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'Our eternity presents a classy antique product with a luxurious fashionable style. Call him @tYuta based on Yuta from NCT 127.


⊹ Before taking this username carnival, make sure you read the information below ;

01. This @tYuta based on Yuta with add letters T.
02. This username start offer from June 25th and close offer on June 29th at 20.00 WIB.
03. Starting price from 20.000 with bid 3.000 and any jump offer is allowed.
04. Serious buyer only! Big no hit and run please be smart buyer.
05. Make sure you drop the offer using the main account and make sure to join at least 3 bases (DF, MF, BM).
06. Drop your best offer at comment selection or u can join this group @OfferTYuta.
07. For payment you can go via ; SPAY, QRIS, & DANA.
08. Belongins to @dreamcll_bot of you hace special questions, you can directly ask the contact.
┈─ 𖧷 Within the personages soaring high through the zephyr, clasps epitome o' the coolness within each steps trudged to retrieve from delinquency; and they had escort personages into the safest pied-a-terre denominated below :

       ✦ @Jmisung@jmisung

✫ This username is materialized based on Jisung from NCT dream
✫ With the additionof letter M
✫ Payment is done first to prevent the act of Hit and Run, make sure that you are serious so does to give your funds on the section proffered.
✫ The amount of offer commences from 20K with the kb of 3K, make sure that you dispatch yourself that it starts on 25, June and will end at 29, June, 2022
✫ For any questions, make sure that you leave messages to the auxiliary affirmed, @icunzg
✫ Payment methods are only accessible for the sundry via Qriss, Dana & Gopay

𔓕. Jastip by @Avengersjastip
like glitch mode, the footing feels heavy. find it difficult to move, find a way back. glitch mode, it's dangerous.You've to go back, come the parallel world. So that you can escape from all this danger. electrifying situation, became frozen. You'll know who the mastermind's, Kazuha.

𖥔 @Kazugha 𖥔
𖥔 @KazuGha 𖥔
𖥔 @KaZugHa 𖥔

甚—〃 This username based on Kazuha, and the start offer starts from 19 June 2022

甚—〃 The offer starts with a price 25.000 IDR with minimum bid 4.000 IDR and don't ever try for Hit and Run, please when the offer has a budget!

甚—〃 The offer will close at 23 June 2022 to be exact at 21.00 WIB

甚—〃 Payment is made via dana and Qris otherwise you can't.

Contact : @haehlae
help change the glitch world by joining this offer system on comment section.

✺。conquer glitch mode with @Jastipnct

pemenang pertama dapat usn @najraem
Pemenang kedua @ChenChken @taeywnglee
Pemenang ke tiga @csuntuk
Pemenang wish paling menarik 10.000

- subs chanel @Dreamcollor
- forward pesan ini ke chanel sendiri dan ss bukti kamu sudah forward pesan ini ke channel milik kamu, send ke @dreamcll_bot
- drop wish untuk kamu dan untuk @DreamCollor send ke @dreamcll_bot
- drop angka, avail 1-150 di comment

end? tunggu penuh ya.
@Kazugha UFS under 220 yaaa inrush bettt ini beneran mau beli wl ama jalan jalan 😫😫

Найдено 13 постов