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Просмотр поста #151 от 2022-08-15 10:40:07

🇺🇸A delegation of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan for a two-day visit led by Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) as part of a larger visit to the Indo-Pacific region.

📈The growth of geopolitical tensions between China and the US will have a favorable effect on the price of gold.

👉Investment idea: buy limit XAUUSD 1780, take profit 1795.

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The British composite PMI index, which includes business activity in industry and services, is below 50 points for the second month in a row, which signals an approaching economic crisis in the United Kingdom.

👉 Investment idea: sell limit GBPJPY 160.31, take profit 159.43
🇨🇳The Central Bank of China continues the smooth devaluation of the yuan.

The geopolitical confrontation with the United States is gaining momentum. The depreciation of the yuan is favorable for the growth of incomes of Chinese exporters and negative for the incomes of American corporations.

👉Investment idea: buy limit USDCNH 7.1005, take profit 7.1455.
The US Federal Reserve has published fresh statistics on the American banking system.

💰 Dollar liquidity decreased by $154.9 billion over the past week, which is negative for the US stock market.

👉 Investment idea: sell limit #SP500 3766, take profit 3722.
September 22th

USDJPY Buy position
Support levels: 144.98 – 144.27
Resistance levels: 145.56 – 146.01

#SP500 Sell position
Support levels: 3737 – 3659
Resistance levels: 3810– 3868
📉 ETHUSD has fallen by 28.6% over the past 10 days.

The downtrend is gaining momentum and the breakdown of the support level of 1216 allows us to count on a decline in quotations in the area of 1122.

👉 Investment idea: sell ETHUSD 1210, take profit 1122
The US Federal Reserve on Wednesday evening, as expected, raised the discount rate by 0.75% and promised to raise the rate by another 1.25% by the end of the year.

🤵 ‍ ♂ ️“My main message is that the FOMC is determined to reduce inflation,” Powell said during a press conference.

Further aggressive growth in interest rates is negative for the US stock market.

👉 Investment idea: sell limit #NQ100 11611, take profit 11450.
🇺🇸The yield of US 10-year government bonds broke through a forty-year downtrend and rushed up, which is negative for the precious metals market.

📉We expect gold to decline to the nearest support level of 1655.

👉 Investment idea: sell limit XAUUSD 1676, take profit 1655.
🧮According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, EU countries need to fill storage facilities with another 12 billion m³, but with the most favorable outcome, Europeans will be able to pump 9 billion m³. But even this scenario can only be realized if American and Australian energy companies can increase the supply of liquefied natural gas.

📊Thus, we expect high demand for blue fuel in the next few weeks, which forces consumers to increase gas prices. Price competition between Europe and Asia is now very high, forcing all consumers to raise energy prices.

👉Investment idea: buy limit #GAS 7.825, take profit 8.5200.
📉 ADX and Bollinger Bands technical indicators show the development of an uptrend in the DAX30 stock index.

📊The target of the movement will be a renewal of this year's low located at 12371.

👉 Investment idea: sell limit #DAX30 12588, take profit 12371.
🇺🇸🇯🇵US 2-year government bond yields hit their highest since September 2007, which is good for USDJPY quotes as the yield gap between US and Japanese bonds is so large that it leaves traders no choice but to buy the dollar.

👉 Investment idea: buy limit USDJPY 143.28, take profit 143.79.
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