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Dramatic and bold

° ¤ . * ... ☽ ... * . ¤ ° NYX. Inspired by the
peace found in the solitude of a
summer night.
Видео/гифка, 31 сек, NYXOfficialNFT.mp4

NOIC #1 5000x5000 pixels (print
ready) Into the beautiful unknown.
The Old District
Anton Dee

A system of cells interlinked within
cells interlinked Within one stem. And
dreadfully distinct Against the dark, a
tall white fountain played.
Grim Adventures (Pt.1) Lethal Attraction

Grim Adventures is apart of my first creation using Procreate. Another inspiration by
Видео/гифка, 6 сек, QmcFxR3CK9ViUTHeYMGC6i1FHd5JV6SKrX9eo5fpicyWWT.gif.mp4
Видео/гифка, 20 сек, Stellare.mp4
Window Of Hope
Season 1 - #005
This is my playground

They didn't find much after the big confinement
Yet there are a couple of those robotic things. It almost looks like a giant spider. I'm glad they don't function anymore, because I like to play here often.

"An explorative artwork using and
Apple, colour and textures. The name
Knowledge was given to this piece
due to the how an Apple is portrayed
in history and modern day, through
religion and education the Apple has
been a symbol throughout history.
Видео/гифка, 9 сек, Knowledge_AndrewFootit.mp4
春 Haru

"Осенью я всегда вспоминаю Весну"
Видео/гифка, 1 сек, HARU.mp4
Girl's Night

A lady relaxing in her luke warm water bath tub, filled with rose petals and other flowers, drinking a fine red wine and smoking a cigarette. 3 candles are lighting softly the bathroom, creating a very relaxing atmosphere to reduce her stress. Will you join her?
Port NYC

People beginning to fly toward NYC to
revile in NFT's. Ape are painting,
people just hanging around the
empire and subways. Next York is a
mess right now but the underground
is still wired up.
Видео/гифка, 8 сек, theNewYorkPort-garycartlidge.mp4
Видео/гифка, 30 сек,
16 Colors

Coded with C64 Basic: 5 pO53280,0:pO53281,0:pO646,1:?cH(147) 10 for i = 1 to 15 20 poke 53280,i 30 poke 53281,i*rnd(1) 40 next 50 goto 10 Custom Palette: # # Syntax: # Red Green Blue Dither # # Black 00 00 00 0 # White FD FE FC E # Red D9 14 1C 4 # Cyan 00 96 E5 C # Purple B4 1A E2 8 # Green 1F D2 1E 4 # Blue 21 1B AE 4 # Yellow CE FB 02 C # Orange FF 6F 02 4 # Brown 3D 00 0F 4 # Light Red F3 22 00 8 # Dark Gray 42 45 40 4 # Medium Gray 70 74 6F 8 # Light Green 00 DF 9B 8 # Light Blue 5F 53 FE 8 # Light Gray A4 A7 A2 C
Видео/гифка, 53 сек, 16colors.mp4

Найдено 185 постов