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How to touch a girl at every stage of communication

It would seem there is nothing complicated: grab the woman, hug her, love - and she is yours😂 It’s somewhere in the ideal universe. In our universe, you would instead get a good scolding for that.

Seduction consists of right, appropriate touches and words. In this way, you let the girl know that she is sexually attractive. The main thing - everything has its time. And keep the golden path: do not bite her like a hungry hawk, but also do not talk shit about the weather and futures, ashamed to touch - such men go to the friend zone.

There are really many nerve endings in a woman's body, so nature said: you are welcome to touch her. Just a few rules:

▪️Always watch. In the early stage of the meeting, touch your girl occasionally. Be gentle, calm, and natural. First, help take off the coat on the first date, remove the curl from the face, hold the hand on the steps. If she likes it, she will touch you in return. Take her hand, touch her elbow. Did she take your attention? Then go on.

▪️Double efforts but take your time. When you break the wall, you can touch her longer. Are you walking in the park? Catch her hand, hold it for a couple of seconds, stroke her fingers. Hug her shoulders, marble something in her ear, fix her hair gently. Read her signals: she takes your arm or leans your shoulder, looks at your lips, removes the lint from your clothes. It's a green light for you.

Pause, sometimes get closer, and sometimes pull away from her. Flirting is a game, so make your rules. Treat her kindly: run your fingers through her hair, touch her face. A light kiss, no pressure. You can kiss more passionately for goodbye.

▪️You are almost at the goal. At the seduction stage, keep this up: touches, kisses, easy talks. Look at the reaction: is she excited? Now you can touch anywhere: ass, boobies, between the legs. Remember: watch her response, change activities, sometimes back off - and she will run after you, forgetting panties at home.
​​Strong and independent

How do you feel about strong women whose masculine character traits predominate over women? We wanted to discuss.

Such a girl cannot have harmonious relationships with men, because she will constantly compete with them and try to prove that “SHE CAN” (and mostly she really can, but that’s not the point).

Decisiveness, strength, courage - these qualities cause her respect, and gentleness and compromise - on the contrary, internal rejection. This is how she behaves in relationships, comparing her own results with the results of her man, and with the results of more successful "sons of her mother's friend."

Strong and independent, enjoying solving problems on her own, proving to everyone that her way of thinking is correct and effective. From that moment on, a turning point may occur in her relationship: when she proved everything to a man, he decides to give her the role of a draft horse. What's the point of doing if she does everything "faster and better"?

Solving single-handedly one task after another, dragging responsibility on herself, comparing who is better, sawing for failures is a great way to later whine to her friends how she has to carry everything alone. Such a woman with masochistic pleasure makes herself stronger and weaker the man next to her.

Basically, she has a choice. She can live the whole life alone and whine that she is alone. And she can psychologically “castrate” a man and whine that “everything by herself” Which option is better? We think the first one is both comfortable for her and doesn’t spoil men's nerves))

​​We know that in addition to members of OMG-community, we have a lot of subscribers here for the sake of posts. Some of them are girls who periodically text us with questions about how to become an OMG model (we will do a reminder post soon).

The other part, of course, the men who read the info, internally agree, but for some reason they still don’t dare to go into the bot and write to a non-virtual beauty. What can we say, you can really get hooked on such a life: when any girls, any desires and pleasures are available to you at any time, and there is no point in limiting yourself in some way. There is nothing more permanent than temporary: most users, having met a girl 1-2 times “just to try”, then get hooked on the emotions that such dates give.

Well, decide for yourself whether you need such a hobby in life or not. And on the eve of the weekend, we will remind you that there are almost 500 beauties in our bot! They are waiting to entertain you and entertain themselfs🔥

A short guide on how to stop jerking off to content and start having real fun:
1. Go to the OMG bot using the link below the photo.
2. Top up the balance and pay the subscription fee. There are options: $49.99 - a month, $129.99 - 3 months, $399.99 - a year, $999.99 - for life.
3. Choose any girl you want to spend time with. Filters by boobs size, age, weight, hair color, city and price will help you.
4. Buy her contact (about $40 on average). After paying, you open her direct messengers - phone / whatsapp / telegram. By the way, having once paid contacts, you can invite this girl as many times as you want.
5. Text to her and arrange a meeting.
6. Enjoy! Everything is here for your pleasure🍑🔥
​​Most women care about relationships. Where to find, how to attract / make fall in love / marry / return, etc. If you don’t believe us — look at the women's forums, there are wilds ...

