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The Garden Of Edens: OPEN!
The cafeteria during morning time is as busy-bustling as it always is. Students on their adolescent years clad in their uniforms are busy with eating their breakfast, pacing against the ticking clock counting each seconds closer to their next class. A flyer, one of colorful splatter of colors and emboldened writings, slipped from a senior’s hand. Coincidentally, Ellail was the one who picked it up from the pristine floor, eyebrows furrowed at its content.


One hand holding his sandwich and his mouth occupied with munching, Ellail walked away with the flyer in his hand before tossing it onto the table. He explains before Harvey nor Jasyi could open their mouth to ask, “An upperclassman dropped this. I think his name is Rogers… or something.” Jasyi snatched the flyer from Harvey’s hand out of playfulness, earning a laugh from Ellail whose mouth still full with bitten sandwich.

         Place: School of Edens’ Main Hall
         Date: September 10th, 2022
         Hour: 20.00 GMT+7

Jasyienna beams at the sheer information she’s getting, while Harvey looks at Ellail questioningly. “Alumni’s are coming too? Is this confirmed?” The boy asked which Ellail answered with a shrug. “I’ll go ask Joelle in a bit. Or Elijah. They’ll know something.” Right, the student council members.

The bell rings, alerting the trio to walk back to their classes. Harvey who kept his pace behind his two friends grinned a little, eyes peaking a glance at the flyer in hand in excitement.
didiess, hari minggunya mau ngapain?
btw dargas sdah avail lgi yah mwahh [ketchup mnjahh]
nata jamet sayangggggku anaknya @Hiddenent wrwrwrrr take a good rest n take care 4 urself pls :( ily, moooooorest.
morning didies, happy weekend.
#ConfeLove hampir aja aku ketinggalan sesi confess, btw natnat kiw kiw @baeddas
#confelove aku tau kok kamu rela bohong demi aku, sebenernya itu gambar curut kan @tjancyeol
#confelove @Dizck we love you please keep your smile 🤍
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#confelove Halo @Dizck, remember to take care of yourself, sometimes you forgot because you're too busy taking care of other people, you're important too. You derserve a stars.
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#confelove dear @Hiddenent thankyou banyak2 udh kasih gua ksempatan buat rent slah satu anakmuuu alias gua kepincut woyyyyyyy sukses truzzzz yh berowwwww [kcup mnja pke tomat] wrwrwrrr
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Найдено 96 постов