepare some good buy orders for this moment, loose the less you can on your road to this day or next bull run, so you can have a lot of ammo to deploy for the next bullish war !
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Accurancy: 71.42% 🎯
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#ETH Update

ETH also falling as BTC falls, It previously broke down from a major W1 200 EMA Support which has become a strong resistance for now. We can see price approaching an important demand zone where we have M1 50 EMA aligning alongwith 0.786 Fib level also which shows that we can have high chances of reversal from this demand zone. Expecting some reversal if we have this week's candle closure inside the demand zone.
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#BTC Update:

Price previously brokedown an important support zone at $28000 which has now become a major key level resistance. Currently we can see price approaching an another important support zone starting from $26800 till $25400 where we have an order block and D3 200 EMA aligning. A weekly closure above this zone could lead towards reversal in the coming week, otherwise going below this zone will not be the best sign as our last support left will be at $23300 where we have M1 50 EMA.
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Entry - 3.13 - 2.95

Targets :

🎯 3.34
🎯 3.83
🎯 4.71
🎯 5.77

Stop loss 🔴 2.85

Bullish divergence on D1 time frame alongwith price holding very well above major support zone.
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KuCoin, Binance
#DEXE/USDT Take-Profit target 2 ✅
Profit: 22.3642% 📈
Period: 3 Hours 56 Minutes ⏰

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Entry - 0.0134 - 0.0125

Targets :

🎯 0.0144
🎯 0.0158
🎯 0.0190
🎯 0.0260

Stop loss 🔴 0.0118

Price reversing from a strong support zone, expecting a good bouce from here soon.
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KuCoin, Binance
#QI/USDT Take-Profit target 2 ✅
Profit: 17.9104% 📈
Period: 20 Hours 43 Minutes ⏰

#BTC Update

As mentioned in the previous update that we had to wait for price to retrace and it got rejected from a strong resistance zone at approximately $31500 and brokedown from the D1 21 EMA support at $30700 which has currently become a strong resistance once again.

We have price bouncing off from H12 POC and a good support zone and is currently fighting against the resistance at $30700. The next week open should clear out things further about the market structure since we have been in a consolidation phase for quite a few weeks which could end anytime sooner.
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