In essence, there is nothing wrong with this: family is in the female nature and competence. Building relationships is predominantly a non-male task, but not all women realize and accept this. From here begins confusion and vacillation:
- girls agree to an open relationships …
- turn into achievers, competing for some reason with men
- become feminists, distorting the original meaning of this term — trying to get men to work on relationships in the same way as a women do

But there is no need to be under illusions. Men in this world have other tasks. Not a single normal man will tworry because of the next upcoming “serious conversation” with a woman, buy underwear to “set the old fire” or ask for advice on the forum “what to do so that my wife cooks pancakes more often.”

Men build this world, manage it, earn money, get resources and power, provide for their family and give security to loved ones. For such men our bot is created, where girls understand what the real purpose is. When all worries fade into the background, you can start building your life and future.

How often do you self-flagellate that you are already 30-40-50 years old, and you haven’t yet become rich, like Jeff Bezos or famous like Elon Musk? But you wanted to. Family doesn’t make you happy, career stands still, you don’t like the profession, to which you devoted so many years.

Ask yourself the question: how do you feel in this state? If it’s bad, if the current picture of life doesn’t suit you, but the inner voice pushes you to act, this is the clue. Even if you are 60 and have enough savings only to cover Brenson’s jacket, it's not too late, as long as there is a desire. It will be too late when all this is no longer desirable.

If you try, take actions, make mistakes, but try again, and don’t put up with hopelessness, then all the most interesting is just beginning.
​​Questionnaire for princesses👑

… who still google “how to motivate a man to give expensive gifts.”

1. Can you give your man wise advice on how to behave in this or that situation with partners? Or how to distribute investments?
2. Are you able to understand the situation when he temporarily has no money? To show tact, not to drip on the brain about an expensive vacation, so as not to cause a feeling of failure in a man?
3. Will you cook/order dinner for him in the evening if you see that he is late and tired? While maintaining a calm, relaxed atmosphere in the house?
4. Can you delve into the topics that your man is interested in? Crypto, sports, even fishing - just to understand what he is talking about and keep the conversation going a little. Something other than new clothes, Instagram, and which friend has which car.
5. Can you pay for your eyelashes, nails and eyebrows yourself, and not beg? Seriously, it's only $100-200.
6. Can you be a self-sufficient person who has two arms, two legs and a head? The head, which is used not only to shoot the same videos to someone else's audio track and scrolling TikTok. By the way, even on TikTok, people make money using their head.
7. Can you be grateful for all what a man does for you every day?
8. Can you be passionate about your life and busy with your own doings? Don't wait for him to make time for you and entertain you because "you're bored"?

Become a person, self-sufficient, irreplaceable, etc. INTERESTING, first of all, to yourself. And then you don't have to beg for gifts.
​​OMG isn’t an escort agency, but a closed dating platform where:
▪️ girls post their profiles and openly state the price of the meeting.
▪️ men pay for a subscription and get access to the catalog, as well as pay the cost of contacts of the girl they like. Further communication takes place tete-a-tete.

Everything is simple! With our platform each participant can get what he wants: men - fun, and girls - reward.

👌OMG does not charge a commission for the match, as agencies do, and does not provide intermediary services. Girls themselves post their profiles with transparent meeting conditions and prices, and men understand what they are paid for, to whom and how much. No intermediaries, managers, agents and other sufferers interfere in communication and don’t receive easy money. Girls receive rewards directly from men and in full.

Read more about what % agency managers take from girls - here and here.

👌 OMG representatives personally select the girls who apply for the questionnaire. We don’t take any girl we meet. Therefore, the platform counts about 500 girls instead of 5000, as it could be.

