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What do you need to know about Brand Apes Club now?

•exclusive collection of the most stylish monkeys
•sold out all NFTs on the PRESALE!
•we give gifts for no reason and only in our channel
•MINT coming soon

This means that every day our community is becoming more powerful.
Don't miss your chance to join🐒
Видео/гифка, 12 сек, IMG_2512.MP4

We did not expect that you would buy up all the NFTs so quickly, but we are very pleased that our work is appreciated.

The next stage is Mint 1,
the price will already be higher, but the number of NFTs will also increase significantly.

So everyone still has a chance to become a BAC holder🐒
from Brand Apes Club🐒

26.06 at 20:00 (today) Moscow time!

555 NFTs will be available (10% of our collection). Cost of 1NFT = 0.121 BNB

The purchase will take place on our website! We are waiting for you😉
How to buy our NFTs?

Let's move on to important technological details. And then decide to buy - decided, but how to implement - it is not clear🙈

We made sure that everything was as convenient as possible and even beginners could figure it out.


Directly on our website. There will be a SPECIAL button for buying during PRESALE, MINT 1 and MINT 2.

We hope, that everything is clear.

Finally, we got the names of 111 lucky people who became the first Brand Apes Club holders 🐒

We did not expect that there would be more than 4000 participants😱
And this is for 2 weeks of existence of the channels.

The winners of the draw were published in a separate channel👇

The rest - don't worry! PRESALE will be soon😏

To receive a prize, write to the administrator @bacnft_supp

⚠️ And be careful! We do not write first and do not add to chats
Today we are giving away 111 NFTs worth $25,000!
Jump into the last car and take part!
There is a chance that you will get FREE Brand Apes Club NFT and become a part of holders community

Brand Apes Club NFT will give you a lot of benefits and profit in the future

TODAY, at 18:00 Moscow time.
Don't miss the event that could change your life.

All details in our Telegram channel👉🏻 https://t.me/bacnftrus
Tomorrow is a large Airdrop from BAC🙈

We decided to spend $25,000 on it and therefore we hope for a large number of participants.
And you still have a chance!

You just need to go to @bacnft_airdrop_bot and follow 2 simple steps.

Tomorrow, at 18:00 Moscow time,
we will find out the names of 111 holders of our NFTs😋

So turn on notifications and wait)
Top NFTs from BAC💎

We knew that you wanted to see the coolest Apes in our collection, so we generated these NFTs.

They are Legendary, and only the luckiest will get a chance to get such a token. This is the gold of our collection, and the owner of this is a real lucky one.

The chance to get a full Legendary NFT is 1 to 4.67^17.
So it is possible that no one will get it. But the probability of getting 1 Legendary Item is 3%, which is already more realistic. Even one such item will give you a huge advantage over other players.
Benefits for the Brand Apes Club collection holder😎

Make money with our NFTs

Buying NFT from Brand Apes Club is a profitable investment for the future. In addition to the fact that you can get access to a private club, exclusive goods in our game and the ability to create your own NFT as quickly as possible, you will also be able to make big profits from the macaque itself.

As the project develops, PR campaigns and the closure of Mint NFTs will rise in price and you will be able to sell them. And if we take into account the Brand Apes Metaverse, then there are already completely different numbers💰

We make not just pictures, we make cryptocurrency values. You will see soon…
Rarity levels of our NFTs💎

NFT is a unique non-fungible token, but even among them there are rarer instances. So our macaques have 4 levels of rarity (but I want to get the kings of the band).
- Common
- Uncommon
- Rare
- Legendary
Everything goes in ascending order: from the simplest to the super rare. And the higher the level, the more exclusive clothes on the monkey and the more privileges you can get.
Yes, yes, the owners of the rarest NFTs will receive the highest privileges.

But getting the full Legendary NFT is almost impossible. Chance from 1 to 4.67^17. So it may not even appear in the collection. But the chance of dropping 1 legendary item is 0.3%.

It all depends on your luck, because our NFTs drop RANDOMLY. But it's even more interesting😏
Where is the market going?
The fact that NFT is our future (which is already coming more and more) no one doubts. But is there something further?

And here we come to the concept of the Metaverse☄️

The Metaverse is the space in Web 3.0 that will create our reality, but only in the virtual world. Here you can do everything: go shopping, walk, build, sell ...

This is precisely the use of NFTs - with their help, we will be able to acquire and sell a wide variety of objects in various fields, from games to real estate. In more detail, we talk about it here.

