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[To utter mutuals, or masses paraphrase this message, is it permitted to forward this message to your channel? Merci.]

The art association originating against the creatures of the earth is promptly re-opening a slot, @RejectMyth. For those of you, buy one of the catalogs here will get a discount of 15% (This discount will start from June 30, 2022 to July 5, 2022, so hurry up and get your slot!). Previously, please check the following completeness.

▪︎ Regulation ▫️
▫️ Catalogue ▪️

For anyone interested, head over to the place at @RejectMyth. Contact @ask919bot for other purposes.
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( may i ask all my mutuals and people who see this message for your assistance in spreading this message on your channel? i would be grateful if you could assist me; if you require my assistance, please contact @beguilesbot thank you and have a blessed day! ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ )

vivacious day also with grace's marque @beguiile paradoxically increase concoct for today's open; they furthermore concoct entirely against beginning to end; can you guess what they will show? correct! they will perform ballet as well as their poetry, when you are in trouble, we're are ready to help you with wording services. here are some points: catalog, regulations, and contact person, that will help you get into their opera. don't be afraid to take a look; they will gladly and warmly welcome you. birds chirping and strawberries smelling, nothing further to add, delve into t.me/beguiile!
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stream pacarku 😳 https://youtu.be/QMlNLo74mOw
ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) 'Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)' Official MV
ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) 'Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)' Official MV

Director : Yongseok Choi (Lumpens)
1st AD : Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
2nd AD : Ran Ro (Lumpens)
PA : Minsu Kang, Sungyong Kim

Producer : Emma Sungeun Kim (GE Production)
Production Assistant : Hyo-seok Kim, Seungwon Choi, Byeongman Kim, Young li a Kim, Yongbeom Cho

Director of Photography : EumKo
Focus Puller : Youngwoo Lee
2nd AC : Eunil Lee
DIT : Yuntae Ko
3rd AC: Donghyun Lee

Gaffer : Hyunsuk Song (Real Lighting)
Lighting Crew : Junghyun Choi, Jisu Kim, Subin Moon, Dongin Kim, Minji Soon, Jaehyeok Yeom, Younghwan Park, Woung Choi, Jaehyeong Kim

Production designer & Art director: Jinsil & Bona (Mu:E)
Art-team Manager : Ilho Heo (Mu:E)

Jimmy Jib Operator : Kitae Kim, Youngjung Kim
Jimmy Jib Assistant : Seokchan Lee, Minwoo Park, Hyunin Kim, Sunghun Kim

Crane : Ujeom Lee
Generator Operator : Hyeonggeun Song

SFX Supervisor : Dongho Lee
SFX Manager : Hyun An, Dongyun Lee

Colorist: Wonseok Ko
DI Crew: Jaeyeon Baek, Dain Kim, Serae Hong

Visual Creative : Serian Heu, Gunhee Lee, Ara Choi, Minsoo Cha
Performance Directing : Sangwoo Myung, Sungkwan Kim, Seunghyun Kim, Gahun Lee
Artist Management : Sejin Kim, Gwangtaek Oh, Shindong Rhee, Yuki Hong, Hangil Kim, Mingi Kang, Byungwook Kang, Soohyeon Woo, Hyunji Lee


ⓒ BELIFT LAB Inc. All Rights Reserved

Connect with ENHYPEN
ENHYPEN Weverse https://www.weverse.io/enhypen​
OFFICIAL V LIVE https://channels.vlive.tv/9A0CA5
OFFICIAL TWITTER https://twitter.com/enhypen
ENHYPEN TWITTER https://twitter.com/enhypen_members
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/officialENHYPEN
OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/enhypen
OFFICIAL TIKTOK https://www.tiktok.com/@enhypen
OFFICIAL WEIBO ​https://weibo.com/ENHYPEN

