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Nobody is getting ignored ! Unexpected events popped up will be all answered by tmr night/ early Monday.
I’m sorry guys… lil medical emergency will be getting back to you all in a few
I’m gonna clear you guys in a few woke up feelin like ass.
Availability List 3/29/23

Banana OG - $200
Lemon OG - $225
Pineapple Gruntz - $275
Miracle OG - $300
Gorilla Glue - $325
Fire OG - $350
Cereal Milk - $375
Fire OG - $400
Lava Cake - $400
Black Diamond - $475
Purple Punch - $500
Cookie Puffz - $500
OG Cake - $500
Mochi Gelato - $550
Red Runtz - $700
Space Cake - $750
Zlurricane - $750
Gruntz - $750
Gelonade - $750
Jokerz - $800
Strawberry Cough - $800
Black Cherry Gelato - $850
Sharklatto - $900
Sour Diesel - 1300

Personal Add-ons
Personal 8-Eighth Ounce - $275 OZ
Personal C.P Flower - $200 OZ
Personal C.P Flower (SM) - $90 1/2 OZ

OTHER THC/Shroom Products
🍄 APE - 1K
🍄 DCM- 1K
🍄 Enigma - 1350
🍄 Makilla - 1K
🍄 Hillbilly -1150
🍄 GOLIATH - 1050
🍄 LTC - 1K
🍄 Penis Envy - 1K
🍄 GHOST - 1K
🍄 TPB - 1150
Real Cali Plug x The clique Carts - 13.5
Budget Carts @$7.5
Budget Edibles @$4
🍄Polka Dot Chocolate Bars @$10
🍄Polka Dot Gummies @$10
ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED ! Local #s are 100-200 cheaper !

Availability list will be posted as well tonight guys I promise ! Indoors will be in this weekend/next week ! Until then we can work pre orders on indoors.
Sorry for long message y’all just easier to make things clear on here instead of texting all of y’all same message. There is so many of you guys to handle . I wake up to minimum 50-60 messages a day no exaggeration. We got you guys and forever will. 💯✅
These are just orders that were made today . 448 Family is going completely crazy we apologize if responses have been delayed ! We been working on intowns and shipping orders in the past month more than ever. We will be hiring new workers soon to get motion as fast as possible. If we not answering we always working. ALWAYS ! We appreciate all the new and loyal customers you guys been going completely crazy. We are trying our best to keep it same day/next day shipping. But with the demand lately latest a pack will get sent out is 48 hours ! If you are a type to rush we advice overnight and to make sure you put in your order ATLEAST 24 hours before. No more overnights on the same day for anyone. Not fair for the people who been waiting. Of course If we are able to overnight you same day we will but if we can’t you have to understand. Again appreciate all of you guys I will be clearing and sending all tracks in the next hour or 2! Just wanted to make this PSA so everyone knows they are valued to the max ! Love❤️
Availability list coming tomorrow because I know you guys think half the menu is sold out when we have hella numbers behind almost every flavor..
The amount of indoors you guys will be seeing this weekend/ next week you all are going to lose it lol . Over. 10-15 indoor flavors incoming at the best pricing and quality.
Pineapple Gruntz ( Old Indoor )
275 A Unit
2 For $500
5 for $900
Red Runtz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
700 A Unit
400 HP
Tracks getting sent no later then 10 PST.. Again if you are rushing for a pack and usps is delayed please don’t come to us complaining we give everyone the option to make their own tracking. We know time is money. Either make that UPS tracking or make sure you make that usps order before you are fully wiped out because usps isn’t reliable for shit ! Just a lil PSA love you all
Everything on hand 🤚 don’t fall for these fake 448 accounts we will face time you anytime of the day
Only tele chat we have is @Original448
Only Snapchat is theog448
Only 2 ways to contact us no other way .
Any packs that are taking long to update give until Wednesday morning if no update by then we’ll fully insure it.. it’s only 3,4 of you so we will take take care of you !
All all tracks will be sent later tonight everyone got sent out 🙏 if we told you your locked in today we sent you out 💯
Space Cake
750 a Unit
400 HP
225 QP
LCG DN ( STEAL that I found laying around )
1050 A Unit
550 HP
300 QP
If anyone in here is a Turo host please hit me up trying to get into it need some advice

Найдено 1140 постов