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"what we want, is not the suppression of other folks, it is freedom, our security, the security of our living space, is the security of the life of our people our people themselves".

Adolf Hitler
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What happed to justice? What happened to the promised freedom of the people's? What happend to the peace without Victor's and vanquished? What happened to the right of all people's to self determination?


Our colonies were taken from us our trade was ruined our ship industry was robbed millions of Germans were torn from us and left to be abused our people were plunded reparation payments were demanded of our people which we could not possibly have paid in 100 years, we were all thrust into deep poverty the National Socialist movement came into being because of this poverty.

Adolf Hitler
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We wished to make a revolution, and a revolution was in fact made. But it is only the meanest spirit which can regard the essence of a revolution as consisting merely in destruction. We, on the contrary, regarded it as consisting in a gigantic work of re-construction.”

- Adolf Hitler
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After six years of war which, despite all setbacks, will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle for existence of a nation.

Adolf Hitler
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A State has never arisen from commercial causes for the purpose of peacefully serving commercial ends; but States have always arisen from the instinct to maintain the racial group, whether this instinct manifest itself in the heroic sphere or in the sphere of cunning and chicanery. ... But as soon as economic interests begin to predominate over the racial and cultural instincts in a people or a State, these economic interests unloose the causes that lead to subjugation and oppression.

Mein Kampf 134
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The 16 Martyrs of the Beer Hall Putsch, November 9th,1923

Felix Alfarth. Merchant, born July 5th, 1901

Andreas Bauriedl. Hatmaker, born May 4th, 1879

Theodor Casella. Bank Official, born August 8th, 1900

Wilhelm Ehrlich. Bank Official, born August 19th, 1894

Martin Faust. Bank Official, born January 27th, 1901

Anton Hechenberger. Locksmith, born September 28th, 1902

Oskar Koerner. Merchant, born January 4th, 1875

Karl Kuhn. Head Waiter, born July 25th, 1897

Karl Laforce. Student of Engineering, born October 28th, 1904

Kurt Neubauer. Waiter, born March 27th, 1899

Klaus von Pape. Merchant, born August 16th, 1904

Theodor von der Pfordten. Councillor to the Superior Provincial Court, born May 14th, 1873

Johann Rickmers. Retired Cavalry Captain, born May 7th, 1881

Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter. Dr. of Engineering, born January 9th, 1884

Lorenz Ritter von Stransky. Engineer, born March 14th, 1899

Wilhelm Wolf. Merchant, born October 19th, 1898
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The Agent Smith Effect

In the movie, The Matrix, Agent Smith has the ability to enter any body, at any time, and that often happens when the Matrix is threatened by Neo. This senario is a reflection of our real world. For example, you're having a conversation with a friend and everything is fine until you mention something like, "Adolf Hitler was the good guy". Now watch what happenes, up pops Agent Smith, to replace the person you were just having a conversation with to attack you because all truths threaten the Matrix.

Most people have had the Agent Smith Matrix programming since birth. These programmed people become the guardians of the Matrix, protectors of the code. The police of mind control and enforcers of the indoctrination which holds together our false concept of reality like super glue.
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The Marienwerder proposals.
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A Question to all the Christians out there, in the bible money lending is forbidden so why have we allowed money lenders into our homelands?

Exodus 22:25

“If you lend money to any of my people with you who is poor, you shall not be like a moneylender to him, and you shall not exact interest from him.

In the aftermath of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 with the Slave Compensation Act 1837, Rothschild and his business partner Moses Montefiore loaned the British Government £15 million (worth £1.51 billion in 2022) with interest which was subsequently paid off by the British taxpayers (ending in 2015).

Clearly our governments are not Christians.
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Before & after
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The individual will have to be valued, not by the class of work he does but by the way in which he does it and by its usefulness to the community.

- Mein Kampf
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If not you, who?

Get Active become a Hero
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The man who fought the banks Adolf Hitler.
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Loyalty to Israel isn't loyalty to your people.
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Jewish Businessman who called for the extermination of German people.
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1981 interview with SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS, Karl Wolff.
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Mein kampf fundamentals

8. Party organization the NSDAP
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Найдено 241 пост