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After 2 jabs many have awakened...... this is what is coming now.
Be compassionate. ❤️

Add Strength to your healing..... https://rumble.com/v1fwks1--are-you-healing.html

We are in this together.
Видео/гифка, 64 сек, scared now after 2 jabs
So much happening it is mind boggling.
With Trump posting a Q post - Lara Logan and Bannon openly speaking about Q and Human Trafficking..... seems to me the time is now for the awake to unite and bring the difficult subject, human trafficking, more to the minds of the sleeping.... and we can do it in a positive manner.
ie: (watch at 1.5 speed the guy is slow)
👉 https://www.brighteon.com/420d1762-b57e-47bf-84bf-1dc8ae7fd420

☝️ #SaveTheChildren ☝️
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We have ridden the wave of information long enough.... ⏰ it is time to dive in. That takes Self Discipline 😊

Discipline » » » https://rumble.com/v1ki0p1--awaken-to-your-warrior-spirit.html

Видео/гифка, 21 сек, Are You Self Disciplined Twisted.mp4
If you noticed, with Trump re-posting a Q meme on Truth Social, with Bannon and Lara Logan openly speaking about Q as well as human trafficking, ⏰ It appears to me, the time for unified action steps taken by the awake is now.
We have road the wave of change, it is time to dive in.
This series of videos is a well laid out plan to bring Human Trafficking to the forefront and awaken those still sleeping. The strategy in this series of videos approaches the difficult subject in a positive manner. The guy is slow, so you can listen at 1.5 speed.

Video Three of Series..... We Control The Narrative. RADIO Deliberate Steps we can do as Digital Warriors, to help bring down Deep State. This is the THIRD video, of a series that share things we can
SpaceX & Elon - Way too many coincidences - Do anons understand what is about to be unleashed? We are in for one hell of a show!
Elon - I don't know who is controlling Elon's Twitter, but I will tell you with 100% confidence that it is dropping BIG COMMS - The only drop on here that he does not isolate and get a firm confirmation is drop #2403 - he paints that drop 3 times - it's the flag with no stars. If we can trust this account - I think we get are confirmations VERY SOON. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM - A WEEK TO REMEMBER - DARK TO LIGHT - BLACKOUT NECESSARY
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