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सोनापुर मेघायल जो सिलचर जाने वाले रास्ते पर हुआ लैंड्सलाइड जिससे लोग फस गए, दलदल वाला पानी है जिसमें लोग बमुश्किल निकल पा रहे हैं।

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Видео/гифка, 30 сек,
The Dutch East India Company, officially the United East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie; VOC), was a multinational corporation founded by a government-directed consolidation of several rival Dutch trading companies (voorcompagnieën) in the early 17th century.

European colonial expansion introduced the system of Western slavery to the Cape. In many places slavery went hand in hand with colonialism. The Cape was colonised by the Dutch East India Company, better known as the VOC (short for Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) in the mid-17th century.

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सियासी गेंद है ये ऐसे ही टप्पे खाती रहती है आजकल, नज़रें टिकें उससे पहले कहीं और ।
और जनता बेचारी अलग टप्पे खा रही है

मदारी अनपढ़ होता है... लेकिन पढे़-लिखों से ताली बजवाता हैं... समझे इंडिया या नही

ओर विस्तार में समझाए😂😂😂

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There are three parts that make up a hip bone - the ilium, ischium and the pubis.

The two hip bones are joined at the pubis symphysis with the pelvic part of the spine, the sacrum & coccyx.

Each hip bone is connected to a corresponding femur bone with a ball and socket joint.

Together they make up the skeletal structure of the pelvis.

There are visual differences in a biological male and a biological female’s pelvic skeletal structure.

We are bipeds, we walk on two legs and two feet.

A biological male’s pelvis design is the most efficient way for a biped to walk.

A biological female’s pelvis design is the most efficient way to walk while pregnant, carry the weight of a fully gestated baby in the womb and give birth.

The Kali Yuga, in Hinduism, is the fourth and worst of the four yugas (world ages) in a Yuga Cycle.

Kali Yuga is considered to be the age of darkness and ignorance.
People will be on the wrong paths of dishonesty and treachery. There will be less values, unrestrained sexual indulgences, hypocrisies, family bonds get detached and the society is run through manipulation.

The Prophecies
In relation to rulers:
-Rules will only focus on themselves
-Rulers will not use logic; will levy heavy taxes in an unfair manner
-Rulers won’t focus on spiritualism or any spiritual dangers to the world
-People will start migrating because of the rulers

Human relationships:
-Greed will be common. Ignorance will prevail.
-Crime and murder will be common without any justification
-Lust will be a socially acceptable thing

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Vitruvian Man and Divine Proportion

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man was originally an illustration for a book on the works of the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (first century B.C.), who designed many of the most beautiful temples in Rome.

Describing how a temple should be planned and built, Vitruvius wrote:

The planning of temples depends upon symmetry: and the method of this architects must diligently apprehend. It arises from proportion (which in Greek is called analogia). Proportion consists of
taking a fixed module, in each case, both for the parts of a building and for the whole, by which the method of symmetry is put to practice.

For without symmetry and proportion no temple can have a regular plan; that is, it must have an exact proportion worked out after the fashion of the members of a finely shaped human body.

In this passage is found the key to the composition of ancient architecture, which was firmly revived in the Renaissance.

Our Human Divine Connection was taken down. Our Divine Higher purpose was reduced to slaves & trapped in an illusion of fear. The church created a sinful death belief system of one life to live only & erased the law of reincarnation. Connections to our Higher Self & Ascended Masters were ceased & hidden behind the veils of amnesia. Humans were trapped in centuries of generational pain that was manifested by dark energies, belief systems & projections of fear, death & the lack of self worth.

A field of low vibrations that recycled fear, shame, guilt & pain — dependent on their matrix systems of religion, government, education, food, medical, information & entertainment. This Mind Body & Spirit was manipulated to an illusion of freedom but in reality, living in mental prisons of 9-5 liner sheep life.

When humans awaken energetically, to the knowledge & connection to our planet’s let lines & grid system, we can start the deprogramming process, release the traumas & start mastering our energy, reconnect & stand in Divine Light. We are old souls who have experienced repeated episodes of reincarnations over & over. This time it’s different. This time we fulfill the prophecy. This time we awaken with Earth. The dark forces of this planet were being drastically weakened like never in the history of this planet.

Watch the planetary activities in the water, sky & land. Earth is being returned to its original state of being & purpose. You are the bridge of Heaven & Earth. Heaven is a place we create together here & now. It is time to ascend & raise the frequency within ourselves & the whole planet. We are here to transmute any & all dark energies from Dark to Light. ✨👁✨

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Найдено 445 постов