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Baby Croc Coin (BSC) - 1.1k mc

Cheap max bags, haven’t worked with team before, Daddy Token doing ok, I have aped micro bag. Let’s send it 🍿


could be an alpha play, I have aped a bean here. No payed marketing done, solid name and bullish community. This is one to watch 🍿 (35k mc)


Da Wae | Portal
Do you know da wae?
Will repost this tommorow but keep your eye on this one:


The dev is staying anon but should be Safu, I will post update nearer the time fam

Wrecked here, if you Aped off my call drop some Txns and i’ll give a couple of you some bnb
Aped a max bag here btw, considering the ammount the team has to push this and the people in the chat that are backing this, I reckon this could do some X's (nfa)

American Floki (BSC) - 7.5k mc

Team on this has been vouched safe and their previous project hit 300k mc. I have just checked the MW and there is 25 beans in there so if marketed correctly this one could be an alpha play. It's a gamble atm due to current market conditions but I've aped a small bag.



Steven Seagull Token (BSC) - 8.5k mc

Gonna ape a decent sized bag here after the call, this launched on the weekend and the team has got a solid chart going here with a decent community too. The dev has told me they have plans for staking, NFTs and a game on the way so we could see a couple X's here. Further marketing should be coming over the next few days so this is definately one to watch 🍿📊 (Dyor, nfa)



The next 1000x meme on bsc jump on and lfg
Got a mid term play here that I like the look of
egoD (BSC) - 63k mc

Theres huge liquidity here and the guys in this TG are trying to create OG BSC Vibes. I am calling this on gambles atm as LP lock is only 1 week long. If they extend I will ape a lot more here. Let's see how it goes

Edit: LP lock now 2 weeks and marketing rolling out. This could print



Egod Entry Portal
Egod Token Entry Portal
Dev vouched as safe and several big names there:


I will ape at launch, let’s see how it goes

Credit: Braindead Ape Calls

Twitter : https://twitter.com/FukuroCoinBSC

Launched by @dvlaunch
Taken Initials and have a moonbag now we are 4x now. Tax is getting lowered soon so if you guys aren’t in we might see a good entry here ✌🏽
3x on Biverr, hats off to Krueger and the team here. Solid Launch with lots of Hype. Let’s see where they take it next ✈️

Biverr Buy!
Spent: $215.17 (1.0 BNB)
Got: 7,725 BVR
Buyer Position: New!
Price: 0.02785 (0.0001294 BNB)
MCap: $27,853
TX | Chart | Buyer | Pancakeswap
Видео/гифка, 15 сек, phone video.mp4
2x from the call here, I have to admit I am impressed with the planned utility. I grabbed a second wallet before. If this is marketed correctly we will see 100k-1m mc easy. 🍿

I got in about 9k mc here
Safe dev who works hard on his projects, huge community there already as he has built it up over the past week + unlikely to get sniped as no one knows the name of the project yet:


See you there fam


Got something here that should print afew X’s
This one’s launching tuesday, I’ve been told the team is experienced and it’s quite likely it could be a moonshot. I am going to call this on my main channel if the hype is there on Tuesday. I will most likely ape this, see you there 🍿


https://t.me/VecnaINU - launching soon
Vecna Inu Token
In 1980s Indiana, a group of young friends witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits. As they search for answers, the children unravel a series of extraordinary riches

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