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ARPC presents:

👾Metaconference: Web 3.0, NFT and DeFi 👾

Join the exciting metaverse event! It will be a hot discussion of the NFT industry with a fantastic prize pool😛

How to participate?⬇️

💎Leave your e-mail ong>here and receive an invitation! There is a limited number of attendees, so hurry up!

🗓 August 9, 2022
⏰ 19:00 UTC

Stay tuned to meet the list of🔝 speakers in our future updates🚀
What is "Reveal"?🤔
#NFTDictionary is here for you 👋

The word here is self-explanatory, but its meaning in an NFT context may not be. For new generative projects, the artwork won't actually be created until the NFT is minted, and you won't know exactly what you get until after you buy it. In other words, the art only reveals itself after it's purchased.

Which term do you want us to explain next?😉
🗳 Community Voting : ARPC INO on Scaleswap 🗳

Dear Scaleswappers,
Heads up! It's a new potential project in our pipeline - ong>ARPC
ARPC is a metaverse oriented NFT brand aiming to become a "Mickey Mouse" of the web3. To learn more about it please
CHECK HERE and find links to their socials here👇

ARPC: >Website | >Twitter | >Discord | Telegram | Instagram | Pitchdeck | Tokenomics |

⏰Voting will be live from now till 8th of august 1pm UTC
‼️Only those who have SСA at the start of voting are eligible to vote.

Cast your vote now!
📌P.S. Don’t forget that every participant of community voting will get additional ScaleSCORE before the launch of the project he voted for.
Our turtles are integrating with rong>#AR! 🚀

Are you ready to find the turtle in your room one day?🐢🔝

@hololoot x ARPC are blurring edges between realities 🤩

Stay tuned for more updates!
Watch Out, Fake!😱

Be careful with scammers! We found a fake account pretending to be ARPC and are warning you 🤬

Don't fall for the tricks of intruders and follow our news so as not to miss the mint date🔝🔝

P.S. Please let us know if you see a suspicious account 🥷
Hey guys!

We gonna explain more NFT terms under #NFTDictionary rubric, so let's start our discussion with the definition of MINT!

What Does it Mean to «Mint» an NFT?

Minting an NFT is the act of uniquely publishing your token on the blockchain to make it purchasable.

Minting can either refer to the creation process of an NFT or the purchase of an NFT on its release date.

In both cases, minting is always a recorded transaction on the blockchain🔗

ARPC mint date is very close 🔥🔥🔥
Drop 🐢 in the comments if you are looking forward to it!

#wavebacktotheturtle 👋👋👋

We partnered with @GameLoungeXYZ and are excited to share how our ARPC turtle feels fantastic in its ecosystem!

Stay with us to see new updates from the partnerships & metaverses
Видео/гифка, 9 сек, Untitled.mp4
ARPC is a collection of 7,777 turtles enabling the p2e and Metaverse ecosystem😍

💎Every 3D NFT is a piece of brand and IP ownership.

🚀Holders gain a new access level to the whole world of blockchain games and virtual spaces.

👾🕹Use your turtle in ARPC partners' ecosystems: play games and have fun in the metaverse getting rewards and bonuses for it!
Видео/гифка, 4 сек, Frame 425 (1).gif.mp4
Meet our new advisor Olga Kubalińska 🚀

Olga has more than 5 years of experience as a Marketer who builds meaningful brands such as Covalent, Hololoot, Kryxivia, Eterna, and many others 🔥🔥🔥

We are happy to expand our team with the best professionals in the industry 🔝
Monday starts with a piece of great news!

APRC partnered with @GameLoungeXYZ 🔥🔥🔥

Game Lounge is the metaverse first gaming hub in which players' will be able to own and personalise an NFT "gaming room" in order to:

🕹play multitude of P2E games
💸earn passively with in-room ads
👯‍♂️socialise with their friends

All that in both desktop and VR setting🤩
Hey, ARPC community!

