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Celsius’ Bitcoin Liquidation Price Below $5K as Company Repays $120 Million in Debt

Celsius Network repaid $120 million to Maker, reducing the liquidation price of its DAI loan to below $5,000.
Celsius Network has made several loan repayments to reduce the threshold at which it would be forcibly liquidated.
The loan paybacks have been witnessed on vault #25977, which is said to belong to the firm. According to DeFi Explore, the company began making a string of repayments starting June 14. The latest, which is also the biggest payment (64 million DAI) since that period, happened just yesterday.

Bitcoin ‘tourists’ have been purged, only hodlers remain: Glassnode

Active addresses, entities, and transactions on the Bitcoin network are all moving sideways while the number of wallets holding at least some of the assets continues to reach new highs.
So-called “market tourists” are fleeing from Bitcoin (BTC), leaving only long-term investors holding and transacting in the top cryptocurrency, according to blockchain analytics firm Glassnode.

Bullish Candlestick Patterns
Futures Traders Opened New Positions

🔸 Bitcoin price increased 4% recently. On this pump, open Interest increased by $615million in just a few hours. This will likely result in volatility! To make a guess on which side this Open Interest is added, usually, we can take a look at Funding Rates.

🚩 Funding Rates
🔸 It doesn't give a clear signal. Funding Rates are almost neutral. This means that long and short traders are almost in balance. Leverage added to both sides (long and short) and will increase volatility in the near term
Bitcoin Using Gaussian Channel (Weekly)

🔸 Historically when the Gaussian Channel switched to red, BTC is about to print its bottom.
🚩 It took 4 weeks in 2015
🚩 6 weeks in 2018.
🔸 We've just entered the 5th week. RSI’s never been that oversold.

June: Crypto Fear & Greed Index

✅Chart says that when the market is in 'Extreme Fear' for multiple days , it indicates that market forms a bottom

🔸Dec 2018: Back to back extreme fear in the market was seem and $BTC formed a bottom near $3200.

🔸March 2020
: Again, we have seen a big block of extreme fear and BTC formed a bottom near $3800.

🔸June/July 2021
: A big big block of extreme fear and BTC bounced from $28000.

🔸June/July 2022
: It repeats as we can see a big block of extreme fear for the past month and this indicates that we are close to the season bottom.
Visa launches exclusive ‘no-limit’ Bitcoin card in UAE

As the cryptocurrency market expands, more corporations are starting to recognize the opportunities it offers and seek ways to incorporate digital assets in their operations, as well as offer crypto-related services for their customers.
One of these corporations is VISA (NYSE: V), the world’s largest payments network which launched an exclusive VIP crypto credit card called ‘bitcoinblack’ in the United Arab Emirates, a press release stated on July 3.

Dutch University recovers Bitcoin ransom payment worth 12x original value

After paying a ransom in Bitcoin (BTC) to regain access to data that was stolen by ransomware, a university in the Netherlands was able to retrieve the cryptocurrency and make a sizeable profit off of it.

Global Outlook:

▫️Asian and European market started slightly positive on Monday.

▫️US futures are trading more than 0.50% negative. US Spot Market is closed today because of US Independence Day.

❕Fed will release June FOMC minutes on July 7.

❕US CPI data on July 13. We expect high volatility in the US Market based on these data.

❕FOMC meeting on July 27.
Bitcoin and the dollar go in opposite ways

🔸 Notably, in the week ending July 3, the weekly correlation coefficient between BTC and USD fell to 0.77 below zero, the lowest level in the previous seventeen months.

🔸 In the same weekly session, Bitcoin's correlation with the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rose to 0.78 above zero.

🔸 This is partly due to how these markets have performed so far this year amid recessionary worries sparked by the Federal Reserve's benchmark rate increases to combat growing inflation.
Attention please, attack on 0xPolygon is ongoing right now!

Users see an RPC error asking users to urgently reset their seed on polygonapp.net (looks like this is wether DNS hijack or a form of a supply chain attack).

Just a scam popup to bring you to a page to put your seed.

New attack vector discovered*

* Bitcoin wallet Electrum has had this issue in the past - dishonest nodes phishing. First time on “modern chains”.

* Server certificate:
* subject: CN=polygon-rpc.com
* start date: Jul 1 07:39:10 2022 GMT (‼️)
* expire date: Sep 29 07:39:09 2022 GMT
* subjectAltName: host "polygon-rpc.com" matched cert's "polygon-rpc.com"
* issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=R3

suspicious certificate, issued today by Let’sEncrypt

hat’s a Polygon RPC related issue, hijack. Please do not go to this website and do not enter your seed there!!! Be smarter then hackers! You see someone’s insists on urgency - think twice.

Use your own RPCs. You can get one for free with POKTnetwork or AlchemyPlatform!

Literally the same attack is ongoing now on Fantom!

rpc.ftm.tools is having issues at the moment and should not be used.

If you're using that RPC, please change it to the following: rpc.ankr.com/fantom

It resolves to the same IP so this is the same hacker’s actions:

rpc.ftm.tools. 78316 IN A

Stay Safe!

#blockchain #security #privacy
Polygon - MATIC 💚 (@0xPolygon) / Twitter
A global & sustainable Web3 infrastructure built on Ethereum. Build with @0xPolygonDAO. #Polygon is carbon neutral, going carbon-negative in '22 #PolygonIsGreen
News Update: First Spot Bitcoin ETF approved to launch in Europe this July

🔸 Jacobi Asset Management has announced it will launch a European spot bitcoin ETF this July. The exchange-traded fund will be named the Jacobi Bitcoin ETF and listed on Euronext Amerstdam.

Adoption still rising amidst market uncertain conditions.💪

USDT+USDC / TOTAL under the BTCUSD chart.

☑️ USDT+USDC total seen in an rising pattern
☑️ Stables overbought, crypto oversold.

🔸 Exercise caution since we are in a new monetary environment. This is currently where we are in Crypto
June 30, 2022

Market Cap.: $863,056,282,943.288
24h Volume: $64,767,739,041.33
BTC Dominance: 42.4%
ETH Dominance: 14.6%
🔸BK®.. Health Standard: 4.04 (1 to 10)
🔸BK®.. Sentiment: -22.18% (-100% to 100%)

Top Gainers
1. NMR: +107%
2. AMP: +55%
3. RLC: +31%
Top Losers
1. PROM: -18%
2. TORN: -14%
3. AUCTION: -14%

Top Gainers
1. RLCUSDT: +21.64%
2. IMXUSDT: +3.75%
Top Losers
1. LUNA2USDT: -15.87%
2. UNFIUSDT: -15.80%

1. ETH/BTC (18,934 BTC)
2. SOL/BTC (895 BTC)

Volume has increased a bit over the last 24 hours, mainly made up of BTC and ETH selling by larger market players. Retail is still net short on lower time frames, meaning that bears have pretty much exhausted most of their strength.
Swiss National Bank exec: Regulators may favor centralized stablecoins after Terra crisis

Thomas Moser hinted that regulations might take time as the current regulations would wipe out the decentralized ecosystem like DeFi.
Swiss National Bank (SNB) deputy head Thomas Muser talked to Cointelegraph editor Aaron Wood and discussed the ongoing trends in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and regulations, during the recently concluded European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022.

Unusual whale activity detected in #Bitcoin.

🔸 The supply held by entities with balance 1k-10k #BTC just saw a huge spike in demand just before the month of June ends.

Just waiting for trend reaction

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