Join us on the button below the photo⬇️
​​What kind of men does every woman like?

A stupid question that is completely wrong and that an adult man should not have in his head. All women are different. And different women like different men.

While you are trying to please "everyone", adjust to the mass stereotypes of thinking, triggers and complexes, no one will like you. Because you don't like the most important person in your life - yourself. You don’t present yourself, your values, principles and views, which cannot and should not be liked by everyone in a row, because they are unique.

But still, there is something that everyone really likes - it’s energy. Your masculine state, confidence and passion for your own life. The secret to being attractive is when you allow yourself to be yourself and enjoy what you do.
❤ 6
​​She has not had enough

Many men are looking for a serious relationship for girls who are either completely innocent or with modest sexual experience. It’s generally considered that a girl has 2-3 partners before marriage - this is acceptable, more - ugh. Religion and society have been raising repressed complexes in men for centuries: you have to be the first and only one, God forbid she will have someone to compare with or will joke about the size. Scary!

Just a little nuance. About 200 years ago, the maximum outlook that a woman could get before marriage was dancing in a neighboring village or gossip with her girlfriends about kisses in the backyard. Now everyone has social networks, Instagram, which is full of examples of free, beautiful and confident women. They are busy with themselves, travel, go to a psychologist and ... do not really want to get married. And what's going on?

Probably everyone has a story about a friend who married a guy whom she met in school. She is a decent wife, "mother of three angels" and stuff like that. But then one day, 10 years later, at a meeting of graduates, she meets a classmate, and breaks off the golden chain. Flirting, secret correspondence, meetings at the hotels… Makes up for lost time.

Girls who know the “happiness of family life” too early are steadily drawn to try the forbidden fruits. They can suppress, hide, tolerate. But the longer you endure, the stronger then tears the roof. Much stronger than those who had time to fun in their youth.

Lack of experience is also dangerous. There are girls who seem to be smart and sedate, who, in adulthood, fell for the tricks of a pick-up artist. Such a character appears at the right moment - as a rule, when she feels slighted, misunderstood and not loved in the family. Says what she wants to hear. Does what she lacks from her husband. And due to the inexperience, she takes that «one-day toy» for the man of her life.

Marrying an innocent girl isn’t bad. But if at the same time she suppresses her nature, renounces interests and natural impulses for the sake of "I must» - someday this powder keg can explode so that it will tear off head. Both - her and yours.
❤ 5
🔥 2
​​Ugly women

In an age of feminism and body positivity, it's impolite to say that not all women are beautiful. You can try to impose on society that black is white, and a triple chin or crooked teeth is sexy. But the doesn’t change. Here's what you need to know about ugly women:

They are stupid. Since only a stupid woman, whatever the initial appearance, isn’t able to improve her face and body until the age of 25-30. We don’t take serious congenital diseases, defects, injuries, etc. An average, not very attractive girl may well earn / save money by a certain age, bring her appearance to a cosmetologist, surgeon, fitness trainer, and further down the list. But if a woman’s priorities are not a well-conditioned, heathy and tidy appearance, but a plate of salad with mayonnaise - well, no comments.

“Ugly, but a good person” - common misconception. Because a person who is ugly outside is, first of all, ugly inside. More precisely, inner light of love and self-respect, the desire for improvement, when her own appearance, charisma and health are put in priority, doesn’t come from her.

❤ 5
👍 4
👏 1
​​By and large, girls do everything in life for the sake of male attention. They sweat in the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - not because they are working on endurance or lung capacity. They work on their butts🍑 to go to a restaurant in a tight midi dress and catch you staring at her.

Cosmetology, lips, botox, keratins - all this staff is created, first of all, for women. But really, it's for men. So that we admire, crave, desire ... and get to know each other. Realize it.

Are you afraid to approach? Why, since the very morning she has already done everything to make your acquaintance happen: she put on makeup, styled her hair, put on heels, took a new photo in Instagram stories. For you to see. Well ... not you specifically, but the man who pays attention, comes up, gets to know her and turns her head. And why not?

