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5D Energy Update
We will appear as orbs of light in your homes, but that does not mean that we are evil or demonic. We just want to give you a message from us, so please don't be afraid of us. We know that some of you have seen our craft flying above your homes, and from recently declassified documents, we thought it was time to show ourselves openly to the people of Earth.
You Are An Earth Soldier
You are now able to take on a greater role within the Galactic Federation. We have seen you overcome many obstacles during your spiritual journey, and you have become a true spiritual warrior.
The Great Evolution Is NOW
The great evolution is now. The great evolution is never in the future. It’s always happening right now, within you and around you. If you are ready to take this evolutionary step, then the great evolution will occur in your life right now. Are you ready to grow? Are you ready to evolve?
The New State Of Cosmic Consciousness
You are now entering a thrilling new state known as cosmic consciousness, super consciousness, or the Fifth Dimension.
A Starseed's Purpose On Earth
Starseeds are here to help this planet evolve to the point of rebirth. A Starseed is a being who is seeded on Earth from other Star systems. They can understand life at a different, higher level, and they can help the Earth evolve to a higher consciousness.
Who Are The Sirians?
You have come from the stars to make sure that earth will become the brightest star for other civilizations. That's what happens when a planet's population moves from darkness to light. Their planet shines and is seen as a bright star throughout the galaxy.
The Starseed's Role
The starseeds' role is to integrate and anchor the energy of source and transfer it to individuals and groups of people via their core-generated energy: their own divine sparks. This energy assists with individual spiritual growth and facilitating an opening of the heart center.
Pleiadian Council Transmission
"We are ready for the next level of contact, and we would like to tell you a few things. Our race of beautiful beings is in service to humanity, as well as many other races." The Pleiadians
3D Timeline Expiring Now
The 3D timeline is expiring. We are witnessing its total collapse. As we are navigating through the remains of the third dimensional matrix, we are being challenged to the very core of our beliefs and emotional responses as they all are being triggered in unprecedented ways.
GF Transmission: Age Reversing Machine
"We come to you from the stars to help transform every one of you into a Fifth Dimension Being, so your light frequencies are raised to the highest possible vibration, thus creating a strong shield for this planet. We are here because of your growing consciousness; many people feel us and our presence." The Galactic Federation
Opening Of The Lions Gate Portal
The lion's gate portal brings with it an energy that can help us make massive shifts in our lives. It opens up our hearts and minds so we can begin tapping into all the amazing gifts that are waiting for us on the other side of all these life lessons.
New Message From the Galactic Federation
We are ready to provide you the tools you need to awaken from the deepest levels of yourself – from joy to embodied love, from knowing your authentic self to goodness and service. As you do this, you contribute to raising consciousness and creating a better planet.
GF: We Are Very Pleased With The Progress On Earth
All of you are strong. All of you are wise. you have all been through many battles and much trauma in your lives. It is time to take back your power now.
What Are Frequencies/Dimensions?
We are not separate from God's consciousness; therefore, there is no need for us to pray or ask for anything because it is already present within us. Our task is to become aware of its presence within us by developing greater sensitivity to subtle vibrations.
How To Live In Pure Consciousness
Meditation is about surrendering all control and expectations. As you clear your mind of thoughts and feelings, you accept that the only thing in this moment is your pure consciousness.
Loving Yourself Unconditionally-The Path To Ascension
If everyone could unconditionally love themselves, perhaps we could raise ourselves high enough in the collective consciousness to co-create a beautiful world.
The Golden Age Of Gaia Is Returning Now
The golden age of gaia is a reality that is returning to this realm. What is happening now is laying the groundwork for future generations to thrive and it's time to create a new world from the ashes of the old one now.
The Reason Why Starseeds Are On Earth
Many of you who are reading this are starseeds. Some of you have already taken the leap and are experiencing the higher vibrations, while others are still in the process of awakening to your true self. Never doubt yourselves. You are grand masters incarnated into human bodies.
Conquer Your Mind
Through mindful meditation, you can conquer your mind and improve your relationship with yourself. When you're mindful, you can identify your true self, which is the master. Once this higher self comes into existence, this master alone opens all doors to blissful living.
The First Contact Process Has Begun
You are now being asked to send out a strong energy signal into space that will be received by those who have been observing us from afar since time immemorial. They are ready and waiting for this signal, which will open up a new chapter in our history!

Найдено 41 пост