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We're looking to close our Attendee Experience Survey at the end of the month, which is only a week away. If you haven't filled it out, it's been emailed to all registered attendees - check your inbox and spam/junk folder!

📸 Kavaeric
We're creating our Attendee Survey and aiming to share it with all registered attendees next week. We'll announce when the emails have gone out with the survey link! #Anthrocon

Photo: HawkPool
We're still going through plenty of items in our Lost & Found, and we want to reunited attendees with their belongings! If something is yours, you can fill out the form on the page.


Photo: HokuloaLuau
Update: after even MORE donations poured into the Charity's donation links and accounts, the total money raised for Wildlife Works, Inc. is $41,553! 💸🦝💸🦌💸🐇
Our Operations team is currently going through our Lost & Found bins from the convention. If you think you lost something at the con, check out our temporary Lost & Found page for images and instructions! #Anthrocon

Remember - it's never goodbye, but see you next time ❤️

To everyone that joined us this weekend and are headed home (or maybe already there), we hope you travel safe and sound. We'll see you next year, and happy 4th of July! #Anthrocon

Photo: https://t.co/5aTnulCVfC
To add on, we will be able to respond to Lost and Found inquiries starting tomorrow, as our team is still wrapping up and traveling home. Please have a bit of patience for us responding to Lost and Found inquiries!
Have you lost anything during the convention?

❔️ If it's a critical item such as a wallet, IDs, passports and similar items, please check with your hotel's front desk
🦊 If it's convention or furry related, you can send an email to info@anthrocon.org and we'll look in our L&F!
FINAL NUMBERS FOR #Anthrocon 2022!

Registration: 9702 🫂
Parade/Photo: 2562 fursuiters 🐶🐱🐺🦊
Charity: $41,553 💸💸💸
A successful return after a 3-year gap, smaller staff team, and many challenges: ✅

We'll see you next year in Pittsburgh from June 29th-July 2nd!
We're wrapping things up, as much as we hate to say it! Find out how much happened over the weekend and what you can expect next year. 🤗

Join us for Closing Ceremonies at 6 PM, in the Main Ballroom!

🖥️ STREAM: anthrocon.tv

Photo: https://t.co/abrg2vs8f7
The Charity Show begins at 4 PM in the Main Events Ballroom! Remember that you must have a ticket for the auction, which can be purchased at the Charity table in the Dealers Room. #Anthrocon
If you've won any pieces from the Art Show, the pickup window will be from 2 PM to 5 PM in Hall A/B!

Don't forget to bring your form of payment! #Anthrocon
The Dealers Room and Artists Alley will be closing at 4 PM - it's your last chance to grab some great artwork, accessories, and much more before the con ends! #Anthrocon
🕺 It's time for the Fursuit Dance Competition to rock our stage! Who will make the crowd's jaws drop? Who's taking home a top placement? 💃

Starting at 1 PM in the Spirit of Pittsburgh (Main) Ballroom!

🖥️ STREAM: anthrocon.tv
Our annual Charity Auction, benefitting Wildlife Works Inc., is one of the best places to pick up rare and unique items that you probably won't get anywhere else! Plus, you'll be helping our fuzzy friends along the way! 🥰

Starting at 12 PM in Room 407 of the DLCC! #Anthrocon
Did you miss the special guest performance of Sokyokukokoh + Hashita Kaoru on Friday? Their second performance will be at 11 AM in the Spirit of Pittsburgh (Main) Ballroom. Don't miss this awe-inspiring, dynamic performance of the Wadaiko drums and flute! #Anthrocon

🖥️ STREAM: anthrocon.tv
It's the last day to get your furry gaming fix in at #Anthrocon!

🎲 Tabletop Gaming: Room 415-415, 10 AM to 4 PM
🎮 Video Game: Room 408-410, 10 AM to 4 PM

Check our schedule for tournaments! https://t.co/lPhRpFWqHj
Anthrocon 2022 Schedule & Directory
Pittsburgh, PA, USA - See the full schedule of events happening Jun 30 - Jul 3, 2022 and explore the directory of Speakers & Attendees.
An update to attendees that are in the Westin: we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the elevators, which will require more patience. We have hotel maintenance currently looking into it! #Anthrocon
The Block Party is still going on, and will be continuing on Penn Avenue all the way until 9 PM tonight. Come out and join the city of Pittsburgh, interact with amazing fursuiters and citizens, and enjoy the evening vibes! #Anthrocon
The Dealers Room will be closing at 6 PM - there's still plenty of wares and vendors that would be happy to have your support! #Anthrocon

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