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The official Telegram broadcast channel of the Eastern Region of Patriotic Alternative.

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Breaking News – PA Scotland to create new party

Earlier today the 14 man council of PA Scotland unanimously decided to forge ahead with a new political party which will send shock waves throughout the ethno-nationalist movement.

Hard-liners north of the border have decided to take matters into their own hands to fight against the replacement of native Scots with New Scots.

The election of Humza Yousaf as Scotland’s First Minister, earlier this week was the last straw.


"We are not getting the recognition we deserve" says newly appointed Chieftain Simon Crane.

“That lot down south don’t understand or value the huge effort that goes into our weekly protests outside the Muthu Hotel in Erskine.”
“We have a sizeable presence every weekend protesting the housing of migrants here and we are winning the hearts and minds of the local folk with our professionalism, dedication and engagement.”

He added “It takes four of us to put up the gazebos, man the BBQ and keep the locals entertained and fed. Mhairi Thistle makes over 100 bannocks every weekend, Black Duncan brings in 10kg of Dundee cake and even some of the polis have routinely complimented my lorne sausage. It’s hard graft but this grassroots work is paying off.”

PA supremo Mark Collett dismissed claims this would lead to a wider breakup of PA.

“Look, these people are doing some great work but when the excitement of weekly protests wears off and their supply of Irn Bru is exhausted they will be back. We are united – there is only one PA.”

The no-nonsense architect of community politics, Kenny Smith unveiled the new symbol of PA Scotland.

“We had a long discussion into the small wee hours what best symbolized our movement. It was a close run contest between the endangered Scottish wildcat, symbolic of the plight of native Scots and a bar of Highland heather Clean and Pure Soap ™ - in the end we went for Laird Olaf Poy’s tartan; a rugged weave of blue, white and green around the edges.”

Veteran nationalist Steve Blake, Eastern Regional Organiser dismissed the breakaway move. “Having lived and worked in Scotland for best part of 15 years the country and its people have a special meaning for me. You’d have to be a naïve barmpot if you believe this one will get anywhere.”

“It’s a 24 hour folly.” He concluded.
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LIVESTREAM: PA March Update with Laura Towler
7pm UK time (2pm EST)
Join Laura Towler and I as we report on a massive month of activity for Patriotic Alternative as demonstrations take place in England, Scotland and Wales.
ODYSEE: https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/PA-Update-Mar-2023:1
DLIVE: https://dlive.tv/LauraTowler
RADIO ALBION: https://www.radioalbion.com/2020/12/players.html
ENTROPY: https://entropystream.live/app/markcollett
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PA Talk #81 LIVE TONIGHT at 8.30 pm (3.30 pm EST) with special guests Jerome, Joe and Bill from PA Wales

-Humza Yousef sworn in
-“Refugees” at RAF Scampton
-Racist countryside
-Activism of the week
-Libtard of the week
-Mean Peems Meme Team

On Odysee
and YouTube
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We in Eastern Region rounded off March with our regular monthly hike, this time through the villages of Old and New Buckenham and surrounding countryside. On our travels we visited St Martin's church and left generous donations for some of the books they had available. Donation boxes like these can only be successful in homogeneous European towns and villages and certainly wouldn't work in cities with a large non-European population. After our visit, we then sent a message that no normal person can disagree with.

We finished the hike with a well earned Sunday roast in a local pub. This, along with the hike itself, was a great opportunity to get to know the new activists who joined us for the first time on this hike.

Join us at Patriotic Alternative Eastern Region and get involved with activism to spread the message that Britain is the homeland of the ethnically British while meeting like minded people in a relaxed environment where you can speak your mind.
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Tuesday Teaser #21

This picture puzzle offers some light entertainment but also provides a learning experience about the rich history of our region.

The structure in the photograph still exists somewhere in one of the six counties which make up the Eastern region. Can you identify this monument and where it is located? Could you navigate your way to it - hint there !

No prizes for this!

Last week's teaser was a picture of the redundant water tower near Balkerne Gate in central Colchester, often referred to as the "jumbo" because of its size.
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Claire will be joining David Clews from 20:30 tonight on dlive.tv/unitynews.

Be in no doubt that this is the state using their propaganda arms to DESTROY anyone trying to earn a living if they don't hold 'acceptable' views. This will happen to all of us soon if we don't say NO!
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Tuesday Teaser #20

This picture puzzle offers some light entertainment but also provides a learning experience about the rich history of our region.

The structure in the photograph still exists somewhere in one of the six counties which make up the Eastern region. Can you identify this building and where it is located?

