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Just heard some more info, fuck that tsunami shit lmao. It's a way for scammer cliff to wash his stolen funds out of shinja. What a guy
Also, this tsunami is shinja apparently but its the scammer side of it. So as I said before, be careful.
Deleted my post about osamus mistakes because fucking hell. They're working hard, rectifying errors and mooning. Could be the start of something great. I'm still holding my full bags and it's nearly a 2x from the 90k entry I called.

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Lmao shit on me as much as u want, just protecting my people
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Tsunami. See everyone saying shinja team confirmed. It's not. Lmao
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Wellll I never 😂 Eric Cryptoman still has pull. Lfg 😂 didn't touch my bag all the way down
⚡ Net️work: Ethereum
💰 Price: $0.00088353
📈 1h: 64.09%
📈 24h: 2,775.53%
⬆️ 24h High: $0.0016125
⬇️ 24h Low: $0.000030726
📊 Volume: $106,937
💦 Liquidity (WETH): $13,066.96
💎 Market Cap (FDV): $88,353.81
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Dev worked nonstop overnight. Eric just bought. I swear, if the dev manages to pull this off he's overpowered 😂😂 gone from a lost cause to a possible ath.

Well done dev!
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All the foundations were set in place when I made this pre launch call. Saw some of the biggest names in our space ready to call.

Launched and unfortunately the ca was posted while tax was still 50 percent. Fud overcame the chat and the majority of post launch callers abandoned ship immediately.

I'm sorry guys, all I can do is my due diligence. Can't control all circumstances.

Hope u guys didn't lose too much

We make it back on the next play and the ones to come. We still up heavy for the year xx
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Launched and sat at around 90k atm. Was possible to get an entry around 60k reasonably

I know there's some caller power behind this like I said. Let's see what the power of callers can do haha
Seems to be launching in a minute by what the devs saying, get in chat
This launches today by the way guys. Lots of fake contracts floating about so be careful. Some huge callers getting on board by the looks of it. Be diligent, have a feeling this will rocket at launch. There's definitely potential for printing here though!
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Kindly no more comments on the last post.

Yours sincerely,
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Найдено 34 поста