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Welcome to Ape Calls
- Promos
- WL Spots
- BSC projects
Admin: @Queennncall
Everything posted is not financial advice
Thank for support❤️
#Defi #Gamefi #Crypto #NFT

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📌 LA'EEB QATAR TOKEN x >GIVELab - Wallet Whitelist Campaign

🎁Prize: 100 Wallet Whitelist
🗓 Campaign ends: 12:00 UTC October 14
🏆 Winners announced: 12:15 UTC October 14


📌GiveLab Link:
Follow our Twitter accounts.
Join both Telegram groups.
Retweet the campaign & tag $LAEEB.
Include your wallet address.

Winners will be randomly selected and the list will be published (below) after the campaign ends. Please check if you are amongst the lucky winners on the day of the launch. Users, those who whitelist their wallets, will be able to participate in the presale. The public sale will be open for sale after the first 15 minutes.

🚩 You need to add your wallet address below, which will be whitelisted 🚩

Good luck!

Let's join the extended La'eeb family ➡️➡️➡️

👉Telegram 👉Telegram Chanel 👉>Twitter 📶>Website 🦊Smart Contract
🎁 1WL Giveaway 🎁

1⃣ Join TG👇

👉 @SnekInu

2⃣ Say


3⃣ Comment "Done" below this post

⚠️ Dont forget we will check winners ⚠️

- Good luck -
Lfg guys🚀🤩
🐍 Snek Inu 🐍

Snek Inu is the next meme coin and will be the next trendsetter! The leader of the snake trend 🐍🐍

According to memes dictionary: Snek is internet-speak for snake. Sneks became the subject of cute, absurdist memes depicting the reptiles’ inner monologue … similar to doge. 🐕

🟢 Main utility of Snek Inu: Snek Tech the perfect crypto locator which helps investors to find new crypto projects, presales and ICOS.

✅ Presale: 5.10.2022. at 18:00 UTC [Wednesday] PINKSALE

✅ Launch 24 hours after presale if finalized [Thursday]


5% utility
5% marketing

🟢 Same team which last 2 project did respectively 10x and 5x for presale and launch buyers!

🟢 Big marketing push with Asian communities!

🟢 Biggest influencers involved in this

🟢 Big private whale community ready to buy at launch and hold the floor.

🟢 Snek Tech, main utility of Snek Inu ready prior to presale!

TG: https://t.me/SnekInu
🎁 $5 Giveaway 🎁

1⃣ Join TG👇

👉 @TomCatGlobal

2⃣ Say Ape_Call_sent_me

3⃣ Comment "Done" below this post

⚠️ Dont forget we will check winners ⚠️

- Good luck -
Lfg guys🚀🤩
TomCat😽 Authoring Token Launch🙋‍
🔎New Decentralized Short-Form Video Platform Token🔎
The first
1.😽Unique Tom&Jerry-Themed Authoring Token.
2.📱Decentralized Short-Form Video Platform Token, Full-Circulated Token.
3.🎞Animated Instant Music Video Platform Authoring Token.
4.🕹Tom and Jerry NFT Circulated Token
5.🚫No Reserving Tokens.

Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000⚖️
Presale + Liquidity 100% ♻️

1️⃣Phase 1 Presale&Launch📢Influencers endorse and promote in all channels
2️⃣Phase 2 In one week🔥CG+CMC list, Banner Ads, DEX&AVE Trending, Buy-back and Burn
3️⃣Phase 3 🃏10,000 Holders, Launch Tom and Jerry NFT, Buy-back for list on Exchange.
4️⃣Phase 4 📱20,000 Holders,Luanch Short-Form Video Authoring Platform,Tcat as Circulated Tokens

Tax 9%💸
Buy 9 Sell 9(2% for Dividend 1% for Burn 2% for Rally 2% for Marketing 2% Platform)

🌐Web: https://tomcatbsc.link/
🐤TW: https://twitter.com/TomCatBinance
🇺🇸TG: @TomCatGlobal
🇨🇳CNTG: @TomCatCN

