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Dealing with some health issues today, been getting tagged in various groups about this coin called $SCAM which used my post in there medium article. I'm no way affiliated with the coin/project (as stated in there medium article). Just got to PC and saw was getting tagged everywhere about the coin. No its not me. Hope you all a have a great weekend.
So many funny comments. Check your wallets guys. Congrats to the winners.


Enjoy the game. I have Over 2.5 total goals in Arsenal vs Palace
Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x352a8d44a771035f63319e8bed2bfb1542e01185debf76f5caa68aa3d2e4096d. The transaction status, block confirmation, gas fee, Ether (ETH), and token transfer are shown.
Completing this giveaway shortly, last call for anymore comments guys 😆
First day of EPL is today!!! Who else is excited???? I think Arsenal will shock everyone this season. I've seen them in pre-season and they seem pretty solid, hope they lose tho lmao #GOREDDEVILS
Keep them rolling in, definitely hilarious content. Some of you don't follow directions too lol.
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Now that I'm back from vacation. Lets do a small giveaway to my people. All you have to do is comment something funny under this post and leave your Ethereum address and I will send you some gifts on the eth network. Giving away to 10 of the funniest comments, could be about anything, call outs, ruggers, influencers, stupid devs, etc ANYTHING or even something about my dumb ass lmao GO!
Parrot dev in action
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This parrot dev gotta be the most retarted dev on planet. HOW TF did he raise this amount of money???!! FFS
If these fuckers at Parrot have any sort of brain. BTW they're relaunching, so to salvage this and turn it around. List with decent LIQ at least 90% of raised funds and move taxes to 0%. Wishful thinking but they fucking won't. Lets see. Noob cash grabbing scammers.
Now I would expect the fucking TEAM these cash grabbers to buy this fucking dip with that $277,000 in there wallets. Highly unlikely, there job is done. Create copper, raise money from noobs, get a few influencers on board to shill the larp narration n get ppl to buy there garbage. List with very low amount of funds raised then run with the rest. #CASHGRAB
I expect some coppers to start listing with higher liq now after these rants. They will still rug you. Just like I was ranting for days about high taxes and shit. Can't believe we used to ape coins with 35% round trip tax. Hopefully we can say this about coppers in a few weeks like damn " I can't believe we used to ape copper's lol"
Result so far lel
This wasn't even suppose to be some LARP pump n dump shitcoin. Doxxed team etc and still rugging your ass.
Oh yea another honorable mention, these fuckers $BITS (Gridcraft) did plenty of raises, land sale, presale, scam sale, copper sale every kind of presale you can think of and I will only mention what they raised in copper. which was over 670E and they fucking added 50E to LP. They say over 100E but that's the overall LP with tokens, I'm talking about Raw amount of ETH added. Look at the end result. 99% of these coppers end like this. Fucking cash GRAB.
Yea they also slapped a fucking 20% tax on your ass.

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