Here you see a beauty and think that she is definitely either not alone or will refuse. In fact, 80% of spermotoxic dicks write to such girls, with their hearts, flowers, lights and comments “Sexxxyyyyy”, “I lovvveeeee youuuuu”🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍 Another 10% suffer from sexism of the brain and will not make her happy. Of the remaining 10%, half are ugly or old (or both), and another third are simply not suitable for her character.

And how many girls who are not aware of their beauty at all, are dissatisfied with themselves, dream of losing weight / pumping up their lips / growing their hair. Imagine how cool it would be if there was a man who would open her eyes to herself.

Are you afraid to approach? A simple truth: girls are also afraid that they will not get approached. Take action!
👍 8
🔥 2
❤ 1
​​You can choose ANY of 500 hotties in our bot🌹 Enjoy communication with attractive girls whenever you want - anonymously and without obligation.

Enter the OMG bot using the link below the photo and get:
▪️ Access to the database of top models, open for acquaintances and offers
▪️ Exclusive photo-video content from them
▪️ Private parties for members of the OMG community
▪️ Technical support and help with questions

How to meet an OMG girl?
You need to buy access to her contacts. After paying online, you can open her direct messengers - phone, Whatsapp, Telegram. Now you can write to her directly and suggest a date-time.

Can I try OMG for free?
You can follow this link. To do this you need to run the bot and see the FREE catalog. This is a free trial version that has 25 random girls and limited functionality.

Everything is here for your pleasure🍑🔥
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​​For a long time there was no column
"Anonymous escort responses"🔥

Ilona, ​​22 years old, escort for 1 year.
(spelling has been slightly corrected)

▪️How did you come to the escort?
I graduated from the university and had to decide what to do next. Parents sponsored me until the diploma, but then they said - you have to earn yourself. I am an economist by education, but I have never been interested in it, I went to study just for certificate. I didn't know what to do next. I went to a couple of interviews where they asked the same stupid questions, like “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, “why do you want to work in our company” ... But I didn’t want)) Especially for such a salary (less than parents gave me per month). So I realized that office work doesn't suit me, and I asked a classmate to help me reach the right people ...

▪️How much money do you get per month?
At first it was not very much, about $1500. I often refused topics, I was shy, I had few beautiful clothes. Then I relaxed, allowed myself to spend money, began to take care of myself. Now it's over $5,000. If there are tours abroad in any month, then more - men always leave good tips (I'm not shy to ask).

▪️Do women love sex as much as men?
I have no idea and I don't care at all. Less / more - what's the difference. But I can say for sure: money multiplies the pleasure of sex x10 )))

▪️How many partners did you have?
If I had been asked this question 2-3 years ago, I would have gone nuts. Too much for most girls. Too little - for those who work as an escort. I think around 20-30.

▪️Is female infidelity for love or physiology?
Sometimes for love, sometimes physiology. I didn't cheat because I didn't really have a relationship. Six months of meetings with coevals as students doesn’t count. You still don’t lead a common life, don’t have time to get bored with each other in bed. I didn’t want to cheat, and it was before the escort. Now, having tried different ones, I'm not sure that I can be faithful to someone for a long time. Although…

▪️Does a man's social status matter?
Oh yeah! There is a huge difference between students I dated before and men I spend time with now. This is a completely different energy coming from a man.

▪️What's the most expensive gift you've ever received?
To be honest, I wasn't given a car or Cartier bracelets like some of my acquaintances. But that's for now, and then we'll see how it goes) But men always give me good tips. Once during the tour I received +2000$ above. It was unexpected and pleasant.
🔥 8
❤ 3
👍 1
​​Topics not to discuss in a relationship

Your ex
Even if your current girlfriend tied you to a chair and gave you a deep blowjob, don't say a word about your ex. Even if the questions seem innocent, believe me, you will forget in 5 minutes, and she will twist this information in her head for years.

Past offenses
Disagreements must be resolved immediately, and not wait for half-year, like a python in an ambush, in order to squeeze the girl in the suffocating rings of vindictiveness and mumbling at the most unexpected moment.

