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😴 Useful vocabulary to discuss sleep

It will come in handy at our today's event, so please check it in advance.

🔹 Asleep – спящий
🔹 Awake – бодрствующий
🔹 Bedtime – время ложиться спать
🔹 Disturb – беспокоить
🔹 Exhausted – измученный
🔹 To fall asleep – уснуть
🔹 To get up – просыпаться, вставать
🔹 To go to bed – идти спать
🔹 To hibernate – впадать в спячку
🔹 Insomnia – бессонница
🔹 Morning person – «жаворонок»
🔹 Night owl – «сова»
🔹 Nightmare – ночной кошмар
🔹 To oversleep – проспать
🔹 Sleep-deprived – лишенный сна
🔹 Sleeping habits – привычки сна
🔹 To sleepwalk – ходить во сне
🔹 To snore – храпеть
🔹 To take a nap – вздремнуть
🔹 To yawn – зевать
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Here we are again with a new event in the series devoted to well-being. This week's topic is about what we all cherish but sometimes feel a lack of – Sleep 😴


🔹 Watching the video
🔹 Playing the "board" game

Our meetup will take place on September 14 at 18:00 (GMT+3).

If you're ready to participate in all activities and bravely communicate with other guys, please click REGISTER on our community page. If you are a newcomer, you need to join us first.

📌 We'll send an invitation email with a MS Teams link to the first 30 people one day before the event. The recommended English level for participation is A2-B1.

Feel free to ask your questions in our cozy chat ⭐️
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🧑🏻‍💻 Useful phrases for business correspondence in English

Do you know that business emails are an essential and sometimes challenging part of a tech specialist job? While communicating, you should be accurate with grammar & spelling, be precise and polite.

We've gathered some common phrases for you to manage such emails successfully ↙️

📩 Replying: I just got your request for; as we discussed; thanks for your feedback on; thanks for your quick reply; thanks for getting back to me so quickly; thank you for reaching out.

📩 Apologizing: sorry for my late reply; sorry it took me so long to get back to you; I apologize for the late response; sorry it’s been so long since my last email.

📩 Attaching: please find (the file) attached; I'm enclosing (the file); please see the information below for more details about; I’ve attached (the file) for your review.

📩 Clarifying: I didn't quite get your point about (something); could you repeat what you said about; could you give us some more details on; could you please clarify; here are the details on; could you explain what you mean by.

📩 Approving: please let me know if this is ok with you; what are your thoughts (on something); please let me know what you think; we just need the green light.

📩 Giving bad news: unfortunately, we are unable to; I'm afraid it will not be possible to; I'm afraid that we can't; we regret to inform you that; due to (the reason), it won't be possible to; despite my best efforts.

📩 Offering help: I hope you find this helpful; let me know if you need any help; for further details; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me; please let me know.

Save the post to succeed in business correspondence 💪🏻
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🎓 Happy Knowledge Day!

We wish that your learning spirit will reveal your creative powers, inspire for new activities and enrich your personal and professional life!

To congratulate us on this day, you may pass our new Grammar quiz* devoted to 0,1,2 conditionals that we explored last week.

*Thanks Dmitry (our community enthusiast) for creating it 💜
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