No prizes for this!

Last week's teaser was a picture of the west front of Peterborough Cathedral.
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Join us tonight at 7pm (UK time) for Episode 86 of Tea Time with Sam & Laura

- Was Knowsley a set-up to take down Patriotic Alternative?
- Claire Ellis joins us to discuss the recent hit piece that attacked her and her business.
- Your questions answered.

Odysee (our preferred platform): https://odysee.com/@LauraTowler:3/TeaTime086:5

DLive: https://dlive.tv/LauraTowler

Entropy: https://entropystream.live/app/LauraTowler
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On Sunday 19th March activists from Beds/Herts counties carried out a clean up of the green area around the skate park in Dunstable. From a relatively small area alone the activists were able to fill 9 bin bags of litter and some assorted larger items. Afterwards the location looked markedly cleaner and more pleasant to visit.

We wanted to continue our support of the people of Dunstable who have been forced to undergo the import of unknown foreign men into one of their prized historical landmarks, and to demonstrate that the media’s attempts to portray PA as fomenting social unrest for some kind of nefarious political agenda are pure lies.

Local skate park users who approached us were taken aback that ordinary folks would take the time specially to clean up a public space which the council are expected to do. We explained it was easy enough to do and encouraged them to do the same.

Join us and play your part: eastern@patrioticalternative.org.uk
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LIVE NOW | Don't Raise Your Children - Work Until You're Dead - Save The Migrants | Renew Britannia - 19/03/23

Odysee: https://odysee.com/@RenewBritannia:82/rb_19-03-23:4
DLive: https://dlive.tv/RenewBritannia
Sensational headlines from Essex newspaper

Patriotic Alternative activists, who live and work in the London Borough of Havering delivered over 1000 leaflets last weekend in response to genuine local concerns that the undocumented and unknown male migrants staying at the Ibis Hotel in Romford town centre may pose a risk to the safety of the community. After all in other parts of the country there have been disturbances and violent attacks carried out by male migrants staying in similar hotels at taxpayers' expense.

Local elected representatives, including Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, have done nothing to address the understandable concerns of local residents. The government is using taxpayers' money to the tune of around £7M a day to accommodate these migrants; mostly young men who have arrived in this country illegally, having passed through a dozen or more safe states in Europe before choosing to pay for their journey across the Channel.

This evening the Romford Recorder published a post on its website with the sensational and unbelievable headline that “Met Police ups Romford patrols after hate group's leaflets”


Accompanied by a photograph showing police officers from a completely different part of the country, this is lurid journalism by any measure; replete with falsehoods, quotes from extreme left-wing organisations which promote people-trafficking and a very strange quote from the Home Office which insults the intelligence of Romford residents.

“The Home Office asked the Recorder not to name the hotel, saying it would endanger guests and staff. “
As if local residents do not already know the Ibis Hotel is precisely the one mentioned in our leaflets.

The Havering borough has seen 45 instances of knife crime, consisting of 14 in January and a huge 31 in February – its highest in a month since April 2019. No surprise that locals are justifiably anxious seeing that knife crime is out of control and the Met seem unable to deal with this horrific development, yet extra officers can be dispatched to protect bogus refugees being housed and fed in the Ibis Hotel from some non-existent threat.

We must keep up the pressure on all our elected representatives. Let’s all remind Romford MP, Andrew Rosindell, that he works for us and must act on our very real concerns and demands.

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Join us for PA Talk #78 LIVE at 8.30 pm UK time (3.30 pm EST) with special guests Connor & Chris from West Mids.

- Community politics success
- Fedposters sent to prison
- Is that trans teacher an epic troll?
- Activism of the week
- Libtard of the week
- Mean Peem’s Meme Team

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Tuesday Teaser #19

This picture puzzle offers some light entertainment but also provides a learning experience about the rich history of our region.

The structure in the photograph still exists somewhere in one of the six counties which make up the Eastern region. Can you identify this building and where it is located?

No prizes for this!

Last week's teaser was a picture of Luton Hoo, a late 18th century stately home designed in the neo-classical style by the Scottish architect Robert Adam.
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Join us tonight at 7pm (UK time) for Episode 85 of Tea Time with Sam & Laura

- Cannock Anti-Migrant Hotel protest - Biggest protest yet?
- Why are they so desperate to get mums back in the workforce?
- Your questions answered.

Odysee (our preferred platform): https://odysee.com/@LauraTowler:3/TeaTime085:6

DLive: https://dlive.tv/LauraTowler

Entropy: https://entropystream.live/app/LauraTowler
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