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It is an interesting number. Here are some funny math interesting facts about this number 2519. Enjoy the Facts.

2519 Mod n means the reminder of 2519/n, here is the integer division. 2519 Mod n

2519 Mod 2 = 1

2519 Mod 3 = 2

2519 Mod 4 = 3

2519 Mod 5 = 4

2519 Mod 6 = 5

2519 Mod 7=6

2519 Mod 8 = 7

2519 Mod 9= 8

2519 Mod 10 = 9

Sequential Numbers with 2519

1259 x 2 + 1 = 2519

839 x 3 + 2 = 2519

629 x 4 + 3 = 2519

503 x 5 + 4 = 2519

419 x 6 + 5 = 2519

359 x 7 +6 = 2519

314x8+7= 2519

279 x 9+8= 2519
251 x 10 + 9 = 2519

This is a funny interesting part of maths. Enjoy it with Fun!
Age calculation Tricks:

Step1 Multiply the first number of the age by 5. (If <10, ex 5, consider it as 05. If it is > 100, ex: 102, then take 10 as the first digit, 2 as the second one.)

Step2: Add 3 to the result.

Step3: Double the answer.

Step4 Add the second digit of the number with the result.

Step5 Subtract 6 from it.

(a) Ask someone to write on a piece of paper (so you can't see it) a large number (I suggest 5 digits to start with).

(b) Ask them to rearrange the digits in that number and write it above the first number if it is larger but below it if smaller.

(c) Then tell them to subtract the two numbers (they can use a calculator if they wish).

(d) Ask them to circle any digit in

the result except zero.

(e) They can then read out (slowly), all the other digits in random order. And you will tell them what the digit is that they circled.

(f) To find the missing digit, simply add up all the digits that they give you - repeatedly - until a single digit 1 to 9 is obtained. If this value is 9, then the number they circled was 9.Otherwise, add a value to the number until it is 9. This value is the number they circled! e.g. If the digits are 9, 8, 8 and 4, then 9+8+8+4=29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2. 9-2=7. Therefore the number circled was 7.

QUESTION:Find the Angle between hands at 5:30

SOLUTION:So here's a simple trick

for it

Suppose the time isX : Y min

Angle between X and Y

=I(X*30)-((Y*11)/2)| Angle between hands at 5:30

Step 1:X=5, Y=30

Step 2: 5*30 =150

Step 3: (30*11)/2 = 165
Step 4: 165-150=15

Thus, angle between hands at 5:30 is15 degrees.@maths_sorcerer
Movies 🎥 for Math lover (Part - 4)

1. The martian :- Its one of best STEM movie ever. There are countless scenes where protagonist has to use mathematics and its reasoning to overcome challenges and advance his quest for survival. If you are wondering that math can take you places, then watch it .

2. Stand and Deliver :- It tells the story of a high school mathematics teacher who takes a class of losers and potential dropouts and transforms them, in the course of one school year, into kids who have learned so much that 18 of them are able to pass a tough college credit calculus exam.

3. Moneyball :-It demonstrates the tremendous role that mathematics plays in professional sports. Showing the full movie will give your kids a better idea of how mathematics applies to the real world as well as possible career paths, such as becoming a Major League Baseball scout, that require a deep understanding of applied mathematics.

Previous part :-here
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Rohit said to his grandmother ," my age is equal to the last two digits of my year of birth " in year 1942.
To this, his grandmother said," it is true in my case also." Rohit was confused 🤯 , help him to figure it 😇

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We have brought you testbook series with extra 25% discount

Avail discount on this course using coupon code ZG8S4T 😊
🤯 Riddle 1.0 🤯

A small number of cards has been lost from a complete pack. If I deal among four people, three cards remain. If I deal among three people, two remain and if I deal among five people, two cards remain. How many cards are there? 🤔

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The terminology dilemma

This debate is going on for a long time now. But the answer depends on which part of the world you are in. Americans called mathematics 'math', saying that the function of the same is a singular noun and with that logic, they prefer saying 'math', which is singular too. On the other hand, speakers of British English would always say 'maths', as in 'I have a degree in maths'.

However, there are logical arguments for both the spellings. The Oxford and the Merriam-Webster dictionaries say the word is plural because of the letter 's' in the end. On the contrary however, it is usually used as a singular noun. For example, 'Mathematics is my favourite subject' and not 'Mathematics are my favourite subject'.

Other plural nouns that are used as if they were singular are economics, ethics, politics, gymnastics, measles and dominoes. These words, however, are not habitually shortened, making math/maths rather an unusual word.
🤯Birthday problem🤯

Ram and Shyam just became friends with Shreya, and they want to know when her birthday is. Shreya gives them a list of 10 possible dates.
May 15
May 16
May 19
June 17
June 18
July 14
July 16
August 14
August 15
August 17

She then tells Ram and Shyam separately the month and the day of her birthday respectively.

Ram: “I don’t know when Shreya’s birthday is, but I know that Shyam does not know too.“

Shyam: “At first I don’t know when her birthday is, but I know now.“

Ram : “Then I also know when her birthday is.“

When is Shreya's birthday? 🤔
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Leave your answer in comments 😇
I ordered a 9-inch Pizza. After a while, the waiter brought two 5-inch pizzas and said, the 9-inch pizza was not available and he was giving me two 5-inches Pizzas instead, and that I am getting 1 inch more for free! I requested the waiter to call the owner.

I gave him the mathematical formula ,
Circle Area = πr²
r is the radius of the circle. So, a 9-inch circle area = 63.62 sq.in. while

where π = 3.1415926,

A 5-inch circle area is 19.63 sq.in.

The two 5-inch circle areas add up to 39.26 sq.in.

said that even if he gave three pizzas, I would still lose-out.

"How can you say you are giving me an extra inch for free?"

The owner was speechless. He finally gave me 4 pizzas.

Take Maths seriously!
​​🕵️‍♂️ Meeting With Mathematician 🕵️‍♂️
(Episode :- 3)

Augusta Ada Byron(Ada lovelace ) :- She was an English mathematician who wrote an algorithm for a computing machine in the mid-1800s. She has been called “the first computer programmer.”

Ada Lovelace’s family dynamic was complicated . Her parents got separated after her birth and left England forever .Her mother insisted on having tutors teach Lovelace mathematics and science which was unusual for an aristocratic girl in the mid-1800’s as she believed that rigorous studies would prevent Lovelace from developing her fathers temperament.

Famous work:-
Ada Lovelace was always interested in scientific developments and facts.
In 1833, Lovelace was introduced to Charles Babbage through their mutual friend Mary Somerville. Later that month, Babbage showed Lovelace his prototype for his Difference engine. She was fascinated with the machine, and Babbage was impressed by Lovelace’s intellect and analytical skills. He called her “The Enchantress of Number.”

She translated Luigi Menabrea’s(Italian Engineer) article on Babbage’s Analytical Engine. She published her notes on the Analytical engine, which ended up being 3x longer than the article and more extensive than the article itself. Because of her written work, Lovelace is considered by many the first computer programmer, and her method is called the world’s first computer program.

Previous Episode:- here 😇
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A useful trick for percentages.

Did you know that x% of y = y% of x?

This can make working out percentages a much easier task. For example, try to calculate 8% of 50 in your head. Not so easy right. Now flip it and instead work out 50% of 8, I think it’s clear which is easier.
Similarly, 32% of 75 may seem difficult to calculate, but 75% of 32 seems a much easier challenge

Найдено 29 постов