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PAXO Finance will change #DeFi by using a decentralized money market.

But, why we need #PAXO?
✅The protocol solves the high operating costs & paperwork common in TradFi.
🏧Borrowing/Lending is trustless & smart contracts-driven, thus efficient.

Join us: https://t.co/2B19uJgJhJ

PAXO Finance is a convenient undercollateralized money market

Market Problem:
📜Margin traders trade on derivatives, so they don't utilize real tokens

#PAXO Solution:
🐖Margin traders get real asset as loan which can be used for staking

Join Us!

#DeFi #Crypto #Metaverse #NFT

The PAXO Finance Incentivized Testnet Program on #Polygon was a success!

Here's what lies ahead:
💰In 10 days, we shall announce all the lucky winners, eligible to win 200k $PAXO in rewards
🗞 We shall share a detailed report about the testnet

🔺Stay tuned!

#DeFi #Blockchain

The #PAXO Finance Incentivized Testnet Program comes to an end.
⚡️It was immensely successful
💰200k $PAXO to be distributed
🙏We want to say a big THANK to all those who participated!!

#DeFi #Blockchain #CryptoNews #Metaverse #NFT #Crypto #BTC #cryptocurrecy

PAXO Finance is a go-to decentralized money market protocol

Market Problem:
📈#DeFi lenders depend on centralized credit scoring systems for processing.

#PAXO Solution:
📉Paxo don't rely on any centralized credit scoring or KYC to process.
🚨3 days remains before the PAXO Finance Incentivized Testnet ends

✨Over 25k registered
✨Over 20k used the Testnet

🏆200,000 #PAXO in rewards🎁 to be distributed!

💰Participate in our Testnet and win!

🧾Read more: https://bit.ly/3NTxQD4

or 📺Watch: https://bit.ly/3zYblcK
Видео/гифка, 1 сек, 3 DAYS LEFT.mp4
Paxo Finance
📢Upcoming #PAXO Community Call 🗒️ Topic: Incentivised Testnet Program 📆 24th June,22 ⏰ 12:30 UTC 📍 discord.gg/tX3AQsX4xj - Join NOW 🌟 Top 10 constructive questions will be rewarded 👉 Ask questions now at ✍️|amatext ✍️ You can ask multiple questions in one message

The https://t.co/Yj4A46QzAE Incentivized Testnet on #polygon is in progress.

📺Here is the YouTube video of our Testnet
👉 https://t.co/mwkan0vevz 👈

You can now watch and, step-by-step, learn how to test our protocol to win the 200k #PAXO in rewards.🎁🎁

Join Us!!

https://t.co/Yj4A46QzAE is a global decentralized money market protocol accessible by everyone.

✨Key benefits of #PAXO

🔐Secure and compliant
⚖️Balanced with pool and collateral diversity for users
🪙Trustless with ultra-low fees
📈Offers high yields for asset lenders
Paxo Finance
🔥We are in the last 7 days of our exciting PAXO Finance Incentivized #Testnet program on #Polygon 👉Be one of the over 25k participants testing our protocol and #win 🏆200,000 #PAXO tokens to be won🏆 🎁Refer and #earn extra rewards🎁 Read more: bit.ly/38Qf0OC
Paxo Finance
🧾News Brief: ✨#BTC and #ETH prices recover after the U.S. FED Raised fund rates by 0.75%, the highest since 1994 ✨#MetaMask and #Phantom browser wallets for #DeFi, fix level-4 critical bugs after discovery ✨#Yahoo to launch a #metaverse event for Hong Kongers in Decentraland
Paxo Finance
State of #DeFi ✨DeFi TVL is down 70% from all-time peaks of $253 billion to $75 billion ✨Despite crypto winter, Ethereum DeFi protocols dominate with a 63% share of $47.7 billion ✨Decentralized money market protocols have the highest #TVL in #Ethereum, #Polygon and #Avalanche

⭐️10 days to go for our 1st stage of the Incentivized Testnet Program on #Polygon
⭐️Glad to have received around 25,000 registered users
⭐️More than 10,000 users have left feedback

🏆200,000 #Paxo tokens to be won.🏆

Read about the programme
👉https://t.co/OBUvTfcLI7 👈
Paxo Finance
🔥Upcoming AMA 📢 with @crypto_davy_en 🌟 $300 worth Reward Pool🏆 📆 18th June,22 ⏰ 15:00 UST 📍 discord.gg/cryptodavy Details on how to participate HERE 👉bit.ly/39BaNOT #AMA #CryptoNews #Blockchain #Paxo #DeFi #TestNet #Cryptos #cryptocurrency
🧾News Brief:

👉 BTC and ETH prices recover after the U.S. #FED Raised fund rates by 0.75%, the highest since 1994

👉 MetaMask and Phantom browser wallets for #DeFi, fix level-4 critical bugs after discovery

👉#Yahoo to launch a metaverse event for Hong Kongers in Decentraland

Найдено 20 постов