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Apalagi ini tuhan
Boom! Hehehehheeh sama sama kakdeg
Kaget ada zoeya😃 tapi btw makasih zoe
Woahhh happy 400 subssss guys yippieeee, semoga sukses selalu untuk dregas store dan tetep setia jadi temen kita yaw💗💗💗
Happy 400 penduduk, hope we can be a good friends and nice moots guys!

Lagi Sebar Dosa lewat DREGAS Kaget nih! Cuma buat elu yang paling gercep, sikat sekarang! https://link.dana.id/kaget?c=s89bjnqrd&r=eGToRh
DANA Kaget buatmu
DANA Kaget cuma buat kamu yang paling gesit! Sikat sekarang!
pattrichore, open promoo
[ for my beloved mutual, or anyone who see this message. can you please forward this message, please? much obliged♥️ ]


— sharing 1 week : 10.000
— sharing 1 month : 35.000
— sharing 3 month : 95.000
— private 1 month : 165.000
— sharing 1 month : 20.000
— sharing 3 month : 35.000
— private 1 month : 35.000
— famplan 1 month : 7.000
— famplan 2 month : 15.000
— sharing 1 month : 7.000
— sharing 3 month : 10.000
— sharing 1 month : 10.000
— sharing anti limit 1 month : 13.000
— private 1 month : 6.000
— private 2 month : 8.000
— private 3 month : 10.000
— famplan 1 month : 8.000
— famplan 2 month : 14.000
— indplan 1 month : 12.000
— indplan 2 month : 20.000
— indplan 4 month : 30.000
— sharing 1 month : 7.000
— sharing 1 year : 15.000
— 1 month : 10.000
— 3 month : 15.000
— 6 month : 18.000
— 1 year : 30.000
— sistem po 100 robux: 10.000
— instan 80 robux: 13.000
berlaku kelipatan…
Ghostsboom, tomorrow!
[ howdy moots! could you pleasantly help us to forwarded this haunted message that dedicate from the unfortunate God viz it so honored must to you to forwarding this message ]

in the eventide of an exclusive Halloween viz thus petrifying and jinxed extensively of the era site and viz a historical opportunity, where on Tomorrow, July 1 2022 at 10 AM @Ghostsboom will open the gates in-to bar none of the inhabitants upon the earth viz require a lot prior to righteous and especial exigency in a system viz fright and fear too, but steadily i.e really fine inasmuch you to learn! let's inspecy our catalog https://t.me/Ghostsboom/44 which inside the forbidden old castle and our regulations were strictly guarded by the Franklin. Don't worry, it's wasn't terrible at all! if you need help @ghostsboom_bot will help you in every way.

Sincerely, @Ghostsboom!
(For my mutuals, can u forward this to your business channel? Much obliged! ♡)

✉ ✉ HIII Y'ALL! Im looking for mutual business. Main account only & i prefer wording & proffneds ba yap! lil note : my ba is going soon.

Im using @TheFairye for mutual acc, and @AngelicsArt here's my business channel! Contact @AngelicsMutualBot if u want to be my mutual! ♡ See youuu ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡
[To utter mutuals, or masses paraphrase this message, is it permitted to forward this message to your channel? Merci.]

The art association originating against the creatures of the earth is promptly re-opening a slot, @RejectMyth. For those of you, buy one of the catalogs here will get a discount of 15% (This discount will start from June 30, 2022 to July 5, 2022, so hurry up and get your slot!). Previously, please check the following completeness.

▪︎ Regulation ▫️
▫️ Catalogue ▪️

For anyone interested, head over to the place at @RejectMyth. Contact @ask919bot for other purposes.
Haneul's Clip ; besokk
[ To all my lovely ba mutuals, would you help me to share this message to your channel?, much obliged♡ ]

Rise and shine beautiful souls, cause your sunshine @Haneulsclip is finally opening their first gates on 1 July 2022 at 14.00 WIB don't forget to note it so you won't miss it!. Here you can find yourself some amazing stuff such as icons and scribble with a very affordable price🤩. Did i already told you this before? i guess no, we also have a special 20% discount for every catalogue! so what are you waiting for? come and join us to the dream world!

don't forget to check our Regulations
and here for our Catalogue and Testimonial

Hope you have a great day, and please always stay happy, sincerely @Haneulsclip.
StrayerKids Rent
(to mutuals can you forward this message on your business channel? thank you very much)

