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Breaking: The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today reprimanded Three Arrows Capital for providing false information and exceeding the assets under management threshold allowed for a registered fund management company. MAS has been investigating them since June 2021.
The EU announced firstrules for tracing transfers of crypto-assets like bitcoins and tokens, ensuring that crypto-assets can be traced in the same way as traditional money transfers.

The rules would also cover transactions from un-hosted wallets.
MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 480 bitcoins for $10.0 million at an average price of $20,817 per bitcoin. As of 6/28/22 MicroStrategy holds 129,699 bitcoins acquired for $3.98 billion at an average price of $30,664 per bitcoin.
The founding team believes that international financial inclusion, accessibility and sustainability are imperative goals of this project. RaysX special goal is to significantly improve the financial freedom of its customers and wellness.
We Give DEX Investors Full on-Chain Analytics and External Apps on Web3
RaysX is designed to bring together the best minds of the crypto industry to accelerate the transition to DeFi 2.0 by overcoming and breaking down the constraints that are preventing the Crypto market from becoming a full-fledged alternative to traditional finance today.
The RaysX defi platform will be the real revolution app in the near future

We know there’s a bit of distrust in the DeFi market right now, what with hacks and teh whole terra crash. The current platforms are more like v1.5 of DeFi, with some improvements in terms of features but not enough for mainstream use.

DeFi is heading to the mainstream because:

1. Regulators are now looking at it closely;
2. It is inevitable as defi has too many benefits for the end consumer. Big finance can fight it all it wants but they will not win.
We aim to create a marketplace for external applications, so that any developer can deploy their application to the platform and make it available to a wide range of investors and users. These applications interact directly with smart contracts, blockchain and on-chain data via Web 3.0 to bring the transition closer to DeFi 2.0
We aim to empower the new decentralized economy on blockchain by bringing innovative tools and transparent analytics with fast, reliable, and efficient Web3 apps at scale.
DeFi creates a future in which everyday investors get access to new asset types, cut out the middle-man, increase returns, and all around take more control over crafting their personal financial future.

We are happy to be a part of this journey.
The bear market has been absolutely brutal but there are DeFi ecosystems that continue to build and projects that have remained rock solid and despite the market conditions.

This is what one needs to look out for when deciding what DeFi to invest in and use. Especially for longer-term gains. The bear market is honestly a blessing in disguise and I'll tell you why. When the tide is low, what is beneath the surface comes to light. DeFi that wasn't built for sustainability will crumble under the pressure. We're seeing it happen with a massive amounts of projects.
The RaysX Airdrop Giveaway RAX tokens continues!!!

Invite more referrals, more chances to win


RaysX Airdrop Giveaway 🏆 REWARDS POOL: $5,000 Marketing plan: 🔔Event Period🔔 11 JUNE 2022 – 30 JUNE 2022 🏆Rewards event🏆 1st ~ 50th : $20 51th ~ 150th : $15 151st ~ 400th : $10 📃 RULES Submit all the tasks in our gleam campaign ✅ Follow RaysX founder twitter ✅ Follow RaysX twitter ✅ Like + Retweet our pinned post by tagging 3 of your friends. ✅ Join our Telegram channel ✅ Join our Telegram chat group
With the recent market downturn, emotions are high. We have seen VC’s become insolvent, entire ecosystems collapse and withdrawals paused...

TVL in DeFi decreased 66%, major DEX volumes 66%, borrow volumes 75%, stablecoin supplies 17%, and the largest DeFi index 90%.

But amongst the extreme volatility, for the most part DeFi continued to perform as designed.

DeFi has, for the first time, provided financial products which are transparent, efficient and automated.

Yet DeFi is still in its infancy – many financial products are not yet available on-chain and there are many problems yet to be solved, including compliance, infrastructure, risk-management, scalability and accessibility.

At RaysX we are incredibly excited to be solving some of these problems, and we welcome the associated opportunities that arise from any market downturn.

For the projects on a mission – it’s the best time to build.
Binance halting BTC withdrawals goes against everything that crypto stands for. This is why people should only invest in DeFi and DAOs.

This isn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last. And its not just Binance, Celsius did the same exact thing.

What’s puzzling is that people literally agree on “terms of agreement” where they tell the user that the platform has the right to disable and block accounts and even seize funds.

Decentralization is what this market is all about but it seems like as we move forward, more and more people are losing track of this. Satoshi didn't create Bitcoin to watch it eventually become controlled by huge institutions just like how banks control our accounts

You want full control of your funds? Easy, DeFi and DAOs are the only answer.

Its really not that hard or complicated to use DeFi and DAOs. It ensures full control over your assets.

If you invest in a centralized exchange, people don’t be all upset and surprised when you loss access and control to your funds.
No matter the price action in the market, we will continue to build the best dApp infrastructure possible.

We are expanding our team and working non-stop to deliver flawless products.

To address the issues coming from CeFi, we have developed a range of tools that are able to help both novice and professional investors equip themselves against manipulation coming from the centralized system by harnessing the power of awareness and knowledge and putting users in the driver’s seat.

Найдено 14 постов