Our macaques always want to be the best at everything, so building a Brand Apes Metaverse is more than possible. We are also thinking about the possibilities of integration with other Metaverses in order to truly create an endless and unique virtual world.

The process has already started. The only question is how soon? And Brand Apes Club holders will receive significant privileges in our Metaverse🙊
Project navigation📎

For your convenience, we make links to useful posts so that you immediately understand who we are talking about and what is happening👇🏻

- Why we created Brand Apes Club
- Our game
- Project Roadmap

And don't lose our other social networks. networks. We hang out not only in Telegram❗️
🌐Official site

Navigation will be updated
Create YOUR NFT in the game🎮

We love to create unique pieces and this is one of them. Our game is the first in the world that allows you to create a unique NFT right there.

Yes, yes, you heard right. Let's say even more: then NFT can be uploaded to the blockchain directly from the game and sold at auction. Or leave it in a collection made only by your own hands.

By purchasing an NFT from the Brand Apes Club collection, you get a lot more options to create your own NFT👉🏻 and it is assembled from clothing and accessories. Catch the chain, yes😉

And one more use for the newly created NFT - it can become your avatar in the future Brand Apes metaverse. And there is already a sea of ​​​​opportunities🤫
Why is the ownership of NFT a value that will remain in our world for a long time (and maybe forever)?

We spend 80% of our time online. The pandemic has changed the “rules of the game” and people have gone deep online. Activity has increased and the speed is only increasing every day. The world did not stop - it continued to develop even faster in a NEW place, and now with an online infrastructure.

The concept of value has changed. And now NFT is the new future.

By investing in NFTs now, we keeps a “place in the sun” in the new world and wealth in the old. What about 2014 and the advent of cryptocurrency; now everyone wants to rewind time.

It is always important how we look and what we have. And settling in a new universe, we need new property, including luxury. And NFT is a confirmation of the possession of exclusive value.

NFTs are virtual Porsche, Gucci and Prada. These are accesses to closed communities and the top parties. This is the new reality for those, who want to stay on top.
Project Roadmap🚀

Congratulations, you are already here! Follow all the info and don't miss important events.

Giveaway 111 NFT for 25.000$!
Don't miss your chance to get NFT from Brand Apes Club for Free!

First 555 NFTs at BEST price – ??? BNB.

4. MINT 1
The main stage of the sale of our collection.
3890 NFT will be available for purchase at the good price - ??? BNB

5. MINT 2
Last chance. Last 999 NFTs. Price - ??? BNB.

You can see all the information on the website 👉🏻 https://brandapesclub.com/.

Don't miss the chance to become a owner of exclusive NFT😏
Gaming x NFT📱

We did not come to the creation of an NFT collection at first. It’s main task - the development of a new game - a real life simulator. And then everything came together, because NFT is what will bring the game to a new level, up to Metaverse (secretly, we are working on it).

What is special about our game?
1. FreeToPlay, AD Free.
2. The ability to create your own NFT right in the game and publish it on marketplaces.
3. Competitions among players with a real cash prize.
4. 60 types of entertainment online.
5. The process of developing your business is built by analogy with the MBA business training program. Improving business skills in the virtual world.
6. Your achievements in the game = your assets in the future metaverse (and a good businessman thinks about this in advance).

Stylish monkeys will become a valuable resource; it's a lot of privileges and access to exclusive items.
In general, we did not do anything extraodinary😏

🌐 Official Website: brandapesclub.com


TG CHANNEL: Brand Apes Club | NFT on BSC
- Disc
- Twit
- Instag
- TikT

Don’t forget to take part AIRDROP! Goog Luck!🍀
NFT GIVEAWAY from Brand Apes Club

Friends! Due to the official announcement of our NFT project, we decided to give you a generous AirDrop of the new NFT collection!

We will give away 111 NFTs from Brand Apes Club for $25,000 🔥

How to take part?

1️⃣ Subscribe to this channel and go to the bot @bacnft_airdrop_bot
2️⃣ Press /start
3️⃣ Complete 1 simple task. It will take you no longer than 15 seconds.

Congratulations! Now you have a chance to be among the 111 lucky ones and get NFT from Brand Apes Club for free, even before Presale! 😱

We will announce the winners on June 20 at 18:00 Moscow time

Good Luck!🍀

Найдено 20 постов