Kepada Yth. Stayers dan semuanya. Bahwa kami memiliki berita baru, yang tentunya bukan berita seputar cuaca hari ini namun berita ini adalah berita tentang... CUT!!
Kami sekeluarga @strayerkids mengucapkan "bahwa kami akan mengadakan free rent" 🎊🎊 SAY HOR HOREEEE!!!! HOR HOREEEE!!! Siapa nih yang nunggu anak lanangnya strayer kids cung 🤔👆🏻 for free rent will be held on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 18.30 WIB remember the schedule and don't miss it! Are you curious about our talent?? 🤔 So, what are you waiting for?? let's join the free rent
Fainnéant : OPEN!
[ With all due reverence and mystical enchantments, we would like relish to ask our dearest business mutuals for assistance; please, help us spread and passed on this epistle to all your business canals. ]

These notorious zenith with prognosticable benevolence along with illimitable ingenious development provide all your desiderata in the form of profile needs such as sundry kinds of icons and moodboards that are wondrous and available habitually. With the passage of time, the gates will open precisely on June 29th at 12 WIB. Preserve the date and don't miss it, kind-folks!

@FAINNEANT 𖤝 We present a table of contents to be visited regarding some of the entity attached :
I. Catalogue and guides.
II. Terms and Conditions.

Prepare your format to choose the right option regarding your needs and we definitely welcome you additionally, if you optate to ask any questions through @ConsteIlium. Getting plenary trust from you is a sure thing as our obligation, we'll wait for all of you to peregrinate here.
𝓲Jaseb! 💭🎀
ꜜ ꪮᤢ ₊ @iJaseb OPEN 🏩 ࣪₊˚・

ꗃ˖ ۫ Hello everyone, good news this morning we have opened orders, please for those who want to order send the format to the bot, include reading the regulations and remember to order with clear and detailed formats. (˵ˊᯅˋ˵)

ꔛ⬦ׄ regulations
ꔛ⬦ׄ catalogue
ꔛ⬦ׄ contact order
ꔛ⬦ׄ testimonial

˖ ࣪ 𖤐 store official hanya @iJaseb & admin @Primils, @Raavelyn only
˖ ࣪ 𖤐 harap genius saat memilih store, jika ada yang mengakui store bukan atas nama iJaseb berarti penipuan
moots yang mau hfw bisa kirim kesini yaa @Dregasu2_bot have a nice day!!!
{ To my beloved mutuals, can you help me foward this messaged to your channel, Thank you and have a nice day }

a towering high building and become one of the wonders of the world, the main part of the country of Egypt which is a beautiful monument to @Dregasu which is just about to open its gates for the first time! Surely this invites your curiosity to peek at these magical things, right? immediately look into our catalog and look forward to the special price that awaits as valuable as the top of the pyramid tower. here y'a go ::

🛕 ֪ ֹ 𖥻 TnC
🛕 ֪ ֹ 𖥻 Catalogue
🛕 ֪ ֹ 𖥻 Testimonials

elegance and satisfy isn't it? you can get this real thing at the best price! and we are definitely open for all your sweet needs, come on @Dregasu_bot or help!

≫ Wajib subs channel @dregasu terlebih dulu sebelum order

≫ Order wajib menggunakan format yang telah disediakan, dan mengisi dengan detail

≫ Melayani orderan sesuai list order yang tertera

≫ In rush ada fee tambahan 2k

≫ Jangka waktu pengerjaan orderan paling lambat 7 hari, dan untuk in rush paling lambat 5 jam

≫ Revisi max 1x, setelahnya dikenakan fee 2k/revisi

≫ Recolor hanya untuk yang available saja (tidak bisa semua catalog)

≫ Melakukan payment di awal agar terhindar dari tipu daya customer, dan hal yang tidak diinginkan lainnya

≫ Semua payment kami lakukan di bot, jika ada yang melakukan payment di room chat, pastikan kalau itu benar-benar acc admin kami

≫ Pembatalan orderan wajib menyisakan 50% uang yang dibayar dari uang yang harus dikembalikan, terlebih kalau orderan sudah diproses oleh admin kami

Be nice buyer and happy shopping
Kece2 kan iconsnya? Iya dong, start from 8.000 IDR kamu bisa dapetin 2 slides of this icons loh! dimana lagi kalau bukan di @dregasu, jangan lupa kepoin storenya dan baca tncnya ya🥳🥳
Видео/гифка, 5 сек,

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