Social networks
Both should have an iron rule: correspondence is always personal. Don't exchange Instagram passwords as a "gesture of trust", ask to change marital status on facebook, or forbid her to post photos in Agent Provocateur underpants you gave her. And then it’s not far from the Larry + Mary account. And this is already surreal.

Criticism from friends/family
“My mother didn’t like your chakhokhbili on Sunday” and other phrases leading to self-destruction. If relatives don’t like your choice but you are satisfied with everything, be kind enough to defend your position and not involve girl in this. She doesn't need this information.

Criticism of girl's close people
There is no need to express your valuable opinion that her friend Kate is a bad influence on her, Carrie has grown fat, and Jessica is stupid. The way we speak of others in their absence says more about us than about them.
👍 4
❤ 2
👎 1
🔥 1
​​5 signs of a man who hasn’t had sex for a long time

👉 1. Anger and resentment towards women
Anger is a common manifestation of frustration. Unfulfilled and suppressed desires are transformed into phrases like “all women are bitches / whores”, “there are no normal girls left”, “they all need only one thing - money”. In fact, “only one thing”needs just such a man: to have a good sex.

👉 2. Fixation on the topic of sex
When communicating with a girl, a man is overthinking about what to say to put her to bed. Instead of being yourself and enjoying pleasant company. If a man is literally obsessed with how to quickly transfer a new acquaintance into a horizontal plane, there is almost certainly not enough sex in his life. Women, by the way, feel it. And they run away from such spermotoxicosis.

👉 3. Avoiding the topic of sex
There is also a backlash to the lack of sex. When a man avoids the company of women because they are naked under their clothes. Sounds like a joke, but it happens.

👉 4. Idealization or devaluation
When a girl who doesn't reciprocate is appointed "queen of his life" and put on a pedestal. The “service to the beautiful lady” begins, instead of trying to get closer and, pardonne moi, fuck her. This is an internal justification why relations with her are impossible - she is a queen and with queens mere mortals must keep their distance.
And vice versa, the search for flaws and the artificially caused devaluation of the girl is an attempt to reduce the pressure of a certain natural need.

👉 5. Moralizing
“Sex without closeness of souls isn’t for me”, “now everything is for sale, I’m tired of the consumer society”, “girls like bad guys who use them, but I’m not like that.” There is a lot of unliberated, hard-to-hold energy in making something complex out of simple things. It's good when such energy is channeled into a career and creativity. Bad - when into porn and handjob😏

In general, it’s not necessary to aggravate. For men's health - physical and mental - regular sex is important. So let it be!
❤ 9
🤔 3
🔥 1
​​“The room smells of sandalwood and amber, and something rough, reminiscent of the smell of car leather. The light is muted. The column flickers to the beat of Jay Aliyev and casts pinkish reflections on Dasha's back. She is completely naked, thrilled, vulnerable, lying on her stomach on the king-size bed. Her long dark hair tangled and stuck to forehead. Dasha is breathing often. Her fingers convulsively squeeze the pillow, perspiration protruding from her upper lip. Legs spread wide, but I won't touch what's in between. I want her to satisfy herself first. Or…?

Vixie comes out of the bathroom in nothing but panties and a choker. She looks at the girl in bed so hot that I don’t know who she wants more - me or Dasha. Come what may! Let the girls play a little before the main dish. Watching Vixie slowly approach Dasha's spread legs, I unfasten my belt ... "

You can write a sequel yourself, whatever you want. By the way, Dasha and Vixie are real girls and they are in OMG😈
❤ 5
👍 4
🔥 3
​​🔥3 random facts about OMG you didn't know🔥

1. For six months of using the OMG bot, men save an average of ~ $ 6480 on the services of escort agencies.
This is because the girls place their profiles in OMG directly. Accordingly, the cost of the meeting is indicated "net", without commissions to managers, agents and other freeloaders.
On average, our users meet girls 1-2 times a month. The cost of a meeting in a decent escort agency starts from $1200 per evening (usually more). Subtract from this amount 60% of the commission to the manager, multiply by 6-12 times - and you will get your benefit in six months.