#ENHYPEN #MANIFESTO_DAY1 #FuturePerfect #PasstheMIC
{fluctuating in numbers of mirth, please do help us by excruciating this message of ours to your channel, thank you!}

plenary chastes were blown in quite a majestic incandescence, blossomed cherubs nourished thunderous petite enchanted enticements gloriously twixt a filled with dexterities garland of oath and enthusiasm. bounteous strides and cheers set-forth idyllic manipulation edits' ebuillents like no other will do. bound in ethereal hands of aptitudes to replenish numerous shiny orbits, the day that @toreuplace has finally been encouraged to open its gates has finally come. note the date and time perfectly, come forth and redeem all of your wishes strictly starting on the 5th of july at 13:00 without any extra minutes to hassle. remember to always follow up our written terms and conditions, list of catalogues, and our clustered testimonials with our henchmen { @toreuplaces } as your trip's guide! ♥
sincere handouts are needed, do share this written announcement to your channel please! ⚘

finally opening our first batch on 5 july at 12.00 pm, smear the tints of colors fallacies upon hands of many easily using our service! burgeoning within a price starting from 1 – 4.000, pastel creation that comes within our hands of aptitudes shall be given genuinely for others to utilize and cherish without any single dust above of it. make sure to read our terms and conditions and explore our catalogues before mailing your form, we’ll patiently wait for your astounding presence upon our blissfull handy helper!

manipulation and moodboard results: @artworkks and @toxicmails. 🗣 testimonials @whoaretheys.
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cmat pagi tmntmn aku masihh open terus yaah, yukyukyuk kirim format kalian ke @gfirl ^___^ anyway buat mb ready bisa di lihat dari sini yaa https://t.me/aiureate/293. i'll be waiting! ♥️
𖤝 celestial latibule; aureate. open!
moodboard ready nii saayy. kalo mau beli pakai format di bawah ini yaa for price only 2.300!

hi hire! i (ur @) want to buy this ready moodboard (sangah-heather) using payment via (dana or qriss). timaaacii ♥️.

send your form through @gfirl ^____^
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at foremost bounce it loosens a teeny book embrace hundreds of momentous manuscripts, the first page illustrates a directory for when a writer replenishes the book with unique manuscripts. for that i summon all my pals who crave heavyweigth to arrange the letters circumspect, i will say that baby i'm perfect for you. everyone, peep forward to my 1st script in new book!

passages of the first page in the new book: the directory for writing my first manuscript in the new book will be on July 4, 2022, 10:00 wib. to follow it and use writing courtesies i, you can contact @simp4script. peep forward to the opening!
Видео/гифка, 15 сек,
haihalohai!!! @mindmatch lagi nyari mutual nih! yang mau mutualan bisa langsung chat @mindiesbot! thank youu 🦸‍♀
Видео/гифка, 1 сек, 41cef75276597362d74a7be0409b99b1.gif.mp4
mb ready nya sisa kazuha alias https://t.me/aiureate/297 yuk habisin ^___^
𖤝 celestial latibule; aureate. open!
moodboard ready nii saayy. kalo mau beli pakai format di bawah ini yaa for price only 2.500!

hi hire! i (ur @) want to buy this ready moodboard (kazuha-lady) using payment via (dana or qriss). timaaacii ♥️.

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{lavishly greetings shall for all inhabitants ephemeral there, myriad of thanks i bequeath for anyone who's spread this written bouquet letter of love..♥}

arousal of exhilaration become on this cottage nd ephemeral prepare to celebrate falltide seasons, momerandum of leafage throw stagger topsoil witness paradox of firmament. bird flying carried chirrup looking dwelling occupy waitin’ for sylph of springtide. for the first @FLLOWERTH opens the gates on Sunday, July 3rd at 13.00 AM to welcome sylph lost their dwelling place. provides various fairy dust in magic box; catalogue & results where the blitfulness of success gathers; if you patent then come the beauteous format! if feel filled in correctly do contact @flowerthbot.

