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As breezes softly blow and floral scents drift gently in the air, this is surely the perfect season to explore the masterpiece of nature.

In celebrating the joys of this season, we present you, an event that will be made not only for our 24 best boys, but also for all our dearest, Ascents. The most exquisite fan service event you'll ever come across.
Join us for details about our Adolescents' members at the ALÉS Dome.

Rundown of the fan service:
𖤝 Adolescents softest set up contest
𖤝 Confession of love to Ascents contest
𖤝 Verses from members revealed contest

Please throw your excitement on the date mentioned below!

📆 Friday, 01 July 2022
⌛️ 18.30 WIB
🎥 @AlesProps & @Adolescents

#SoftJulyEvent #Exile #Adolescents #Ascent #ALÉSEntertainment
Don't forget to kindly check at @Adolescents about our new member debut!
[#EXILE] 260622 Adolescents' new member debut stage.


At exact 8.30PM, ADOLESCENTS will stole the stage for their new members' special debut, online live event which is free 24 hours rent!

There's no maximum amount of additional request, but please make sure you're not in a busy time so you could spend your 24 hours with us freely.

📆 27/06 MON 8.30PM (INA)

Go get your tickets here! 🎟
🔗: https://www.e-ticket.com

Good evening, everyone. The Juvenile showcase is about to start. Go grab your seat at the @TheJuveniles as soon as possible, pretty sure you'll regret if you missed it.
ALÉS Entertainment Official Schedule

📆 June Schedule List
- The Juvenile debut [24th June]
- The Juvenile showcase [25th June]
- Adolescents poster reveal [26th June]
- Adolescents new member debut [27th June]
- Adolescents special event [?? June]

📆 July Schedule List
- The Juvenile comeback [?? July]
- Adolescents comeback [?? July]
- Adolescents' Mensiversarry [3rd July]

The activity and date that have been written can be suddenly changed depends on the agency's decision

The Juvenile's 1st full length album "Boyfriend" will be released on June. 25th, 2022.ㅤ

'The Juvenile' is a girl group with consist of five enchanting women, they are showing a fearless and bold image to the public. Meaning to be an icon of strong but delicate as well as powerful and independent.

The debut song 'Boyfriend' is a song about describing how they can be a better boyfriend for you, they express their feeling and boldness about how they can treat you well as your partner. The lyrics 'I could be a better boyfriend than him, I could do the shit that he never did' takes away all the maidens' hearts.

© 2022 ALÉS Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
Видео/гифка, 44 сек,

"Ready to Love?"

2022.06.24 6PM (INA)

#TheJuvenile #Julies #BOYFRIEND
[🦋] It would be great if we could talk together about many things and get to know each other. I prefer to spend quality time together at home. Watching movies, listening to music, and cooking or ordering food together sounds interesting, right? But, just by spending time at home doesn't mean I can only stay at home hshshs. It doesn't matter where place to go or what activities to do, I would be happy as long as I could be with a person I loved. So, will you go on a date with me? *wink*
[🐕‍🦺] Mmmhm I think as long as I like the person, I’ll be hyped to go on any kinds of dates, truly! But if I had to make the choice, I’d love to go on an art studio, or any studio where we can create something of our own then exchange it later by the end of it. So I gift whatever it is that I made to you, and you gift me yours. Maaann, the thought itself warms my heart already.
[🦢] You can say I'm a pretty flexible person. I'd love to go wherever and do whatever as long as I'm comfortable with the person I'm hanging out with plus being able to talk about each other a lot will be great. My first pick is cuddling at home but that'd be strange for the first date, no? So taking a stroll while holding hands and talk about anything that popped in our mind would be great! A night ride is awesome too tbh.
👤 my oh my, what an attractive bunch of girls. tell me, what's your ideal first date?
[🦢] Is it possible for me to adore my members because they're super attractive? Because I do. Get in the line, people.
[🐕‍🦺] I appreciate that a lot, sender. :3 I haaave, indeed. It’s quite the classic for a concerto, isn’t it? I personally prefer pieces from the late Romantic period more (Please don’t mind me if I get a little geeky T^T). If you share the same favor in classical pieces from that period, you should listen to Tchaikovsky’s Valse Sentimale if you haven’t already! It’s a new favorite of mine since I got a little bored of The Swan hehe. If you use Spotify, the link I adhered will be of help. :]]
Spotify – Web Player
👤 🐕‍🦺 I love your taste in music. Have you ever listened to Pablo de Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen Op. 20 - I. Perlman?
[🐰] Hello and thank you for your patiencee, sender <3 we will prepare the best for you and please wait for our debutt. it will be very very soon and honestly i can't wait to appear and meet you too guysss!!!! so please wait for us, okay okay okay okayy?

Найдено 127 постов