Read more about what percentage agency managers take from girls here and here.
About how it works and how it supports the functionality of OMG - here and here.

2. More than 65% of our users pay for the subscription and contacts of girls through crypto.
You can pay in BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, money is credited to the balance within 10 minutes. We recommend topping up from $100 - this is enough for a monthly subscription and contacts of 2-3 beauties.
Someone now thought that it would be convenient if the meetings with the girls themselves could be paid for with a crypt. But then we would cease to be an online platform, but become an ordinary brothel. And we are not like that

3. Men spend 10-15% of the funds on the balance sheet monthly on media girls.
Our models upload explicit photo and video content that can be opened for a nominal amount. Such an onlifance at the minimum. And there is something to see, believe me😈

You can try the free version of OMG and poke the functionality at this link.
You can buy an OMG subscription and poke live girls here, as well as by clicking the button under the photo.

Have a nice experience💦
❤ 9
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​​Baby face or dissolute whores, slim models or yummy forms, innocent blondies or slutty fire witches — relax in the company of the most beautiful OMG girls!

There are already almost 500 beauties in our bot😎 80% of our models are exclusive and have not been featured in escort agency catalogs. Enjoy intimacy with uninhibited and wild babes whenever you want - anonymously and without obligation.

You can find a girl and contact her directly to arrange a meeting. This is the essence of OMG - to make dating transparent and simple.

How to do it?
1. Go to the OMG bot using the link below the photo.
2. Top up the balance and pay the subscription fee. There are options: $20 - a month, $40 - 3 months, $300 - for life.
3. Choose any girl you want to spend time with. Filters by boobs size, age, weight, hair color, city and price will help you.
4. Buy her contact (about $40 on average). After paying, you open her direct messengers - phone / whatsapp / telegram. By the way, having once paid contacts, you can invite this girl as many times as you want.
5. Text to her and arrange a meeting.
6. Enjoy! Everything is here for your pleasure🍑🔥

Any questions? Text 👉 @omgsupport_1
❤ 7
🔥 3
​​How to understand the sexual temperament of a girl by her appearance

Big buttocks are less sensitive to spanking than flat ones, green-eyed women are more likely to fake an orgasm, and blondes are better at smelling even the barely perceptible smell of sperm than brunettes. A collection of facts from researchers at the Kinsey Institute about women, touch and orgasms.

Hypersthenic type - full-bodied women with wide hips - want sex most often. By the way, they most often cheat on their partners. Normosthenic type - standard in every way, the golden mean. Thin-boned, slender women of classic model appearance have a relatively low libido.

Considered to be that brown eyes are a sign of passion, and blue ones are a sign of innocence. In fact, there is no correlation here. Among the OMG girls there are blue-eyed ones who can make to the man such a «sky in the stars» that a rare brown-eyed beauty will repeat😉

Blondes are not fans of hardcore - they are the worst perceive sex games with violence and BDSM. Redhead women are very temperamental. This is not speculation, but statistics. Marry a natural redhead and have sex in your house twice as often as with the same blonde.

Body hair
Laser hair removal gives men less and less chance to figure it out. But naturally, the more hairs woman has, for example, on her arm, the more male hormones she has. So, the more likely that she will agree to go to your place to look at the collection of postage stamps.

Long and thin or short - there is no difference, except aesthetic. But you need to look at the finger color: if her pads are pinker than the girl’s palms, this indicates their increased sensitivity.

Small nipples not only look beautiful, but also react more sensitive to touch. This is because the concentration of nerve endings in them is maximum. For the same reason, large nipples should be caressed more hard.
A sign of a woman's high sexuality is when the nipple quickly changes shape under the influence of temperature, touch and even her thoughts) So the attractiveness of girls with erect nipples has a subconscious meaning.

Well, we have given a direction for fantasies, it's a sin not to use it. According to the new introductions, which of OMG girls do you think will be the hottest?🔥
❤ 6
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