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@donediving bc (#yura.)
🗳 [ HFW ] halo apakah berkenan untuk sfs main acc dengan @sweetkianaa silahkan menaruh @.username di displayname mu, tapi sebelum itu untuk admn upsubs, tukang deak, asal unsubs tanpa konfirmasi dan tidak mengasihkan feedback yang setimpal DNI

- koko. sal¡ma @drgskiddoo
- Jex. @iJexter

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🗳 [HFW] hello i'm fay (@faynnie) and my partner, jack (@lleeidonghyuck) looking for new moots. don't forget to put @.id on your display name⚠️

note) if you homophobic, rprl channel, store/sq, problematic, racist, side account, rarely active/diving, Admin upsubs, please DNI

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𝐏AGE O1 : due @Telegram's, I declare that I am not the real Seol Yoon Ah. and I have nothing to do with the real Seol Yoon Ah or the company, Jyp Entertainment. I declare that this channel and account is for roleplayer purposes only and I only use Seol Yoon Ah as visualization and to promote it only in this Roleplayer world.

𝐏AGE O2 : do not steal or plagiarize anything on this channel because everything I post on this channel is not purely mine. some of the media on this channel are from Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.

𝐃Si/DNI : don't interact with me if you are homophobic, grammar cop, hater, #rprl area, fake side account/main account, seldom dives, hater, racist person, plagiarism. feel free to unsubscribe then remove my account from your channel.
ㅤㅤ𝓣he 𝓟rettiest𝓦oman ー here she is, the prettiest girl in the universe. she was born on January 26, 2004 with her unique beauty. she have an very unique, charming and elegant visual. many man have tried to make her fall in love, but she prefers to reject them. That beautiful girl named 𝐒eol 𝐘oona.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 𝐀yura 𝐘arischa
Видео/гифка, 3 сек,
merinding gue nonton the lord of the ring
⠀⠀𝐒pring in the city of Changwon, South Korea. This morning, a beautiful woman named Jang Gyuri woke up from her sleep, the alarm was already ringing in the morning. Gyuri then prepared herself to go to Changwon city, a very beautiful city to enjoy spring. Changwon City is indeed the right city to see a lot of cherry blossoms in bloom, with very very beautiful colors, Gyuri really looks forward to spring, because she really likes it when spring arrives. It's really nice to see the flowers, especially the beautiful Sakura flowers. Gyuri really likes flowers, today Gyuri is really neat. With her long hair, wearing a white outfit that really suits Gyuri.

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