🎁 $5 Giveaway 🎁

1⃣ Join TG👇

👉 @GoldRatsChainOfficial

2⃣ Say Ape_Call_sent_me

3⃣ Comment "Done" below this post

⚠️ Dont forget we will check winners ⚠️

- Good luck -
Lfg guys🚀🤩
📣🐭GoldRatsChain welcomes you 🥳🎊🎉

🐭Goldrats, hoping to revive the glory of rats, become the leader in the MEMEChain field and lead the meme bull market again!
🐭On Goldratschain, you can trade freely, our speed will fly, you can access GRC Mainnet without control
🐭Our public chain node will be demonstrated soon. The test network is in the final stage, and the video will be made public for users to watch.

SC/HC: 100/200 BNB
🐭Min/Max Buy: 0.1 BNB - 2 BNB

⏰Start Time: 28th Sept,14:00 UTC
Follow US
🌐Website |📱GoldRatsChainExplorer | 🐦Twitter | 🌏Telegram | 📺YouTube

maybe good,
1.5 initial lp, also 42 holders, clean from multi i guess.

https://t.me/SAMURAICATBSC 2.2kmc
The next Cat Coin.


TG: https://t.me/SAMURAICATBSC
🎁 $5 Giveaway 🎁

1⃣ Join TG👇

👉 @soccerleagueofficial

2⃣ Say Ape_support_Soccerleague

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⚠️ Dont forget we will check winners ⚠️

- Good luck -
Lfg guys🚀🤩
🎉🎉Welcome to SoccerLeague 🎉🎉

✅SoccerLeague is a multi-functional platform that combines NFT, betting, gamefi and socialfi

✅User can use the SLG$ token to mint their NFTs, SLG$ can also be used in betting popular upcoming matches . SoccerLeague will let uses to use the SLG$ token to play-to-earn in the SoccerLeague gamefi

✅SoccerLeague will have a social system. User can upload thier story,videos and post on the SoccerLeague social platform and earn from the donation of SLG$ token from others

✅This is a brand new project that will bring a meaningful revolution to the environment. Lets wait and see

👊🏻Fell free to join the SoccerLeague for futher information

TelegramChannel WebsiteTwitter
PinkSale - The Launchpad Protocol for Everyone!
PinkSale helps everyone to create their own tokens and token sales in few seconds. Tokens created on PinkSale will be verified and published on explorer websites.
FARMERY / BSC / Upcoming Fair Launch
By BlackBox = Bullish

CHAINLINK VRF Oracle, the utility that FARMERY offers is unique and a fun-twist on staking, Farming for Owner, Lottery and Much more.!!!!!!!

for Project Owners
Our FARMPAD Expansion (around 22 Sept.) will provide projects with a launchpad-like system, whereby they can setup their own, unique staking pools within our ecosystem,

FARMERY introduces a new gamified way to staking that hasn't been done yet.

- Unique Yield System / Lottery Protocol / FARMPAD.
- Smart Contract developed and held by Trynos
- Integrated with 🧬 CHAINLINK VRF Oracle.
- Fair Launch Presale 14 September at 4pm UTC.
- 4/5 Tax

Read more about FARMERY:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | DAPP |Pinksale Link
Wellcome to Sup Optimus 🔥🤖️

🤖️Sup Optimus is a community driven project with the most innovative approach to BSC ecosystem bringing investors huge return on investment

🤖️DEV team will do massive markting

💓Pink presale is coming soon
🤖️Join our community to get more update info: https://t.me/supoptimusofficial

🛡Audit Coming soon
🛡Doxxed Owner Coming soon

♦️AVE hot trending
♦️Ensuring pump
♦️50+ kol group
♦️CG/CMC fast track
♦️AMA with well-known community
♦️2% tax (1% buyback 1% marketing )

💎Rewarding Diamond Hands💎

🎯social media:
🐦 Twitter : https://twitter.com/SupOptimus
🌏Global Telegram : https://t.me/supoptimusofficial
📖 Whitepaper : https://tokens.gitbook.io/sup-optimus-whitepaper/
🌐 Website : http://www.supoptimus.vip

Найдено 123 поста