please read our TnC before sending your form the way, don't omit this faultless favourable occasion, all souls alienated bearing.. ‹3
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{ for our lovely moots, please forward this important message to your channel! heap of grats <3 }

recalcitrance flared inadvertently pushing to upsurge into the turf, chartreuse spheroid pushing to extend across the demesne, flourish approving the aurora in the pneuma. epoch après hundred promulgated, wen calmly extend the varmint environment. passerines fly behind on their way to the eir aerie, a quite environment behind the pearl aerosphere. lost in a calescent realm, betwixt the affluents that escorted the elfenfolks who lugged her and didn't freight them to such a splendid canyon.

mysthopic will finally open their 3rd batch on monday, 4th july 2022 at 12:00pm, wib. please filled your form in detail and correctly, and don't miss any parts. if you dont understand, click this— (how to fill form correctly). go sent your forms through @mysthoopic, we'll wait for you! see you at 4th july babies, xoxo. ♥️
{🩰} benignant greet, a portion of establishments which were made as a form of forwarding this post will be estimated to bring us an empyrean gaiety!

as opulent memorandum voluptuousness and picturesque elfenfolk sequence of forloned photography manifested hurdles and forthcoming vintage hustles were made by hands of glorious sculptures, emmerith, parts of @arthustIe will be starting to launch our service on the 3rd of july precisely at 12:00 PM on the dot! do track our grants of information, list of price, result of our work and treasurable testimonials shall you find here. placed and written neatly, please do dispatch your filled format to @hoeejin! ♥
Видео/гифка, 6 сек,
cmat pagi tmntmn aku masihh open terus yaah, yukyukyuk kirim format kalian ke @gfirl ^___^ anyway buat mb ready bisa di lihat dari sini yaa https://t.me/aiureate/293. i'll be waiting! ♥️
𖤝 celestial latibule; aureate. open!
moodboard ready nii saayy. kalo mau beli pakai format di bawah ini yaa for price only 2.300!

hi hire! i (ur @) want to buy this ready moodboard (sangah-heather) using payment via (dana or qriss). timaaacii ♥️.

send your form through @gfirl ^____^
help forward, anyone who see this message?

hello, i'll be opening my first batch on the 2nd of june 2022 at 13.00 WIB. there's only 8 to 10 slots available with 2 limitation order per slot. so, please prepare the form and grab your slot! make sure to read the regulation and reach me through @out4artbot if you have any question in mind. 🤍

giveaway kecil kecilan buat chorist dan mutual kecintaan kitaaa! end nya besok jam 19.00 WIB, yaa. terima kasih dan semoga beruntung!

- subscribe @aprichor dan tidak unsubscribe setelah giveaway selesai.
- tulis angka keberuntunganmu dari 1-100 bebas dan tidak double di kolom komentar ini.
- share pesan ini ke channel milik kamu, pribadi atau bisnis.
- dapat diikuti oleh semua tipe akun, dan untuk roleplayer jangan lupa menggunakan [].

- pemenang 1: saldo dana sebesar 25k
- pemenang 2: saldo dana sebesar 15k
- pemenang 3: saldo dana sebesar 10k

good luck! 🤍
[dearest mutuals, can you help us forward this post? thank your for your kindness!]

hello moondwellers! how you guys doing? please make sure you have some spare time to stop by, because @aertheology will be open tomorrow, 1 july at 1 PM with unlimited slots! all catalogues are available in this batch, including customized design.

catalogue: https://t.me/Aertheology/6035
regulations: https://t.me/Aertheology/6033
results: https://t.me/lnfus

if you have any questions, contact us via @aelogybot. see you tmr! 👋🏻
[dear our mutuals and anyone who sees this message, can you help us to spread this message? much obliged.]

i know a place that can make you cozy and serene. let's leave our trace on @cozyradar; a place that provides amenities like an art gallery, or a gust of waves, or even a melodious waterfall. in this place, you can get manipulation edits that are tidy and can be adjusted to your desire. the gate will be opened on monday, 4th july 2022 at 3 pm. however, it would be nice to pay attention to your steps by reading the regulations first before walking into the gate too far. @cozyrawrdar can lead you to answers to your questions and can be a place for submitting forms. you can also take a peek at our work at @cozyradars. ♡

Найдено 133 поста