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EUR/AUD H1 Buy 1.4492
SL 1.4408
TP 1.4640

EUR/GBP H1 Buy 0.8414
SL 0.8395
TP 0.8460

NZD/USD H1 Buy 0.6325
SL 0.6286
TP 0.6408
📉Bitcoin is trading near the upper limit according to the Bollinger Bands indicator, which is advisable to use to open sell positions.

🇺🇸The US Treasury will today hold another round of auctions for the placement of treasury bonds in the amount of $30 billion, which will reduce the surplus of dollar liquidity in the financial system. The withdrawal of liquidity has traditionally had a negative impact on the value of bitcoin.

👉Investment idea: sell limit BTCUSD 24715, take profit 22672.
August 16th

USDCNH Sell position
Support levels: 6.7720 – 6.7540
Resistance levels: 6.8270 – 6.8450

#BRENT Buy position
Support levels: 91.44– 90.08
Resistance levels: 94.37 – 96.79
🇪🇺The cost of natural gas in Europe has reached $2,450 per thousand cubic meters. The indicator is one step away from the historical maximum, and in the coming days we can see a new record for prices.

📈Such dynamics is positive for American gas, which now costs almost 8 times cheaper than European. The difference in prices will gradually narrow as US energy companies increase gas exports to the European market, which will lead to a reduction in blue fuel stocks in US storage facilities.

👉Investment idea: buy limit #GAS 8.845, take profit 9.091.
🇬🇧🇺🇸The growth of the yield spread between short-term UK and US government bonds will have a positive impact on the value of the British currency.

👉 Investment idea: buy limit GBPUSD 1.1990, take profit 1.2052.

AUD/USD H1 Buy 0.7022
SL 0.6968
TP 0.7120

GBP/USD H1 Sell 1.2068
SL 1.2125
TP 1.1964
1️⃣ 🇨🇰 Reserve Bank of New Zealand rate decision on Wednesday. According to forecasts, the key rate will be increased from 2.5% to 3%. If expectations come true, the New Zealand dollar will have the opportunity to strengthen its positions, which could lead to an increase in the NZD/USD pair to 0.6500.

2️⃣ 📊 England inflation data on Wednesday. Analysts predict inflation to rise to 9.8%, which will accelerate the process of sliding the economy into recession. Against this background, the GBP/USD pair may fall to 1.1900.

3️⃣🛢Data on US oil inventories on Wednesday. It is expected that stocks of oil and oil products rose last week, which could put additional pressure on Brent and WTI, provoking a decrease in their value to $92 and $85 respectively;

4️⃣ 🇺🇸 Minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday. According to forecasts, the US regulator will once again signal its readiness for further rate hikes in order to fight inflation. Against this background, the dollar index (DXY) may test 107.00;

EUR/GBP H1 Sell 0.8451
SL 0.8482
TP 0.8400
🇨🇳The People's Bank of China unexpectedly lowered its key interest rates today in an attempt to prop up a collapsing economy weighed down by covid restrictions and a deepening real estate downturn.
The Central Bank cut the rate on its one-year loans by 10 basis points to 2.75%, and the seven-day reverse repo rate to 2% from 2.1%.

👉Investment idea: sell limit #HSI 20313, take profit 19889.
August 15th

USDCNH Buy position
Support levels: 6.7610 – 6.7490
Resistance levels: 6.7915 – 6.8025

GBPUSD Sell position
Support levels: 1.2058– 1.1970
Resistance levels: 1.2161 – 1.2210
🇺🇸A delegation of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan for a two-day visit led by Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) as part of a larger visit to the Indo-Pacific region.

📈The growth of geopolitical tensions between China and the US will have a favorable effect on the price of gold.

👉Investment idea: buy limit XAUUSD 1780, take profit 1795.

EUR/USD H1 Buy 1.0279
SL 1.0220
TP 1.0380

🇺🇸 Walt Disney Co. (DIS) hold positions near April highs at $117.50.

1️⃣ Prices are supported by the company's positive corporate reporting for the second quarter, as well as July inflation data in the US. In particular, earnings per share amounted to $1.09 instead of the previous $0.96, and revenue reached $21.5 billion against preliminary estimates of $20.96 billion.

2️⃣ Investors were also pleased with the significant growth in subscribers of streaming services The Walt Disney Co. in general, the company's services are now used by 221 million people, which exceeded the figure of the main competitor Netflix Inc.

📈Analysts recommend buying DIS shares with a target of $135.

🪙Ethereum maintains a positive trend and is being quoted near $1900.

☝️The ETH/USD pair is supported by the expectations that the Ethereum network will soon switch to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) proof algorithm, to which the largest Goerli test network was recently transferred. Users are now looking forward to September 15 or 16 when the Ethereum mainnet is expected to switch to PoS. After the activation of the update, most experts predict an increase in the bullish dynamics of the asset.

📊According to CoinShares, major market players invested $16.3 million in ETH-based funds last week alone, and the positive dynamics has been maintained for the seventh week in a row.

📈Analysts recommend buying ETH/USD with a target of $2500.

GBP/CAD H1 Sell 1.5486
SL 1.5523
TP 1.5401

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