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[dearest mutuals, can you help us forward this post? thank your for your kindness!]

hello moondwellers! how you guys doing? please make sure you have some spare time to stop by, because @aertheology will be open tomorrow, 1 july at 1 PM with unlimited slots! all catalogues are available in this batch, including customized design.

catalogue: https://t.me/Aertheology/6035
regulations: https://t.me/Aertheology/6033
results: https://t.me/lnfus

if you have any questions, contact us via @aelogybot. see you tmr! 👋🏻
PROMO 🦋FlyBiest𖥨ᵎᵎ
[ untuk semua relasi bisnis, dapatkah Anda membantu saya untuk meneruskan ini? saya sangat berterima kasih atas kebaikanmu! ]


🦋mau ngasih hadiah ke temen tapi ngga ada yang sesuai selera? padahal udah cari ke sana-sini? waduhh, coba ke @flybiest! ada icons, art commis, dan corat-coret foto. santuyyy, nanti bakalan dikasih tawaran harga spesial buat kamu loh!

♡〃promo 15% untuk icons
♡〃promo 10% untuk art commis
♡〃promo 15% untuk set up ba
♡〃harga spesial scribble hanya 1.000!
Bonjour! Various PROMO on @KedaiSilvonce are beautifully painted on canvas, complete with knickknacks that pique anyone's curiosity in seeing them. We provide a variety of promotions, including:

━ 1 Nokos = 1.800/verif
━ 2 Nokos = 3.600/verif
━ 3 Nokos = 5.400/verif
━ 4 Nokos = 7.200/verif

━ 1 nokos = 4.000
━ 2 nokos = 6.000
━ 3 nokos = 9.000
━ 4 nokos = 13.000
n) sudah termasuk rate

ⵌ★⸃ UPSUBS & UPMEMBִ ۫ ⋆
━ 175 + 25 subs = 5k
━ 375 + 25 subs = 10k
━ 575 + 25 subs = 15k
━ 875 + 25 subs = 20k
━ 975 + 25 subs = 25k
n.) untuk subs awal 5k++ kena fee tambahan 2k (berlaku kelipatan)
━ 100 + 25 subs = 5k
━ 200 + 25 subs = 10k
━ 300 + 25 subs = 15k
halo, saya udah nerima orderan in rush lagi ya! kalau bot slr terus lagi buru buru bisa chat @gfanteng thank u!
Dochan rent
[ To everyone who reads and sees this message please forward it up to your channel especially if you are our mutual ba, thank you bro and sist! ]

𝕳ello telelings, blissful day precious soul. A comfortable place for some people here is now open for the first time, we will do an open batch for the first time on June 15, 2022 at 00.00! Yeah, the strong men’s association here will be able to give you a 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩 kind of affection from the others. Like in heaven like Adam and Eve, sharing a love story with one of our talented talents. Exactly, our talents is full of eye-catching talent; they are classy and can equal you. For that, let’s immediately check @vwithlove for more details. Don’t miss it, this is your chance to enter the happy darkness. Don’t forget to read our regulations and slot available before ordering.
Calupse: Open
{O’ dignified affiliation, written in deep love I beg your kindness to spread this mail to your business channel, gracias!}

delusions slowly pierced the existing narrative, the poems that were sung some time ago began to fade from hearing. an increasingly random flare of thought, compiling each chronology of reminiscence; a dream of selfless hope coming from @calupse shines. filled with a sense of pride on June 11th at 13:00 WIB , a shining star will be opened, dedication to every hope that exists. please read the regulations first and check some of the best catalogue from the sun's, the end of the grateful declaration, if you are interested in transacting let's call @Salindiaa.
dozy tied x closee
᯽ greetings, ignited mutuals! it'd be wonderful if you'd all like to forward this message so it reaches an audience, thank you very much!

shall we set our heart ablaze? @DOZYTIED will be opening on [11 JUNE AT 10.00 AM], the wait is finally over. with a collection of moodboards and layouts ready to be bought, we usher you in, and invite you on a cordial day to stride through realities. you may contact 📞 @dozytiedbot for further detail.

Найдено 9 постов