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nice launch ser
What the fuck

Bored Ape yacht club getting fudded for the Nazi logo
Im waiting for that season where eth goes down by 30% and btc up 20%
Waiting the final leg down
I think lot of traders will long above 21.5 thinking its the resistance
22.5 will get rejected
Final leg down
Imho, final bottom around 14 and 16k

Alt will bleed more tho
$JASMY is dubbed as Japan's #BTC . Was created to democratize data by integrating the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain technology.
Aims to create an infrastructure where anyone can access securely, besides its management structure and human resources in technology.
I think mtrg might be one of those
All you have to do is survive

x100 during a bear
Just imagine
this is very risky as top lp providers is unlocked
Another reason to ape fist is the LP.
Price impact is small, we don't pump a chart but just enter in a small range and so at the top when we will dump all together but price doesn't drop from 10k to 1
But from 1M to 950k

Or we just buy rugs
Then yeah if you're the caller that get the early CA, ape at 200$ MC and sell at 10k congrats, you're scamming your subscribers for a x50 with 3$
I'm on fist because there coin always survive, especially when they got jeeted after launch, and I'm tired to buy and sell something in 5 minutes and be sure that when it dies after 7 days Dev took out lp and there's no chance of a reversal
And remember that if you all ape a call, pumping the chart too hard, early buyers will dump on us, fast jeet and bot that follow me will dump on us, panic sellers will Jeet the bottom and price will end up lower than it was

Coffee is to build strong relationships. Act togheter in the jungle to survive. It must grow slow or I'll lose the control of it and will end up like a normal group
it wont moon today and i dont need you to pump my bag
much love
still holding
Lot of patience needed here
Видео/гифка, 3 сек, simpsons-bart-simpson.mp4

Найдено 163 поста