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Apparently i was involved in some moonshots🤷‍♂️

Bla Bla Bla ➡️ @hodlersgemslounge

Owner: @Hodler4lifee

Gambles channel: @Hodlersgambles

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dev ussualy pushes marketing hard so lets see
This is launching in 1 hour should be safe

wait for the ussual stuff lock etc

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Optimus_AiBot

Website- https://optimus.wf/

Telegram- https://t.me/OptimusErc

Whitepaper- https://docs.optimus-ai.io/

its like aping few max bags of shib bitcoin and eth right at launch
This is launching today join tg alot of marketing planned should bring some xes just find ur entry !!

👍 2

So many retarded devs these days smh

tomorrow good team launches garanteed xes for us
❤ 7
👍 2
🔥 2
This is launching in an hour

dont know the team but they told me they working on it for weeks on the utility ..

dont blind ape wait till its renounced and locked and if u like it maybe ape a dip

imma gamble on it and ape the dip


Hi Fam shill me something nice
❤‍🔥 1
might have a eth play im watching bit high mc but alot of names in it trying to push it
Best graphics and web designer in the space and cheap to!

🔥 1
Old gas bot is dead, use @gaswatchbot ( works in dms / groups )

shill me some midnight gem bored af
X Buy!

💵 0.10 ETH ($179.95)
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🪪 0x0c6c…222a | Txn | Track
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🔘 Market Cap $28,828

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Gamble here with elons son all elon tokens mooning but still gamble dyor tho

u guys wanna have a arb play? tired of those farmer devs and this guy really wanna have a succesfull prject but needs a little bit of help
👍 3
🔥 1

Найдено 1831 пост