Last time it was a super-duper cool case when we tried to answer the question about birds and turtles 🔥🔥🔥

(The answer was the absence of teeth 😆🦷)

Today we prepared a new question for you 😜

Which turtle species lay:

1️⃣ping-pong ball-sized eggs🏓
2️⃣tennis ball-sized eggs🎾

Drop your guesses in the comments, and the correct answer can bring you $10💵
Hey community!

Today is a special day, because we want to announce our new giveaway collaboration with g>buidlb🔥

🎁$500 Prize Pool! 7 SOL +20 WL ARPC NFT + 2 Baby Shiba Social Club + 90 USDT giveaway!🎁


➡️Go to the page

Good luck, everyone 🍀🍀🍀
Wow, ARPC!🐢

It was such a good week for activities. Thank you all!🔥

Are you ready to congratulate the winners?🎉🎉🎉

Answer the question - @Dyn229
🤝ARPC partners - @marcotwt
🖼Turtle photo - @berkahzulhijah
🧩Complete puzzle - @shen_weixie
🧠Memory game - @gwynethbalbanida

To claim your reward, please contact @adashvtz
ARPC has partnered with Hololoot 🔥

Hololoot is the world's first Augmented Reality (AR) NFT Marketplace, Generator, and Metaverse🤯

They aim to be the ultimate destination for any AR NFT created🔥

We believe they will do that and more🙌
🔊Animal Reckless Party Club x ByteNext: Strategic Partnership Announcement

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Animal Reckless Party Club, a metaverse oriented NFT brand aiming to become a “Mickey Mouse" of the web3.

Highlights about ARPC
✅Brand building

ByteNext Launchpad will launch a public sale for ARPC NFT in August 2022.

🤝In cooperation with ARPC, ByteNext intends to promote cross-marketing and community activities and bring profitable policies for projects.

Please stay tuned to our channels for updates on whitelist registration and a detailed INO schedule 🚀

👉 Find more details: https://medium.com/bytenext/animal-reckless-party-club-x-bytenext-strategic-partnership-announcement-5c3f95f6b82d
🔔ByteNext's Official Social media
Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Channel | Facebook | Discord
ARPC game mechanics. Explained💎

Every player has different game modes: a familiar play-to-earn with Turtle Marathon mechanics or a new but loved move-to-earn Turtle Kingdom.

Both games work together and provide more profits to the player when participating in both.

Turtle Marathon allows players to buy and upgrade their turtle runners🦾, and the winner will be defined partially by random blockchains activity as live randomization.🍀

Turtle Kingdom is based on a real-world map and allows players to compete by interacting with turtles located all over the Earth. 🌎

To catch the turtle or the item, you gonna find it on the map and physically come to it in the real world or one of the ARPC partners' metaverse.

Turtle Kingdom will be available on mobile devices in Q1 2023, so stay tuned for the latest updates😉
Activity time is here!

We prepared a memory game for you 🧠

Match ARPC partners with their logo, have fun, and remember that the fastest time brings you $10 💸
ARPC+Katana Inu = 🤝 partners

Katana Inu is a platform that promotes innovation in the gaming sector. It has developed an ecosystem for a Play 2 Earn Battle Royale PC game powered by NFTs with its own Integrated Cross-Chain NFT-Marketplace.

Every character in the game has a unique skill set and hidden abilities unlocked by completing specific challenges during gameplay. By bridging these interesting game concepts with the idea of NFTs, the Katana Inu game will deliver a pc-gaming experience unlike anything before.
Hey, community!

It's time for some activity right now🚀

🧩Assemble the g>puzzle with a cute turtle as fast as possible and win cash 💰

Let's go 🏄‍♂️
ARPC has partnered with Liquidifty!🚀

👾 Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT marketplace and a launchpad with a focus on utility in projects and collectibles. It offers a wide range of events and investment tools in crypto like INO, IDO, airdrops, and others.

📌The platform has a simple interface that allows users to easily trade NFTs or create an NFT store in a few minutes, all while getting marketing support from the team.

Найдено 20 постов